Best Jeans for Men – Top 10 brands you can go for!!

Best Jeans for Men – Top 10 brands you can go for!!

Jeans belong to that category of clothing which has the enigmatic power to give the man a perfect quintessential look. Jeans is that part of an outfit which can serve all purposes at all times, be it a picnic on a bright sunny day or an all night party. I am sorry if any of the guys get offended by this statement but a person is not worthy of calling himself a man if he doesn’t own a pair of quality jeans. Men can buy them from any of the top mens jeans brands, as these companies use some of the finest fabric to manufacture the best jeans for men.

Jeans have always been known for their durability along with all the fashion elements. The brand which overcomes this threshold barrier of strength and quality ultimately succeeds in becoming best mens jeans brands. Boys love rough and tough clothes so that they are never held back when it comes to some thrill and adventure. Stylish jeans for men have that element of strength in them which allows the boys to go all out. Following is a list of the top mens jeans brands, which have been selling cool jeans for men all across the planet.

#10 Wrangler – The ‘W’ sign on the back pockets is the trade mark of this brand and along with that it also makes the jeans a bit more stylish. Wrangler jeans have always been identified with qualities like comfort and effortless styling. The best jeans for men must have originality and this is where Wrangler hits the nail on the head, its designs are traditional with a modern touch to them. Sticking to the basics has allowed this brand to come at tenth position in the best mens jeans brands list.

best mens jeans brands

#9 Lucky Brand – Rugged and manly can be the terms which best describes this brand. They have been labeled as ‘jeans for every man’ and that is because they have something in store for everyone. From simple and plain to wild and outrageous, every type of denims comes under its roof. The quality of fabric used is very good which will allow you to get comfortable all the time. Top mens jeans brands is not always about the costlier ones and Lucky Brand proves this fact brilliantly as there jeans are not at all overpriced.

top mens jeans brand

#8 G-Star – This is the first among the designer jeans brands in this list. Finding the name of this brand in ramp walks and fashion shows is very common as they have featured many times on such platforms. A Dutch designer started this company on a very small scale but later it went on to become a huge hit. This company settles for nothing but the best and that is why it has been so much successful in manufacturing the best jeans for men.

designer jeans brands

#7 Calvin Klein – An American fashion genius started this company by producing different types of clothes for both men and women. Jeans was not his priority but now Calvin Klein is powerful name among the top mens jeans brands. If you are young and passionate about your dressing style then these cool jeans for men is what you actually need. The shades available are really fashionable and try to look out for the faded ones, they are simply amazing.

best jeans for men

#6 Ed Hardy – It may be a little new in the jeans department but it doesn’t lag behind by much from the top mens jeans brands. Catching up at lightening pace, this brand is stealing the show these days with its tattooed jeans. Men love those bones and skulls on their jeans; it is unconventional but very cool. The brand value of this company was never questioned and with cool jeans for men adding in its lineup, this brand is only going to soar higher and higher.

cool jeans for men

#5 Levis – This brand is very close to my heart, Levis was a synonym for jeans to me when I was a kid. It is the most common brand for jeans all over the world, with outlets in almost every corner of the planet. Its symbol of a jeans pulled by two horses, gives out the right message as they actually are what they promise to be. Its jeans are a true value for money as they are reasonably priced and can be afforded by almost everybody. Its jeans have always been in vogue and that is reason why this brand is placed in top half of the best mens jeans brands.

best jeans brands for men

#4 For All Mankind – Starting from the production of jeans for women, this brand moved on to produce jeans for almost every mankind in the world, as indicated by its name. From small kids to grand dads, everyone can get their share of jeans through its best jeans for men. Setting benchmarks of fine craftsmanship and quality, it is also rated as one of the most famous designer jeans brands. Any kind of jeans brands list is incomplete without mentioning its name. Selvedge jeans are its specialty but you may have to shed a few extra dollars for them.

best jeans for men

#3 True Religion – Vintage and classy, True Religion is one the few brands which has shown an insatiable urge for perfection. Always voted by the public as one of the top mens jeans brands, this company has a habit of producing remarkable jeans. Neatly cut, finely stitched and authentic denims, all of them are common traits of best jeans for men and this is what True Religion offers. Versatility and grace are common terms attached to its jeans. With their timeless jeans, this brand gets the third spot among the best mens jeans brands.

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#2 Guess – From stone washed shades to the elegant and neat black denims, it produces everything with perfection. Being a dominant force in designer jeans brands, it continuously comes up with new designs and shades to gather the attention of men. The price range of these jeans is a bit high as their prime focus is on selling it products to the upper section of the society. Its jeans are mostly sleek and tight fitting, giving you the perfect pair for a Friday night out. These stylish jeans for men will definitely make some heads turn.

top mens jeans brands

#1 Diesel – The reason for Diesel being the number on in the top mens jeans brands list is because they completely revolutionized the word denim. Even the term straight cut was being given a new definition by this brand. It is ‘the brand’ when you talk about the best jeans for men. The texture of the fabric is flawless and the colors along with the designs are wonderful to look at. You will be astonished to see the collection of this brand; it seems that is just endless. They are currently ruling the global market courtesy their splendid jeans and the brand value acquired over several years.

best mens jeans brands

Cool jeans for men are the need of the hour and all of the above top brands and products have mastered this art. If you team these jeans with a stylish sports watch (have a look at top 10 sport watches for men and trendy looking sunglasses, you are definitely going to acquire a killer look. Jeans is one piece of clothing whose collection is just not complete; you always want to add that one more pair. The next time you plan to upgrade your wardrobe, try getting a piece from the above brands, you won’t be let down for sure.

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