Top 10 Beer Brands

Top 10 Beer Brands

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage around the globe and is also produced everywhere. This is the reason why all the top 10 beer brands trace their origin in different corners of the map. As the demand of this drink is so high, all these big guns are establishing their breweries in different parts of the globe. It’s very difficult to tell which person will like what kind of beer as everyone has their own taste for alcohol. Still these best beer brands generally satisfy the thirst of all kinds of people and that is why they are reckoned as the rulers in this field. With minimal alcoholic content and a refreshing taste, it is generally consumed on a daily basis in most parts of the world. Beer helps a person in relaxing as it drains out all the stress from the body and helps the mind to chill down. Here goes a list of those great beers of the world, which are consumed by millions, daily.

#10 Miller Lite – The countdown begins with this American company Miller Lite which is known for its low fat beers. The company produces beers which are light and have less carbohydrate content. If you are planning to go on a strict diet but can’t keep your hands off beer then this brand is the most perfect solution for you. This beer tastes good and once you get accustomed to its taste, it will go down your throat like water. The light filling and smooth taste makes it stay among the best beer brands.

miller lite - one of the best beer brands in the world

#9 Guinness – This Irish company has slowly but steadily established itself in almost 100 countries and has its breweries in 60 of them. This brand uses burnt flavor in its drinks which they extract after roasting unmalted barley. This gives the beer an amazing tang, making it stronger than most of the other beers. Its dark color and characteristic taste has helped this brand in getting the penultimate position in this list, where I am discussing about the top 10 beer brands.

guinness beer  - number 9 in top 10 beer brands of the world

#8 Brahma – Founded in the year 1888, Brahma is one of the oldest Brazilian beer brands. The brewery in which it is being manufactured ranks at fifth position in terms of size. Any list of beer brands is incomplete without mentioning the name of this age old company. Generally all of its products have around 4.3% to 5% alcoholic content, giving it a good taste and flavor. The century old tradition of producing the finest beer in the business is still being carried out with equal force and efficiency by this brand.

brahma beer - a very good brand of beer

#7 Coors Light – The reason why I included this company in my top 10 beer brands list, in spite of it being not so popular is because this brand has the perfect blend of light and strong texture. The rate of this beer is very reasonable, making it a common brand among the college going students. The beer goes down easy inside your body, giving you an amazing sensation as you gulp down this ice cold beer. The best beer brands are all about the unique sensations which they provide, of which Coors Light is a very good example.

coors light beer - one of the top 10 beer brands in the world

#6 Dogfish Head – Dogfish Head is a surprise package in the this list of top 10 beer brands, this company has grown exponentially in the past decade and now it manufactures almost 75,000 barrels every year. This brand uses unconventional ingredients like raspberry and green raisins in the production of its beer. Some of their beers have an alcoholic content up to 20%, giving out the extreme taste of beer. Green beer is one of its unique products, very hard to find under any other label. It’s only because of these innovative ideas this company managed to beat few of the best beer brands.

dogfish head beer - one of the top beer brands

#5 Bud Light – The name Bud Light remains on the tip of the tongue of every beer loving person. Some of the great beers of the world look at this brand for inspiration and ideas. This brand uses the correct mixture of malted barley and rice in its beers, giving its consumers a beautiful aroma. This beer is generally very smooth and easy drinking as the alcoholic content is less compared to most other brands. This light beer suits both men and women, making it widely popular among all the sections of the society and also giving it the fifth spot in top 10 beer brands.

Bud-light beer - a very popular beer brand

#4 Skol – Skol is the most popular beer in the South American region and slowly it is progressing to become a worldwide hit. This Brazilian brand manufactures beer of all types, from high alcohol content to the lesser alcoholic ones. The texture of this beer is ultra smooth and you can instantly develop a taste for this beer. The price range is a little high but it is completely worth the money you pay. From cans to bottle, you will get everything to quench your thirst for beer. A long draught of Skol beer will do away with all your worries and this is the quality which makes this company one of the best beer brands.

skol beer - a very popular beer brand

#3 Corona – The best part about this brand is that its beers have a deadly combination of bitterness and smoothness at the same time. The raw feeling which you get while consuming this beer is simply overwhelming. This beer comes in various different sizes of bottles allowing you choose according to the requirement. Corona is a big brand and therefore it has struck various sponsorship deals with huge airline companies and some other giant names. This is not a mere lager, it is beer for real men and that is why it is so close to the peak in top 10 beer brands.

corona-beer - a great beer in top 10 beer brands list

#2 Heineken – The list of beer brands is nothing if this name is not included in it. Initially brewed in Holland, this brand is now sitting at the top in almost all countries where people love beer. In the quest to become leader of the best bear brands, Heineken has raised the bar of premium beer to a new height. Its taste is such that you cannot get tired of drinking it even if you consume it day in and day out. The fizz, the color, the aroma, everything is just about perfect in this beer. The hard work and perseverance of this brand has helped them in establishing a great reputation for themselves.

heineken beer - number 2 in top 10 beer brands list

#1 Budweiser – Though I am not a very big fan of beers (I prefer drinks with higher alcoholic content), I cannot keep Budweiser out of my fridge. Its beer is super cool and very refreshing; they immediately lighten your mood. The tingling effect which this beer has on your taste buds is simply unexplainable. Once you get a taste of this beer, it will become very hard to stay away from it; your body will always crave for more. If you have to rule the list of top 10 beer brands then you must offer something special and this is what Budweiser is being doing for years. This beer has the power to satisfy every part of your soul and it can make you feel as if you are the king of the world.

Budweiser-Beer - the best beer brand in the world

The top brands and products associated with beer have really come of age in terms of quality and fineness of the beer. This drink is for every occasion, it is just a part of life like water. Whenever you hang out with your friends the next time or there is a party around the corner, try choosing from these top 10 beer brands as all of them are incredible in their own ways. You will definitely have a great time while consuming these superb beverages.

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