Top 10 Digital Camera Brands

Top 10 Digital Camera Brands

You may not have the power to make time stop but the least you could do is capture the moment using the best digital camera brands. Clicking photos can be someone’s passion, a profession or just a hobby so that one can revert back time and relive those wonderful times. The top 10 digital camera brands are present exactly for this purpose, adding clarity to your vision is their prime objective. Nowadays the size of these top rated digital cameras is getting smaller and the pixel quality is getting better. The top brands give you the power to capture everything in high definition so that whatever you click is crystal clear. All the internationally acclaimed brands offer a wide range of digital cameras, segregated on the basis of cost, quality, capture range and a few other parameters.

In order to get the best buy digital cameras, you must have a look at all the options available in the market. To make this initial step of yours easier and help you gallop to your destination, here is a list of such veteran companies which together constitute the top 10 digital camera brands:

#10 Casio – If you are scratching your head wondering what is Casio doing among the best digital camera brands then you definitely underestimated the power of this brand. Watches may be its strongest point but that doesn’t take anything away from its cameras. Its digital cameras are capable of capturing 40 frames per each second and if in the recording mode then you can slow down the video up to 1000 frames per second. Slim designs and cool exteriors are some other traits of this lovely brand.

casio digital camera - one of the best digital camera brands

#9 Kodak – Ever since 1989, Kodak has been used as a synonym for photography. Its century old existence and popularity in every corner of the world has helped this multinational company in acquiring the ninth spot in this countdown of top 10 digital camera brands. The core technology used in almost all the digital cameras of today was invented by this company only. In spite of being the godfathers of modern photography this brand suffered some major blows which led to a little slum in its business. This didn’t stop Kodak from standing up again and now this brand is ready to make a comeback with more vigour and passion.

Kodak Camera  - best buy digital cameras

#8 Pentax – Pentax has the reputation of producing power packed cameras, loaded with all the additional features and technologies. The price ranges are decent in spite of offering so many facilities, proving itself as one of the best value digital camera. Its cameras show compatibility with thousands of lenses, giving you the power to explore this amazing field of photography. The weatherproof feature in the cameras is very efficient and better than most of the other best digital camera brands.

Pentax digital cameras - one of the top 10 digital camera brands

#7 Samsung – You just can’t ignore this brand, this electronics power house is everywhere and that too among the best. Achieving the seventh rank in the top 10 digital camera brands, Samsung has a wonderful line up of digital cameras. The image quality offered is very good as this brand enhances the photograph by several notches through various techniques. Its optical zoom allows you to capture distant objects with great resolution and clarity. Face recognition and red eye detection can be done efficiently using these cameras, making it one of the top rated digital cameras.

samsung cameras - one of the top 10 digital camera brands

#6 Panasonic – With amazing editing options and modes like 3D and panorama, this brand managed to grab the sixth position among the best digital camera brands. Its models are slim and compact making it easy to carry everywhere. For adventurous people this brand produces water proof, dust proof and shock proof cameras so that the camera doesn’t get deprived of any fun. With built in Wi-Fi, the cameras have been taken to the next level by Panasonic. Perfect for capturing all the magical moments of your life, these cameras are very versatile and reliable.

panasonic-lumix - one of the best digital camera brands

#5 Olympus – Next in the list of top 10 digital camera brands is Olympus, a sweet heart for photographers all across the planet. Its cameras have good sensitivity towards lowlight, smart auto, top speed performance and ultimate zooming quality. The image stabilizer helps in capturing distortion less pictures, allowing you to click even when you are on the move. Giving color effects and changing the tone of the photographs can be done in a jiffy using these cameras. Its battery life is decent, setting you free from the tension of charging the camera again and again.

olympus a top rated digital camera brand

#4 Fujifilm – Known as the creators of the highest selling SLR cameras, Fujifilm is one of the top rated digital cameras in the world. Proving their worth time and again, this brand has acted as one of the pioneers of modern age photography. With cutting edge technology and futuristic approach this company has been improving by leaps and bounds every day. It’s ‘Finepix’ and ‘X’ series took the world by storm with their mind boggling features and quality. The best digital camera brands constantly look up to this company for help and guidance.

fujifilm - one of the best digital camera brands

#3 Nikon – Nikon is one of the most powerful brands in this list of top 10 digital camera brands. This brand has manufactured all types of cameras; even the NASA people use its camera in their expedition. The cameras have a sensitivity level up to a staggering 3200 ISO. Most of its models are very portable and sleek, giving you ample of space for other things. Its ‘coolpix’ series was very well received by the public as there quality was very good as usual but it also had an extra spark in its colour and design. Being among the best buy digital cameras, it gives full value for your money.

nikon digital cameras - one of the top 10 digital camera brands

#2 Sony – If you look up to a brand for consistency and quality then it is certainly Sony. This company has been making constant modifications in its products by bringing in new technologies. The latest being the 50x zoom which can help you in taking distant shots with utmost clarity. Its autofocus and smile detection features are spot on all the time and hence give the pictures a sparkling touch to it. You can record high definition videos with these cameras as they offer a resolution up to 1280 × 720. Other options like self – timer and night vision can be found in almost all of its cameras, making it rank just below the top spot among the best digital camera brands.

Sony digital camera - one of the top rated digital camera brands

#1 Canon – Topping the chart of top 10 digital camera brands, Canon is the most dominant force in this field. These cameras are just perfect in every department, from battery life to the lenses; everything is being taken care of very well. The professionals love it and the photography enthusiasts adore it, such is the impact of this company. Any feature associated with digital cameras can be found in its products. The lenses can cover huge angles, allowing you to get the most perfect shots. GPS Geotagging can be done using its cameras so that you can share your photos instantly in any part of the world without any fuss. All the best digital camera brandshave been put under constant pressure by this company to match up to its standards. Till now no one could do it but who seen the future, it’s always uncertain.

canon digital camera - the best digital camera brands

What is the best digital camera to buy? The question is obviously fascinating but a little confusing as well as the Top Brands And Products are so much different from each other. The scope of these gadgets is infinite and all the top 10 digital camera brands are trying to reach that perfection. If you are also planning to put your hands on any of the remarkable cameras then by now you must have got a clear cut idea of who is ruling the market nowadays. So stop wasting your time, get one these cameras and make your wonderful times stand still forever.

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