Top 10 Headphone Brands – Feel the music come alive!!

Top 10 Headphone Brands – Feel the music come alive!!

The journey from a gramophone to the modern day high wattage woofers has been an incredible one. The world came across many devices which can be used to play music, during the course of this transformation. Some of them became a hit while the others faded away with time. It was only during this transition period, inception of headphones took place and the world now just can’t get tired of this. The quality of these gadgets has been increasing with each passing second.

Headphones are very much brand oriented, people always prefer the well established ones over the budding brands. Therefore the companies can’t put their feet off the gas or else they can perish anytime from the top 10 headphone brands line up.

The best headphone brands are the ones which can give their customers exactly what they are looking for. From customized headphones to the surround sound headphones, all types are produced by most of the top brands. The youth of today loves cool headphones and hence most of the brands are trying to seek their attention by bringing in some unique designs and colors. Following are the top 10 headphone brands which have the power to take you deep inside the song and then get the feel of it:

#10 Koss – Koss was founded in the year 1991 by accident, it was not at all intentional but after its establishment it hasn’t looked back. Making the most of the opportunities it got during its initial phases, this company has now gone ahead to get a position in the top 10 headphone brands. Their stereo and cool headphones are very popular among all age groups, making it a world famous brand. This company is continuously improving the quality of headphones and its future looks very bright indeed.

top 10 headphone brands

#9 Sony – One of the biggest electronics brand in the world, Sony sells everything from a pen drive to a home theatre. Headphones is also one of its specialty, the popularity level has helped this brand spread its roots in all the countries. Sony’s brain child Walkman was a huge block buster and now its cool headphones are holding the flag high. Available in various price ranges, this brand has something in store for everyone. Good quality headphones are its trademark and the ability to think out of the box make it one of the best headphone brands.

best headphones brands

#8 Beyerdynamic – German companies have always been known as the front runners in the rat race of top 10 headphone brands. Beyer Dynamic is also one such brand, all kinds of headphones are produced by this company. It produces some of the best over the ear headphones and the surround sound headphones manufactured by this company are also very good, giving its listeners a great experience. If you are looking for customized headphones then this brand will serve your purpose very nicely.

cool headphones

#7 AKG – This company was founded in the year 1947 and where else but Germany. It has a very good reputation among the recording studios as it is one of their largest suppliers of headphones. From cool headphones to the sophisticated ones, you will be getting all types of stuff here. AKG’s top of the line headphones are durable in nature but that doesn’t mean you start smashing it around. It has all the goodness which is required to get them into the best headphone brands.

top of the line headphones

#6 Grado – Dynamic and exuberant will be the perfect words to define this brand. Though Grado doesn’t offers a wide array of headphones, every single pair of this brand backs a punch. They have brought in vented diaphragm system in their headphones, giving the listeners absolutely distortion less sound. Its sturdy transducers give the sound amazing clarity and make the hearing experience great fun. All these little but important functions have helped it in getting this rank among top 10 headphone brands.

customized headphones

#5 Beats – In spite of being a relatively new company, Beats has shot towards becoming one of the best headphone brands. This company tasted success in its early days by the virtue of the cool headphones it produced. This brand uses various vibrant colors and eye catching designs in its products. The fact that these are good quality headphones along with the entire funk makes it stay among the big daddies of headphones. Its surround sound headphones have an amazing tone to it, making these top of the line headphones a sensation among the people.

surround sound headphones

#4 Audio Technica – Enough of the German domination, it’s time now for some Japanese action. With technology running in their blood, this company has brought in awesome modifications in the headphones, making them completely different from their counter parts. Cool headphones will be an understatement for them as their headphones are very hi-tech and of top-notch standards. Just missing the birth to be among the first three in top 10 headphone brands list, Audio Technica offers customized headphones for people who like to make things go their way.

audio technica headphone - top 10 headphone brands list

#3 Shure – Best headphones brands are the ones which can blow your mind away with its sound quality and Shure does exactly the same thing. The sound produced by this headphone is sharp and shoots straight through your mind. From bulky to sleek, all the headphones are of the same standard and the components used in its products are very reliable. Best over the ear headphones are produced by this brand only, making it a potent force in all sections of headphones.

