Coolest Iphone 5 cases – Top 10 cases to protect your precious!

Coolest Iphone 5 cases – Top 10 cases to protect your precious!

Owning an iPhone is one thing and preserving it is a completely different ball game. This is where the top 10 iPhone 5 cases act as a life saver. These guards will help your precious gadget in overcoming all ups and downs with flying colors. The best iPhone 5 cases will stick to your device at all times and guard it through thick and thin. It’s hardly been six months since the latest version of the iPhone series hit the shelves and the market is flooded with its protective gear. To know the answer of what are the best iPhone cases? Just sit back and go through this article.

An iPhone is much more than a mobile and this new baby from Apple is a complete sweetheart. This is why protecting this valuable item of yours from all the damaging elements of the external world is very important. Along with protection the coolest iPhone 5 cases also allow you to pour in some color to your otherwise elegant and plain looking iPhone 5. You won’t like your dainty gadget to suffer from any kind of problem or damage just due to a small miss happening, so here are the best iPhone 5 cases for your most adorable object.

#10 Otterbox Defender – Otterbox gives a nice casing to the iPhone through its multilayer protection technique. This case will protect your device from the worst of falls and jerks; such is the strength of it. Otterbox is also one of the most popular iPhone 5 cases, because of its cool looks and past history of producing amazing protective gears for iPhones. With polycarbonate skeleton and a pre installed screen protector, it is definitely one of the best iPhone 5 cases.

otterbox - one of the coolest iphone 5 cases

#9 TYLT Bumpr Case – It was a huge success in the latest CES 2013 and now the public also loves it, getting it a place among the coolest iPhone 5 cases. It has got a very ruggedly attractive look to it and the double layer of protection which it offers allows it in getting the ninth spot in the list of top 10 iPhone 5 cases. It fulfills all the criteria’s of the best protective iPhone 5 case, along with that you can also do a little modification in this case by stripping down one of its layers.

tylt bumpr case - one of the best iphone 5 cases

#8 Belkin Lego Builder Case – This is the first among the unique iPhone 5 cases in this list as there are few more to come. Belkin Lego brings alive the little kid inside you with its eye catching and funky looks. The combination of strength and vogue has made it a common name among the best iPhone 5 cases. These are scratch resistant plus shock proof and hence prove themselves as the best protective iPhone 5 case. The little bricks located on its back help it in finding a place in the coolest iPhone 5 cases.

Lego-Builder-Case- number 8 in top 10 iphone 5 cases

#7 Hardcandy Shockdrop Case – The main features of this Shockdrop case include 6mm of silicon near the corners which absorbs shock, flaps which are tear proof and a screen protector which is semi rigid as well as replaceable. The body is only 3mm thick allowing the iPhone to slide in smoothly inside your pocket. The color of this case is generally bright and shiny, giving your device a completely different look. It is slowly becoming famous and is recognized as one of the popular iPhone 5 cases.

 Hardcandy Shockdrop Case - one of the coolest iphone 5 cases

#6 Life Proof fre Case – The best iPhone 5 cases should guard the gadget from dirt, snow, water, scratch and shock, this is exactly what Life Proof fre is known for. It has a two layer AR-coated glass lens in front of the screen which along with protection improves the clarity of the display. This case also has a sound enhancing feature in it which will improve the output when the phone runs in the speaker mode. Even the coolest iPhone 5 cases envy this model, seeing all its features and qualities.

Life Proof fre Case - one of the best iphone 5 cases

#5 Proporta Quiksilver Case – This may not be the best protective iPhone 5 case, but it can definitely be considered as one of the most good looking one. When the iPhone is fitted in the snug fitting Proporta case it looks as if they were just made for each other. The case maintains the aesthetic charm of this gorgeous gadget and it just adds a pinch of blue through the checks which it has on the outside. This is the reason why it is placed above so many other best iPhone 5 cases in this list of top 10 iPhone 5 cases.

one among the unique iphone 5 cases

#4 Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber – The attack plate made up of carbon fiber of aerospace grade on the back side is its unique selling point. Its frame is made up of aluminium links which makes this case very light in weight and sleek in design. One other feature which the other coolest iPhone 5 cases may lack is in the customization department. Sector 5 gives you complete freedom to bring in modifications in this case according to your will. This is what makes it stay among the most unique iPhone 5 cases.

 Element Case Sector 5 Carbon Fiber - one among the popular iphone 5 cases

#3 Incase Shepard Fairey Snap Case – Another one in the unique iPhone 5 cases section, this case has the art work of Shepard Fairey which will make your iPhone look completely different from the others. The hard cover acts as a good protective layer to the phone, keeping dust and other external agents at bay. The looks and sturdiness together make a deadly combination and helps it in giving the other best iPhone 5 cases a good run for their money. An iPhone itself is capable of making a statement but if you want to reach the pinnacle of style then this is the item for you.

most unique iphone 5 cases

#2 QDOS Smoothies – With bevel edge surroundings, this case protects the area which is most prone to damage, the corners. Made up of high grade polycarbonate, this gives excellent protection to phone from all kinds of damages. The look and build of this case is very elegant and sophisticated, giving your iPhone a very neat combed look. Ranked second among the coolest iPhone 5 cases, it gives complete value for your money. These popular iPhone 5 cases are famous in most parts of the world and are easily available in the market.

best protective iphone 5 cases

#1 Griffin Survivor Case – They look as if they are coming right from a James Bond, high octane action thriller. There is not a single element from which this guard can’t protect your iPhone. Rain, sand, snow, dirt, shock, vibration, you just name it; this case can withstand almost everything.  The built in screen guard takes care of your touch screen in the most effective manner possible. Its polycarbonate is shatter resistant therefore the chances of getting your iPhone damaged is minimal. With all of these rugged features, Griffin Survivor overpowers all the other best iPhone 5 cases.

top among the best iphone 5 cases

The above mentioned top 10 iPhone 5 cases can be a perfect match for your most precious device. The Top brands and products will ensure that your iPhone has a long life, free from all the damage and deformations. If you are bamboozled by seeing so many different cases in the market, then take this list as a reference and choose your favorite one from the coolest iPhone 5 cases.

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