Top 10 sunglass brands for men

Top 10 sunglass brands for men

If you are looking to buy a pair of shades and still wondering which cool shades for men fall under the so called category of top 10 sunglass brands of 2016, then it’s time to stop racing around horses in your mind. Sunglasses are one of the coolest accessories which you must have in your wardrobe. Men have limited options than women when talking about accessories but if it comes down to sunglasses then guys also have the same collection at their disposal so they can choose a pair of cool and elegant glasses from the best sunglass brands. The best part about owning a quality pair of shades is that you can sport them on all occasions, they never go out of fashion.

Sunglasses brands for men have evolved in the past few years and it is only by the virtue of these brands, men are getting to add that x -factor to their personality. In the race to attain the top spot in sunglass brands list, the market has witnessed the production of a few delightful pair of glasses. These brands surely know how to make the heads turn, so here is a list of the top 10 sunglass brands which will add utter grace and class to your personality.

#10 Persol – This brand has set a benchmark in the sunglass industry since 1930. Persol has been known for producing glasses of the finest quality and thus making it famous across the globe. The temple of these cool sunglasses for men is flexible as they were only the inventors of this concept. The lenses used in these glasses are anti glare and completely polarized in nature. This Italian brand has thus managed to get the tenth spot in this list of top rated sunglasses brands. Do check out their Calligrapher edition and the Galleria 900 series, as these are the most popular collections of 2016.

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#9 Diesel – In this, Diesel has to settle for the second last place, falling behind many other best sunglass brands. This company is known for producing all kinds of sunglasses and that too with the same amount of perfection. From different sizes of frames to different shades of glasses, it has every option in the book so that you won’t be facing any difficulty in matching it up with your wardrobe collection. Some of their popular models are DM0093, DL0162 and 1978. It is these expensive sunglasses brands which will always make you stand apart from the common crowd.

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#8 Guess – Guess has basically acquired this popularity level based on its production of designer sunglasses and some very cool sunglasses for men. If guys are having a preconceived notion that this brand is only for women then you are sadly mistaken. Men can get all funky and colorful by sporting these glasses as this brand is well known for mixing and matching of shades to give a completely new look to the sunglasses without compromising its quality. This extra fun element about its glasses has compelled me to put it among the best sunglass brands. Some of the popular products by Guess in 2016 have been ‘Marciano’, ‘Croc-print’ and ‘Chain’ sunglasses.

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#7 Louis Vuitton –Louis Vuitton is one of the most expensive sunglasses brands in the world and these can take a heavy toll on your pocket. Don’t expect anything under $500. Famous for making numerous fashion accessories, from a small purse to a big trolley bag, this brand has done it all. Saying that sunglasses are just another accessory in its list would be an understatement. This Italian brand uses a Polaroid glass of the finest quality and the fiber used has an impeccable texture to it, giving a royal feel to its customers. Louis Vuitton is thus considered to be one of the top rated sunglasses brands in the world today. With products like ‘Evidence’, ‘Attitude’, and ‘Conspiration Pilote Canvas’, they sure know how to make a mark.

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#6 Gucci – Coming in next in this list of top 10 sunglass brands of 2016, is a brand which is made only for the elite class of people who want to make a statement. Gucci with its wide range of accessories is one of the most popular brands among the star wars of the fashion industry. This company has a very firm hold in the fashion industry and with the help of these designer glasses it has only deepened its roots and paved its way into the best sunglass brands. Its products are ultra stylish and very comfortable. Guys can use them during travelling or in the late night parties. Gucci’s cool sunglasses for men are being engineered to serve all purposes. Some of its popular shades for men are ‘Light steel aviator’ and ‘Rectangular frame optyl’ sunglasses.

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#5 Prada – Established in the year 1913, Prada has moved on to become one of the biggest brands in fashion industry. Located in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, Prada dishes out an excellent collection of sunglasses for men so as to make them look very elegant and trendy. These expensive sunglasses brands use the latest technology in construction of its glass and materials. From small frames to large aviator sizes, everything that a man is looking for is available under this brand. Do check out their ‘Linear Rossa’ series. It is a brand for those want to maintain high standards of living and has thus proved its metal by becoming a part of the best sunglass brands.

