Top 10 All in One Printer in Market

Top 10 All in One Printer in Market

With the world getting compact with each passing day, science is trying to push in the boundaries and accommodate as many things as possible in the smallest of spaces. Printers are not untouched by this evolution, the features which a printer offers are constantly increasing and so is their quality. The top brands are putting in every bit of effort to install various technologies so that their printers are well equipped to perform all the tasks associated with a printer. These companies are aware of the fact that the best can only survive in the market and that is why these companies are trying everything to put their products in top 10 all in one printers list.

The best all in one printer is one which has the capability to perform tasks like faxing, copying, scanning and many more things at the same time. A good multipurpose printer is one which can bundle up all these things neatly in a single package. What is the best all in one printer in the market? This question was a little hard to answer but after some research and study I could come up with this list of top 10 all in one printers across the globe, making your work cut out.

#10 HP Deskjet 3050A – This model from HP, apart from being a good multi functional printer is also one of the best wireless all in printer, giving it an edge over some of its contemporaries. The design is refreshing and with the help ePrint technology of HP, the cloud can be easily printed. This printer is best suited for homes and small scale business which doesn’t require printing many color photos. The speed of this printer is good and over all it is a very good machine.

office all in one printers

#9 Epson Expression Photo – Apart from all the features like copying, scanning and faxing, the area where this printer steals the show is in the photos section. It uses an ink which is smear resistant that leads to photos which are appealing to the eye and good in quality. This printer has six attractive inkjet colors which are capable of delivering instant photos. Being wireless, you can print with this device even with the use of your mobile. It allows you to play around with your photos; you can make an invitation card or may be a greeting card out of it. These features have helped it in getting the ninth spot in the top 10 all in one printers.

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#8 Canon Pixma MG – This printer offers some much upgraded features like good printing speed and high color resolution making it compete with the best all in one printer around the market. Printing on both the sides of the sheet is possible through this printer and you can also print the DVD’s or CD’s. The top face of this machine acts as a touch panel and the buttons which are in use light up, somewhat unusual but trust me, it’s very cool.

top 10 all in one printers

#7 HP Photosmart 7510What is the best all in one printer in a limited budget? The answer to this intriguing question is this Photosmart 7510 form HP. This cost efficient printer offers features like memory slot; Wi-Fi, color touch screen and duplex printing, allowing it get the seventh rank among the top 10 all in one printers. Neither the speed nor the quality of the print has gone down by cutting short the price; it still has the power to give neck to neck competition to any of the best all in one printer.

What is the best all in one printer

#6 Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 – This model from Lexmark does very well in the ’office all in one printers category as all the tasks related to business and office can be accomplished efficiently. Qualities like smart solution widgets, comprehensive driver, quick wireless setup, two different paper trays and lightening fast speed make it a very potent device. This multifunction printer does all jobs simultaneously without having any problems in the display area and the powerful wireless connectivity makes it stay among the best wireless all in printer.

best wireless all in printer

#5 Epson WorkForce 845 – The WorkForce series of Epson has impressed the world with its high performance abilities and it continues to do so with this addition to the series. Capable of delivering A-grade output, this printer is fully equipped with all the features of a best all in one printer. It has two memory slots and an easy setup to connect to the Wi-Fi, allowing it to link easily to any of the devices nearby.  This printer’s hardware works more than usual in autoduplexing and hence provides excellent results.

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#4 Brother Business Smart – An inkjet printer with all the features was never this fast before and hence it gets such an amazing rank in the top 10 all in one printers list. This printer facilitates printing in the landscape mode as the paper can be kept both sideways and front ways. With the help of this printer you can print pages up to a dimension of 11×17 inches and hence it finds its application in both office as well as home. The speed of copying is really good and this printer boasts about faxing at an equally quick pace and hence separating itself from others.

top 10 all in one printers list

#3 Canon Pixma MX922 – Staying at the second runners up position in the race to become the best all in one printer, this multifunctional and hi-tech product from Canon is an amazing all-rounder. This model comes with a one year warranty, it’s not that you will need it but still it gives you a cushion. Scanning and faxing can completed at a brisk pace, making it famous among people who use it for business purposes. The tray holds up to 250 pages and the photos printed are of great resolution, along with these plus points, you will also get all those little features associated with a printer which you had always dreamt of.

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#2 Brother MFC-J825DW – This machine from Brother, has a list of some amazing features and options which can leave you short of words. Both duplexer and document feeder are automatic, giving you with minimal work to do. Moving on to the LCD touch-screen, this smart interface permits you to scan or print directly from the panel. This printer also facilitates easy printing procedure on CD’s or DVD’s, thus serving all the duties which a best all in one printer is be capable of doing. You won’t have to pay extra for the apps as they will there for the grabs absolutely free so that you can easily link it with any of the mobile devices.

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#1 HP Officejet Pro 8600 – The list of top 10 all in printers comes to an end with this multifunctional printer from HP that has every possible feature in the book, which any printer would wish to have. Instead of LED, there is a CGD of 4.3 inches installed in this printer through which you can access whatever you want within the blink of an eye. There is a library to speed dial and that directory can store up to 99 contact details. You can print on both the sides of the pages within no time as the printing speed is very good. This HP product can be used for both home and offices as this smart printer knows how to take care of your requirements.

best all in one printers

The definition of the word ‘printer’ no longer remains the same; it can be a photocopy machine for some and a fax machine for the others. These different needs have given birth to the all in one printer, compact in size and dynamite with the features. Top brands and products is the way to go when it comes to buying an all in one printer and the above mentioned top 10 all in one printers are the ones which can figure out what you are really looking for.

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