Top 10 Sport Watches for Men

Top 10 Sport Watches for Men

There was a time when sports was only about displaying ones abilities and talent on the field without even bothering to look at any other prospect. The clock has ticked ever since then and men have also started to improve on their glamour quotient along with the game. Sport watches are one such accessory which is very cool to look at and can be used both on and off the field. The best sport watches for men showcase the masculine personality of men with a very funky touch. Moreover, a sport watch is not only for a person associated with sports, it can be a part of any cool men watches collection.

To fill in the spots of top 10 sport watches for men, there are various contenders but only the best can break through. When it came to ranking these sports watches, the huge brands of this industry gave me a tough time as there is much to choose from and the competition is so vigorous. The advancement in the modern day gadgets have helped these best sports watches for men come a long way ahead. Following is the list of such watches which can literally give you a good time:

#10 Tissot T-Race Gent 2010Swiss made watches have always been known for their remarkable quality and design. This model from Tissot is another beautiful example of the legacy which has been there since ages. Inspired by Moto-GP, this watch has all the features which best sports watches for men should have. The quartz technology inscribed in this watch provides you with spot on timekeeping ability. The three extra dials on the watch helps you splitting the time in several different intervals and thus coming handy in various applications.

one of the best sports watches for men

#9 Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic – Making its way up to number nine in top 10 sport watches for men, this model from Casio looks like as if it has been plucked straight from the sun. Apart from its dazzling design, this digital sport watch offers tremendous protection against tough and severe conditions. People who love scaling the mountains and are into other adventure sports are going to love this watch. This shock resistant watch will never leave you alone, even if it’s the most inhuman circumstances.

Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic - one among the top 10 sports watches for men

#8 Luminox EVO Navy Seal – Luminox, well renowned for its collaboration with top defense organizations across the globe, has added another amazing watch to its name. Battery life of this watch is very good and the technology used in night visibility section helps its markings glow forever, actually its 25 years but come-on that’s almost forever for a watch. The bezel of this watch helps you in keeping a track of speed and distance. These cool men watches look very stylish and elegant, making them one of the most popular sports watches for men.

luminox-watch - a real cool watch for men

#7 Invicta Men’s Subaqua 18k Rose Gold-Plated – You must be a little puzzled seeing the word ‘gold’ in top 10 sport watches for men list. There is no need to get confused, this is completely a sport watch made for men who toil and sweat it out on the field but at the end of the day want to look royal and classy. Luxury is written all over this model, the 25-jewel automatic movement has the responsibility of keeping accurate time. The chronograph feature of this model is impeccable making it a power packed multifunction sport watch.

a great best watch for men

#6 Bulova Accutron Kirkwood – Separating this model from the other best sports watches for men is its water repelling capacity up to 200m. This top waterproof sports watch can be part of all types of sporting adventures. You can jump directly into the ocean from the height of a plane without worrying about the watch as the stainless steel can bear all the drastic changes in the surroundings. Bezel is a common feature in every sport watch but the comfort which this watch provides in rotating the part is unmatchable and this feature helps it in distinguishing itself from others.

Bulova Accutron Kirkwood one among the top 10 sports watches for men

#5 Seiko Sportura – The big brands like Seiko are constantly proving that there is no limit to technology by installing features which can leave spell bounded. Quartz used in this watch has the potential to vibrate up to several thousand times in a single second thus giving the second hand complete accuracy and precision. The watchband is made up of rubber with a little stitching on it which matches with the dial, giving it a gorgeous look. With all those stainless steel and amazing features this watch deserves the number five rank in top 10 sport watches for men.

Seiko Sportura - one among the great cool watches for men

#4 Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk – Skyhawk works perfectly in coherence with the adrenaline rush which you get during those enthralling moments of sports and adventures. The biggest asset of this watch is that it has an atomic multi-band timekeeping and when you are moving across different time zones, world clock will be there to help you out. The dial looks a little complicated as it has so many things to display. Once you get a thorough look at its dial then you will get to understand what a wonderful thing it is and this is what cool men watches is all about.

number 4 in top 10 sports watches for men

#3 Tissot Men’s T-Touch – Getting the tag of best sport watches for men is not easy and these Swiss made watches know it very well. This is the reason why they have used Titanium of a very high quality in the construction of its case. This model fulfills both the requirements of an analog and digital sport watch as it has digital space in its dial. The most spectacular functions of it include compass, thermometer, perpetual calendar, chronograph, altimeter, barometer and a LCD backlight. It is water proof up to 100 meters and sapphire used is scratch resistance making it an all round performer.

Tissot t touch - number 3 among the best sports watches for men

#2 Casio G-shock Mvt Radio Control Multiband 6 – Storming up to the second spot in top 10 sport watches for men, this watch gives you a feeling that its coming straight from the hands of James Bond. Arrogance and power oozes out from every corner of this watch. The design and build of this watch symbolizes masculinity and fearlessness hence it is perfect for people who love living on the edge. The movement of this watch is being controlled by Multiband 6. Crystal display of this watch is made of durable mineral which is of the highest order, giving raw power in your hands.

Casio G-shock Mvt Radio Control Multiband 6

#1 Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT – Ever since 1989(the time when Victorinox landed in the sports arena), this brand has launched some very cool men watches. It is one of the most popular sports watches for men, hence finding a place in the wardrobe of some famous personalities associated with sports. This is the watch which separates the men from the boys. It is completely shock proof and some other features include tachymeter and a rubber belt giving this watch a very sporty touch to it. Summit XLT can also be a part of corporate meeting without any inhibition as it does in on the field.

summit xlt - the best sports watches for men

Top 10 sport watches for men is all about perfection, class and the ability to stand above others. All the watches in the list have passed these tests with flying colors and this is the reason why they are here. A watch no longer remains a mere instrument which tells time, it defines the personality of a man. All the Top brands and products are trying their level best to add that oomph factor to your look and style. If something sporty and fun is there on your mind then the time has come to pick a watch from the best sport watches for men.

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