Top 10 Backpack Brands

Top 10 Backpack Brands

Travelling can be a lot of fun but what can make a tiresome experience into an amazing journey is a perfect set of travelling gear. One of the most essential parts of this is a backpack, so choosing the right one is very important whenever you plan to travel. You won’t like to get uncomfortable while carrying your luggage, a backpack is meant just for that. With the increase in demand of cool backpacks in the market, various companies have started manufacturing some really quality bags. The best backpack brands are daily coming up with new technologies and ideas to enhance your travelling experience. The competition these days have become intense to get into the list of top 10 backpack brands and that’s why lagging behind is not an option.

Now a days backpacks are coming in all kinds of shape and sizes, and the brands are giving options to every section of the society. A backpack should have many qualities in order to fulfill all the requirements of a traveler. The companies are trying to understand these needs and are manufacturing accordingly.  Here is a list of companies which are constantly challenging each other to reach the next level and in the process become a part of this list.

#10 Northface

Sneaking in at the tenth spot, Northface made the cut based on the rough and tough nature of its bags. These are designed to bear the extreme of conditions with ease. The material used in its production undergoes a long synthesis process and is therefore enriched with good resistance towards the external agents. This company generally produces backpacks for men, leaving the girls at a little disadvantage.

northface backpacks#9 Jan Sport

Jan Sport is of a more popular type in the backpacks brands list as it has so many outlets across the globe. It hasn’t gained success overnight, but based on continuous hard work to deliver quality bags; this brand has managed to gather attention. Jan Sport continuously comes up with new designs and funky combinations for those who love travelling with cool backpacks. This brand has got what it takes to be in the list.

Jansport - one of best backpack brands#8 Gregory

Gregory has always been a very good option for people who love mountaineering and trekking. With most of the bags under its label having a capacity of around 65 liters and comfortable exteriors, it has developed a reputation of becoming the best mate of travelers in unfriendly conditions. The suspension used in these bags is awesome keeping you always at ease. With all these plus points it certainly deserves to be in the same league as some other best brands.

gregory - best for people who love mountaineering and trekking#7 Caribee

This brand has been climbing up in the list slowly and steadily. With huge storage area and strong framework, it can help you in carrying that one extra thing which you used to miss out because lack of space. Managing this bag is very easy, as there are various belts and straps which will help the bag in sticking to your body at all times. Caribee has thus made a distinct place for itself among the others in this list.

Caribee - climbing up the list slowly

#6 Mountain Design

As its name indicates, designed to suit the mountains this is an awesome bag for the higher altitudes and it has a lot more to offer than that. People who have no plans of getting up so high can get a little surprised in a pleasant way by seeing its collection. The bags are durable, sophisticated and elegant allowing it to serve all purposes. Being one of the best, it provides a zipper so that you cover up all the straps, giving a neat finish to the bag.

mountain design - designed to suit the mountains

#5 BlackWolf

This entry in the list has a very loyal fan base. The reason behind the loyalty is that once people use this brand, they don’t want to switch to any other brand, it has that kind of an influence. This brand produces every type of bags and girls looking for backpacks for women are in for a treat.  With so many colors and designs available along with the comfort which it provides makes it a good choice for the female travelers.

black wolf backpacks - a good option for females

#4 Arcteryx

Just missing out on a berth in the top three of best backpack brands, Arcteryx is a delightful brand. This company reads the nerves of the people very intelligently allowing them to beat the others in the competition. It provides numerous small pockets and chains which come in very handy in keeping the smaller objects. If you are looking for cheap options then probably you are looking at the wrong place as getting a piece of these cool bags needs some bank balance.

arcteryx backpacks - a bit costly than others

#3 Deuter

Deuter is a world renowned company in the list, and only because of its consistency it has managed to build such a reputation. The backpacks produced by this company are very strong and therefore last for generations. The suspension technology used is these bags are really modern allowing them to adjust according to the persons movements. Backpacks for men are its specialty but seriously do you think the backpacks will differ much based on gender. Deuter is a very reliable type of brand, thus allowing it to get such a good rank in the list.

deuter - a good option for men

#2 Osprey

Getting towards the business end of the best brands of backpacks, the standards are getting higher. Osprey is an example of one such above par brand. It is super light in nature and very stylish in looks which makes the youth love this brand. If you have to shed some additional weight of your luggage, then this is the most perfect choice. With various extendable parts, you will be getting a lot of space to accommodate those little essential things. The price range of these bags varies a lot depending on the size and features it offers so if you want to get a nice backpack within a small budget, then you may find some attractive offers.

osprey - watch this brand for attractive offers

#1 Macpac

Ruling the list of top 10 backpack brands is Macpac, with excellent quality and some revolutionary ideas this brand has emerged as the super power in this category. Available in all types of sizes and colors, this company has become the top choice when people look for backpacks. Features like detachable pouches and easy packing has made this brand achieve new heights. From the cool bagss to the sophisticated and decent ones, everything is being manufactured by this brand. With the use of high grade fabric, Macpac is creating bags that are durable and last for a very long time.

macpac backpacks - certainly the best in the market

Traveling around with suitcases is a thing of the past, the world has shrunk down and so have the sizes of the bags. You can choose any one of the above mentioned brands, as all of them have been put in the list for a reason. Based on your requirements and needs, these top brands and products will always be there to help you out. So what are you still waiting for, buy any of the awesome backpacks from any of these brands and stuff in all the important things and get moving as an awesome journey awaits you.

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