Best Italian Leather Shoes for Men

Best Italian Leather Shoes for Men

The best leather shoe brands in the world are blessed with the mystical powers of transforming a gauche young boy to a tidy sophisticated man. Underestimating the power of a high end quality pair of leather shoes can be only called as ignorance as these shoes can uplift the standard of your outfit by leaps and bounds. If the topic of discussion is top shoe brands for men then there are not much better places to look into than the Mecca of fashion industry, Italy. This country is being referred to as the ‘fashion capital of the world’ for the splendid fashion accessories produced with meticulous attention and utmost sincerity.

Italian leather shoe brands have captivated the minds of the people through their impeccable products which are a symbol of class and perfect craftsmanship. The saga of these Italian shoes for men is very old and for decades these brands have been the first choice for men who want their shoes to talk. Here goes a list of the top Italian leather shoe brands which every man fancies of having one day.

#5 Dolce and Gabbana – This company may not have a century old legacy like a few others in this list but it sure has covered some ground in quick succession through its laborious efforts. Its casual leather men shoes are famous for their unique colors and designs. These go very well with a stylish sports watch and cool pair of sunglasses which suits your attire. Most of the shoes are youth centric, rich in fashion and quality. The best part about these Italian shoes for men is that they can be used on multiple occasions, from DJ nights to board meetings.

best italian leather shoes for men

#4 Gucci – A great amount of credit goes to Gucci for the upbringing of fashion industry in Italy and help them rank among the best leather shoe brands. It has over 250 stores spread all across the globe which sell men leather shoes. Gucci uses the finest of European leather and the other materials only find their application in the shoes after passing many tests. Stitching up a shoe is an art and Gucci has mastered this art to perfection, hence they are considered to be one of the top shoe brands for men.

casual leather men shoes

#3 Amedeo Testoni – Along with all the design and color, these Italian shoes for men also concentrate hard on imparting comfort and coziness to its clientele. Leather mens shoes have evolved in many aspects after the rise of this brand. Its shoes are irresistible as they contribute so much to a man’s personality through the classy designs and trendy shades. Some of its shoes are almost a masterpiece; such is the expertise of this brand. A Testoni store is the right place for you if you are planning to get a piece of incredible Italian leather shoe brands.

Italian leather shoe brands

#2 Prada – Mario Prada gave birth to this company in the power house of fashion arena, Milan. Ever since 1913 this company started climbing up the charts and now it is a common name among the best leather shoe brands. Prada uses some traditional combinations like simple lines with dark shades in the shoes; this gives a royal look to its products. Prada has its roots in all the countries which have fascination towards quality fashion. Italian shoes for men have been taken to the next level by this huge brand.

Italian leather shoe brands

#1 Salvatore Ferragamo – Standing handsomely at the peak of top shoe brands for men, Salvatore Ferragamo is an adorable brand. Italian leather shoe brands have been given a completely rejuvenated meaning by this brand. This company stands tall in all the departments of shoe making. From comfort to styling, everything has been taken care of beautifully. It is a very common name in the high profile fashion shows and even Hollywood also cherishes this brand. Words like cool and smart are just not enough to define the majesty and aura of this brand.

best leather shoe brands

Italian shoes for men are just like an icing on the cake, they elevate your personality to new heights. All of the above top brands and products are like stars, they can outshine everything with their dazzle and spark. The best leather shoe brands are dishing out a really spectacular line up of shoes and if you are also planning to showcase a sense of high standard of style and living then it is certainly these brands which should be looked up to.

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