Top 10 Guitar Brands

Top 10 Guitar Brands

Music can express those feelings which words can’t, tell those stories which books will never tell and it is because of these mystical powers that music is said to be divine. Music can be of any form, from the chirping of a bird to the prayers of God, all are a part of it. In order to make music, various instruments are being used to produce different – different sounds and one among them is guitar. It is one of the most common instruments which can be used in all genres of music. From acoustic to heavy metal, all the musicians rely on it. The music industry is so versatile that many types of guitars are being required and that is the reason why best guitar brands are fighting it out to provide the most perfect guitars.

There is not a single corner on earth where music is not played, so the competition between the brands is very tough. Some brands are using their past laurels to stay in the best guitars brands list while the newer ones are using their exuberance and passionate thinking to top the charts. If you are also looking to strike some chords, then here is a list of top 10 guitar brands, which will rock your world:

#10 Yamaha

Starting the countdown, this Japanese brand is very popular as it produces almost all types of guitars and for all types of budgets. Electric guitar is generally what people love the most about Yamaha, other than the fact that this brand is available in the lower price ranges as well, making it perfect for beginners. The guitars of this brand are of really good quality and are said to be very reliable, based on its past track record.

Yamaha guitars - a good option

#9 Carvin

In this list, Carvin is different in many ways from the others. They only produce custom guitars and are therefore not easily available everywhere. This company still uses ebony to construct the fret board while the others have shifted to rosewood as its processing takes less effort. The more loyal customers of this brand just can’t imagine using any other brand, as Carvin knows how to take care of its customers. People can individually give their specification and hence finding two exactly same guitars of this brand is not possible.

carvin guitars - they produce only custom guitars

#8 Schecter

Available for all styles of music, these guitars are sonically effective and very elegant. Recently they have been focusing more on the heavy metal genre but that doesn’t take anything from the others like the bass guitar or acoustic guitar. The body model used by this brand is generally of its own Schecter “C” shape. It uses premium quality wood to construct the fret board and the abalone inlays along with the grove tuners are really good. The finishing of this guitar is very stylish and it does complete justice to its rank in list.

schecter guitars - one among the toppers in this list

#7 B.C. Rich

Here is another guitar brand for the head banging people, specialized in the heavy metal genre, this guitar has the potential to send ripples down your spine. Known for designing a few legendary guitars, this brand was the top choice of some famous bands like Outlaw and Mockingbird. These guitars played a role of a catalyst in bringing about the thrash revolution during the 1980s. Available in up to 8 strings design, this brand is surely one of the best guitar brands.

b c rich guitars - great guitar for head banging people

#6 Jackson

Jackson have been tagged as the most stylish guitar brands as there next generation designs can leave anyone awestruck. The guitars made by this brand are best suited for making aggressive and sharp music which will rattle your eardrums. Budding rock stars can use Jackson as a stepping stone towards the road of glory and fame. Customized guitars can also be ordered in the exclusive outlets of this brand. Top 10 guitar brands line up would have been incomplete without such a masterpiece.

jackson - manufacturer of stylish guitars

#5 ESP

Easy to handle, great power and amazing tone quality, these are a few traits that bring this brand number 5 on my list of best guitar brands. Your fingers won’t get strained while playing this guitar as the design of the fret board is very clean and uncomplicated. Their LTD models have made this brand more accessible to the common public as it lies in the lower and mid budget range.ESP has got a firm grip over bass guitar as well as the electric guitar making it a very good choice for the kings of rock and roll. You have many options in this brand, from LTD distressed to custom made LTD guitars.

ESP_guitars - one of the best brand

#4 Ibanez

This is a brand which can be referred to as the most intelligent guitar companies as they constantly pour in new technologies and vibrant ideas in their guitars. This is one of the main reasons for giving this guitar such a good rank among the others. Every now and then they come up with new bridges making them such a powerhouse in the guitar brands list. Ibanez is a very versatile brand, from an acoustic guitar to a jazz one, all are equally good and even in the price department it shows its versatility by offering some easily affordable guitars.

ibanez guitars - one of best guitar brands

#3 Epiphone

They can be termed as the little brother of the power house brand Gibson. Its designs are a little similar to its contemporaries but the quality is impeccable. The tone and playability factors are a big plus point for this company allowing it to stay under the same roof as some of the other best guitar brands. From the 60’s to the twenty first century music, Epiphone is very comfortable in playing all kinds of tunes for every generation. It takes just a little time to get accustomed to its long neck but once you get used to it, the road ahead could be melodious.

epiphone guitars

#2 Fender

With a heavy heart I have to deprive this cult classic brand from the top spot as it owns a special place in my heart. Establishing its empire in the 1950’s by manufacturing some of the greatest guitars of all time like Telecaster and Stratocaster, it has reserved a permanent spot in the hall of fame. This is a brand made for legends and the world will never get tired of seeing this brand come up with the revised models of its previous versions. From blues to the quick tempo rock, Fender has done it all by producing numerous foot tapping music in all departments, making it one of the best brands ever.

fender-guitars - among the best manufacturer of guitars

#1 Gibson

Emerging as the winner of this closely fought battle, Gibson has proved its mettle time and again, thus bagging the number one ranking in the top 10 list. Made up of heavy wood, its guitars act as a benchmark to all other guitar brands. Les Paul was one its major hits, spreading like wildfire among musicians all across the continents. To own one of these cool guitars you have to shed some extra money as these guitars comes at a heavy price. The tones produced are of supreme quality with minimal distortion, these guitars thus provide an enriching experience to its owners, making this a legendary brand.

Gibson_guitars - one of best guitar brands

Words will never be enough to describe these top brands and products; it is only after using these lovely guitars you will come to know how each one of them can give such a thrilling experience. Depending on the genre in which you play, you can choose a guitar from these flawless best guitar brands as each one of them excels in their category. Whether you are a rookie or a professional, these companies have everything in store for you, so pick any of the guitars from this list and dive into the limitless ocean of music.

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