Top 10 Washing Machine Brands

Top 10 Washing Machine Brands

Over the years, companies have been putting their washing machines through various laboratory tests so as to overcome all the technical barriers and emerge as one of the top 10 brands in this fieldBeing one of the most important home appliances, it’s used on a daily basis and hence putting the machine under constant pressure. To rank among the best, a washing machine has to fulfill many requirements like power efficiency, stain removing ability, good capacity and few more such factors.

Generally, these machines are a one time investment; you don’t go around buying such things again and again, so it is very important that you look for the best buy washing machines. There are so many brands in the market, and chances are that you may get perplexed while making the decision. Therefore, you can refer my following list of top 10 brands of washing machines for a little assistance and a little clarity about this sector. 

#10 Haier

Kicking off the countdown, this brand offers some very attractive deals in the washer and dryer in one segment as the engineering applied in its model facilitates doing both the jobs simultaneously.  If you are looking for the best front load washing machine, then this brand is a good option as you will be offered with many designs to choose between. Its machines are very good for compact houses as the water id not being vented out, instead it is being condensed and released into the sink’s drain.

haier - number 10 among top 10 brands of washing machine

#9 Siemens

Siemens has been given the distinction of one of the best brands in the UK, and along with that it is also doing pretty well in the other parts of the world. This brand has divided its washing machines into three different ranges, the best being the iQ700 series followed up with iQ500 and iQ300 models. This company is totally fit for large households as the capacity offered by them is good and maintenance is easy, features such as these have allowed this company to get a place in this list of mine.

siemens - one of the best brands in the world

#8 Whirlpool

With the help of some good looks and some amazing features it is slowly becoming one of the best washing machine to buy. This brand offers optional pedestals which are of different heights and apart from that the digital display of these machines look very stylish. If you are looking for a fancy machine, then here you will get your hands full as there are a variety of patterns and colors in which its machines are available.

whirlpool - a great option to go for

#7 Beko

Coming from one of the oldest countries, Turkey, Beko offers great versatility in the price department, and thus keeps all sections of the society blissful. It manufactures some of the best top washing machine along with the front load ones. The internal capacity of this brand varies from 5 to 9 kg. The machines give a good number of rotations to the clothes as the spin technology used is advanced, making all the dirt from the clothes leave instantly.

beko - among the top 10 in the list

#6 Hotpoint

My list of best of the class washing machines could not have progressed further without mentioning Hotpoint. The machines are as cool as its name; it gives a very warm treatment to the clothes through its easy care mode. The drum capacities are large enough to accommodate as many as 30 T-shirts and clean them with equal efficiency. Easy iron and hand wash functions are available with its models. If you are ready to spend a little extra then go for its integrated models which are one of the reasons to rank it as number sixth in the list.

hotpoint - a known brand to buy

#5 Zanussi

Zanussi gives a wide spectrum of integrated and freestanding machines, making this brand a hit among people who use washing machines for both household and professional use. The machines are good energy and water savers, keeping your electricity bill in check. Its higher models use the ‘Jetsystem’ technique for the control in usage of water during each load. This brand is good at removing tough stains which ordinary machines only promise to do and thus definitely deserves to be in the list.

Zanussi - a company whose product you can always buy

#4 Miele

Established in Germany, the land of machines and technology, it produces the best buy machines around the globe. The top end machines of this brand are more popular than the front load ones but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Known for its conventional and effective models, this brand is now doing a few smart changes in those designs to work more efficiently. From synthetic to cotton, all types of clothes are being taken good care off. The noise produced by these machines is less, hence cutting out on the disturbing elements.

miele washing machines

#3 Bosch

This list is now getting towards the business end, and according to the trade pundits, Bosch can give any brand a run for their money. All shapes and sizes of machines are available in this brand and too with multiple advanced features like easy wash or quick wash. Its machines can work in various different modes based on the cloth or the nature of wash required. Its easy iron facility doesn’t allow the clothes to wrinkle, leaving the users with less trouble and making it the best washing machine to buy.

bosch washing machines

#2 LG

To become one of the best brands, you have to be at your best all the time and that is what LG is so good at. Everyone has used some LG product one time or another during the course of their lives, such is its popularity and when it comes to washing machines, nothing changes. They have incorporated some brilliant ideas in their designs like space – age technology which makes it completely automatic. This brand has remote error sensing that fixes most of the problems which may arise during its working. Becoming the best was not a joke; they really worked hard for this post.

LG - number 2 in the list

#1 Samsung

My pick for the top spot couldn’t have been anyone else. I have the Samsung H-E series and it always fascinates me with effectiveness to which it cleans the clothes. The spin – speed of its cleaners is lightening fast and when combined with ecobubble feature, it gives a deadly combination. It produces many machines which have washer and dryer in one, giving you an all round package. The diamond drum of these washing machines keeps clothes new for as long as possible. They have excellent rates in the power saving department in spite of having such a powerful motor, making it the best washing machine brand.

samsung - best washing machine brand

All of the brands in the list have perfected the art of delivering those power packed machines, giving the customers a great sigh of relief. The time has come to empty your clothes from the laundry bags, and shove it in these washing machines, and let them take care of the rest. These brilliant products have made the life of humans easy and comfortable. If you also want your washing machine to take care of all your worries then buy any one of the top 10 washing machine brands and start breathing easy.

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