shure headphone - Best over the ear headphones

#2 Sennheiser – If you haven’t heard the name Sennheiser in the headphone arena then it is like you don’t know about Ronaldo and you follow football. It is the first choice among the musicians all across the globe. The noise reduction technology used by this company completely eradicates the noise level allowing the listeners to get a feel of the purest sound. Getting to this position in the top 10 headphones brands took a lot of hard work and some innovative ideas. It’s not all about cool headphones; the sophisticated and classy ones are equally good and have an unparalleled charm about them.

Sennheiser headphone - cool headphones

#1 Bose – Bose, the name speaks for itself. Music will no longer be the same once you put on these headphones. It is ranked at the top among the best headphones brands because of a reason. If I have to explain this reason in simple terms then I would just say that these headphones will make you jump out of your seat as soon as you turn up the volume. Audiophiles just can’t enough of these speakers, making this brand a dominant force in the headphone department. Its products are a little expensive but you will be getting true value for your money. These headphones have very high standards and their life span is very good, making them the godfather of all headphones. You can check some headphones from Boss on Amazon here.

bose headphone - Best headphones brands

With so many options dished out in front of you, the job of choosing the best is a little easier with the help of this list of top 10 headphone brands. By using a headphone of great quality and fantastic design, you can change your musical experience forever. These Top Brands and Products have touched great heights and are planning to soar even higher. Headphones are used at all times and on a daily basis then why not get the best pair around your ears and turn up the music.

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  • madhav

    I like sony headphones

  • madhav


  • Isaiah

    Check out monster headphones

    • Beats kid

      Good idea do that everyone, monster is great monster should be jn this top ten list

  • Benjamin

    You seriously listed Beats above fucking Beyerdynamic?
    None with a ear for good sound would ever do that. Beyerdynamic kicks Beats ass any day of the week.

    • Vaibhav Lall

      I know Beyerdynamic is a powerful brand but if you compare
      it with Beats then it just falls short. You go and check out some higher range models by Beats, they have awesome surround sound and look wise also they are way ahead.

      • Benjamin

        Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

        Your argument is invalid.

        • Vaibhav Lall

          If you think Tesla T1 is the best then go and check out Beats Studio or even Beats Executive for that matter.
          You will easily see the difference.

          • Benjamin

            Sorry, I just don’t agree with you on that :)

          • daz

            AIAIAI TMA-1/Studios destorys Beats in everyway im sorry

      • RJ Jacobs

        What bullcrap is that? If you actually have ever had both models, which I have, you know that Beats is just Dr. Dre sharting within your cranium.

  • Bernadette

    Wow! Thanks for sharing… now this is gonna make my quest for the ideal headphones easier. lol. i love how you describe the other headphones, it’s funny and very true 😀

  • Bernadette

    Though if i were to narrow down the choices because of my budget, i wonder if i can still get the same quality in the same brands listed above? lets say about 150 dollars?

    • Vaibhav Lall

      If you have a curtailed budget of $150 then also there are some very good options at your disposal. You can go for AKG K 272, Bose AE2i or
      even Beats Solo. Sony also has some good quality headphones in the mid budget
      section, you can give them a try.

  • G


  • Dariel

    hah beats. in term of qualities maybe it has some of the better ones but for the value you are paying for, not worth it. A beats Headphone that cost 300$ with the same quality as a AT headphone that cost nearly half the price.

    • Vaibhav Lall

      While writing this post, my main objective was to mention all the best headphone brands of the world. Price was not the only criteria, I agree that Beats is a little costly sometimes but the quality it offers is also really good. Hence keeping Beats out of this list was just not possible for me.

      • Datsun

        Beats never sound great

  • RJ Jacobs

    Bose? More like Pose. And don’t even get me started on Beats. How the hell did this beat VMODA to the list?

    • Casey Frals

      i agree that beats are bad, but you can’t hate on Bose. Go into a Best Buy and try on the QC15, they will be some of the lightest, most comfortable headphones over. They also have the absolute best noise canceling out of any headphone I’ve tried.

