Top 10 vacuum cleaner brands

Top 10 vacuum cleaner brands

Words like dusting and cleaning have been given a new lease of life since the advent of vacuum cleaners. Seeing the progress of the best vacuum cleaner brands, it looks as if the meaning of those words will be changed forever. With technology stepping in every part of life, the vacuum cleaners have proved out to be a potent tool to keep the indoors neat and clean. The top 10 brands of vacuum cleaners list is being formed on the basis of how these companies have incorporated science in the production of their products. There has been constant modification in the sizes and shapes of these vacuum cleaners, allowing the people to choose according to their requirement.

Vacuum cleaners are very effective when it comes power cleaning as these cleaners suck in every dust particle, leaving your home healthy and fresh. The pain with which one has to go through in cleaning every corner of the place goes down considerably by using these hi-tech suction pumps. The companies are trying to add as much power as possible in the machine and hence make it more effective. It is only by these factors that the top 10 vacuum cleaner brands separate themselves from the ordinary ones. Here is a list of such powerful brands which are going to suck all the dirt from your home and offices.

#10 Morphy Richards

This brand produced some top upright vacuum cleaners along with the other cylindrical models. What makes it rank among the best vacuum cleaners is its ability to clean the walls and corners. Tackling the laminated floor is very easy with the help of these cleaners. It’s Total Clean up and perform air are among the more commonly heard models as they have proved their worth on numerous occasions.

morphy richards vacuum cleaners - number 10 in top 10 vacuum cleaner brands

#9 Numatic

Established in Somerset, this brand produces very trendy and modern age vacuum cleaners. It is among the best rated cleaners in major parts of the Europe as they produce all types of cleaners from the hand held ones to the portable ones. Its Henry range is really successful  as maneuvering these models are very easy and the noise produced by them is also very less, giving it a position of number nine in the list.

numatic vacuum cleaners - among the best brands of vacuum cleaners

#8 Bosch

Made for all types of floors, Bosch is a wonderful brand as its maintenance is very easy and it is well equipped. You will be getting a good variety of tool set along with the Bosch vacuum cleaner to cover all areas. If you are looking for a portable cleaner, then this will fit perfectly into your scheme of things. One year warranty is available with all its products which can also be extended by paying a little extra.

Bosch cleaners - one of the best

#7 Eureka

This century old company, can be called as the “the grand old daddy” of all the cleaners. At one time it used to sell one third of the total vacuum cleaners sold in the world and till this date it hasn’t allowed its charm to go down. Top 10 brands of vacuum cleaner list would have been incomplete without it. It has the potential to clean out thick carpets with ease and the reliability factor of this brand can never be questioned.

eureka vacuum cleaners

#6 Dyson

Dyson designs its products to capture each and every microscopic allergen through its powerful suction pump. Its designs are more of a ball shape, separating it from the common boxy types. To become one of the best brands, Dyson has incorporated brush bar in its models so as to avoid damage to the wooden surfaces. The weight of its machine is generally less, allowing you to carry it around easily. Patented with the technology named root cyclone, this brand is always present on the list of recommended vacuum cleaners.

Dyson cleaners - number 6 in the list

#5 LG

This huge company always takes the onus upon itself to bring a revolution in the technology department. The latest advancement of this fifth ranked company in the list is that it has started using a dirt compressor which is motorized allowing it to make solid cubes out of the dust particles. Top upright cleaners and some very cool hand held vacuum cleaners are its specialty; this company excels in producing all types of vacuum cleaners, and hence gets ranked among the best brands.

lg creates everything, so how can it stay behind in this?

#4 Hoover

The margin of error is minimal as the countdown is reaching towards the flag end. Hoover has installed many additional parts to its range of products, giving it a wider horizon. The prize of its products varies a lot based on the features it offers. The dirt bag of this vacuum cleaner can be easily detached, making it very easy to dump the waste outside. Noise produced by them is very less, making the cleaning job, less irritating. With so many designs and colors, no other brand would have suited more for this spot than Hoover.

hoover vacuum cleaners - a great brand indeed

#3 Oreck

Oreck is one of the best rated cleaners, it excels in those departments in which others fail to make a mark. Cleaning the carpets can be very tough and this is where Oreck does its job effortlessly by sucking out all the microorganisms. It offers automatic height adjustment technique so that you won’t have to adjust it, each time you change the level. It has a speed controller on its handle allowing it to work in various standards. Light in weight and capable of removing all the allergens, this is certainly one of the best vacuum cleaner brands.

a very good cleaner you can buy

#2 Sebo

A very good multipurpose vacuum cleaner brand, it cleans everything from the floors to the pet’s hair. This company has been internationally acclaimed as its users have very less to complain about it. Sebo also produces wireless cleaners, giving a fancy touch to the brand. The dirt sucked by its pump directly enters into the bag, making sure that it doesn’t get spread anywhere. These vacuum based cleaners have no portability issues as its parts can be detached and kept separately allowing it to sneak anywhere in the house.

SEBO - number 2 in list

#1 Miele

Voted several times as the brand of the year, there was no other brand which deserved this rank in top 10 vacuum cleaner brands list, other than Miele. If you are talking about top upright cleaners and this name is not mentioned, then there is something seriously wrong. The unique designs and powerful machines have helped it in ruling the charts for a long time. The accessories offered along with it are useful for reaching out to the edges and corners. It has released several hybrid models which have evoked a great reaction from the public, it is one of the best brands for cleaners of the modern age.

miele vacuum cleaners - the best vacuum cleaner brand

With the objective of leaving no dirt behind, these top brands and products are setting up efficient tools so that cleaning your homes and offices no longer remains a monstrous task. Vacuum cleaners of all sizes and shapes are available and that too in various budgets, allowing every kind of people to get a piece of it. These brands are only going to improve from this point onward, so going with any of these brands will only put you in a win-win situation.

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  • aditi garg

    i need a vacuum cleaner which i can use on a daily basis
    what do u suggest??

    • Vaibhav Lall

      For daily use, you need a machine which is durable as well as effective in cleaning dirt.
      I think Hoover will be a good choice for you.