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#4 Ray Ban – The competition is heating up and in a race to reach the Everest, Ray Ban takes the fourth position in the list of top 10 sunglass brands. What Beckham is to football is what Ray Ban is to the sunglasses fraternity. Cool, stylish, sexy are a few adjectives which can define this brand. They are the inventors of wayfarers which extremely popular among the youths and this is one brand which you can blindly rely on if it’s regarding cool sunglasses for men department. This brand has something for everyone as it is available in a variety of prices and that is main reason why they sell like candies. Budget won’t be problem here, as in spite being a luxury brand, you can get a great pair even at $150.

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#3 Fendi – Those who refer Fendi as a completely women centric brand certainly have very less idea to what this brand has to offer to the men’s section. This company is equally ranked in the section sunglasses brands for men and this is a fact which cannot be denied. The frame used is being processed by the use of microfiber technology, giving it a crystal like look. Fendi offers an amazing collection of shades and frames so that you can choose accordingly. Goggles produced by this brand give an oomph factor to the personality as elegance is written all over it. Fendi fits perfectly in the third place in top 10 sunglass brands as a result of so many qualities it possesses.

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#2 Oakley – No need to get surprised by seeing this brand missing out on the top spot in best sunglass brands list. I personally love using these goggles as they have a sportier look to it than most of the other brands in this line up. These glasses offer very good resistance towards the harmful external agents which can spoil the eyes. Oakley has always been at the top end of the sunglass brands list and it is only climbing higher by launching new designs. These glasses find a special place in the hearts of men who enjoy playing sports as these cool sunglasses for men have a nice grip to the face and stick to it at all times. If you are looking for something cool and sporty in the sunglasses section then your search will end here.

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#1 Maui Jim – Sitting at the top is this USA based brand Maui Jim, these designer sunglasses will certainly rock your world with its shear quality and grace making it the most appropriate choice to top the charts of best sunglass brands. With their patented ultra thin and completely polarized lenses this brand deserves to rule the top 10 sunglass brands chart. The technology used by them completely eliminates the glare factor and enhances its colors. Athletic and cool sunglasses for men are one of its specialties and that is the reason why most of the athletes and sports stars around the world use it. Maui Jim has developed a habit of manufacturing almost perfect glasses, making it the most loved brand all across the planet.

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Sunglasses can play a very crucial role in making or breaking one’s personality and with the help of the above mentioned top rated sunglasses brands you can create an enigma about yourself. All of these brands are well established and have been selling sunglasses to men for decades. With time and technology they have perfected the art of making flawless glasses. It is these Top brands and products which make a man complete and with the list of top 10 sunglass brands at your service the task just got a bit cut out.

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    These glasses are boss!!!!!!!!!
    the ones are the MIX GREEN AND BLUE!!!!

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    Check out these and more of favourite brands at!

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    Great article! Compared with Ray Ban, i really love Maui Jim. Find more sunglasses here:

  • Mary Laloli

    Great that you have given all the favorite brands – and all these brands
    look great and trendy. But the most important consideration is the degree
    of eye protection that sunglasses give you when out in the sun. Exposure to
    ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage the eyes in many ways and it is important
    to always wear sunglasses in the sun and even on cloudy days. And not all branded sunglasses give adequate protection.

    To protect you from the damaging UV rays the sunglasses need to filter out the damaging rays. The current international standards specify the amount of
    protection required. Glasses which pass these tests are labelled as UV400 or
    100% UV protection and you should only buy sunglasses which comply with these

    In fact it is the law In some countries such as the USA, Europe, Australia and NZ that sunglasses comply with an international standard such as: The Australian
    Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003; The European Standard EN 1836:2005; The U.S.
    Standard ANSI Z80.3-2001

    So the question I ask is – do these branded sunglasses comply with the standard – if so they are a great buy and look great. But do check the protection level before you buy

  • John

    The most elegant and understated sunglasses for me are Oliver Peoples. Far more classy than Oakleys!!

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    great website found good brands

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    I am a big fan of RayBan; but lately I am tired of wearing the same brand, and this time i will try Oakley – cool and sexy!