  • Jean-Philippe Sirois

    You’re not really serious are you? Beats over… Grado, AKG, Beyer and Sony… hahaha. Oh sure Beats Executive sound “ok”, but are much are they anyway? You can buy a pair of HD650 for that price, or an excellent closed can from any other “real” company. Oh and please don’t recommend Beats Solo to ANYONE EVER, lol, same argument as with the Executive, there are better alternatives at the same price, except the Solo don’t sound “ok”.

  • harry

    where did philips go?

    • Vaibhav Lall

      Philips is a decent electronics based company but when it comes to headphones, I don’t think it offers enough variety and quality to get into the league of best headphone brands.

    • Beats kid

      Up your anus philips are cheap and poor quality for proffesional use

  • Casey Frals

    Beats should not be on this list and where is Bowers and Wilkins, the p7 are some of the best consumer headphones ever.

  • jonty

    beats and bose bcoz u might have one or u might be bieber’s fan or u might be inspired from soccer and basketball players carrying them on their neck in front of media……and might have never heard bowers&wilkins,etymotics,audeze…….and akg and beyerdynamic rank below bose and dr.dre….(from the owner of akg k550 and sennheiser momentum)

  • Sennheiser is awesome

    Wtf? How does beats beat Beyerdynamic? And how the hell does bose beat sennheiser??? Come on now!

    • Beats kid

      Uuuuuummmmmm maybe because they are better?

  • JSTR

    I think you lost a lot of credibility for me the second you listed Beats above Beyerdynamic and Sony. Then you lost pretty much all of it when you said Bose was number one, and yeah you’re missing a few major headphone brands, and if you had to list a celebrity endorsed headphone you should’ve put SMS by 50 cent on here, but at the bottom, at least they’re built better than Beats.

  • Beats kid

    Beats are the best feel the bass! They might be slightly over priced but thats the only thing not perfect about them, beats kick ass on your stupid beyerdynamic or willkins have you ever tried the beats mixrs or new studios? Stop your hating just because you cant afford some beats you pussys hahahahaah BEATS BEATS BEATS BEATS BEATS!!!

    • Wesley Heater

      You should consider drinking bleach


    bets fan itdiot

  • Jig

    I’m not an expert but perhaps Sennheiser > Bose

    • Hieu

      actually bose and beats suck. i mean bose is good but both are just well known because they both do aloooot of commercial works

  • Todd Shaver

    Bottom line here is that many people will have and will voice many different preferences on many different selling points of the headphones. I hesitate to blast or endorse what you are saying here. Because it’s just an opinion. I have sold all these high end headphones for almost 15 years. My top 20 list has most of these headphones in it, but in extremely different orders. Bang & Olufsen as well as Bowers and WIlkins should make anyone’s top 10 cut, along with Klipsch, Westone and possibly even Polk Audio. But I respect everyone’s choices. This isn’t democrat vs. republican, Han Solo vs. Luke Skywalker, or Apple vs. Android. There are tons of awesome headphone companies out there. Take your time, listen to as many as you can, and then make your decision/purchase.

  • Bighnesh Upadhyaya

    I do agree with some comments that sennheiser is probably better than bose. . Bose has one quality . .the noise cancellation , at which it is spectacularly awesome . . but I really was offended by the fact that u put beats up here , not klipsch or stax. . . I mean seriously , where is stax ? they make some of the finest headphones I have ever heard . . . and power ad Wilkins, bang and Olufsen , shure ? . . I Dont agree with u ,mainly on beats . . its over balanced towards bass . .mids and highs are not that good . . and beats may be kept at 10. . .but definitely not above the companies you mentioned below beats …#completely_personal_opinion

  • gabS

    AKG austische und kino geräte is german brand??..and beat by dre are on 5 place??..that explain everything..looooool

  • LMAO


  • anonymous

    When a company spends way too much in advertising and less on the actual quality of the phone and of course the most important part-the sound, then you know that it’s price-performance ratio is totally out of whack. Beats? Seriously?

  • goks


  • Tina Yue