Top 10 Soccer Shoes – Taking soccer to a complete new level!!

Top 10 Soccer Shoes – Taking soccer to a complete new level!!

Adrenaline pumping, ear deafening noises, heart beats stopping and mind boggling goals is what football is all about if you have to summarize in a few words. This was a mere overview of the most popular game in the world but the fact is it would never have been so remarkable without those small elements which has lead this game to become a matter of life and death for some. One among the many essential parts of soccer is the shoes or more commonly referred to as boots. In a race to sneak into the list of top 10 soccer shoes, brands across the world have shown a drastic change in the quality of the boots. Fan following of football was never questioned but since the rise of the superpower brands, people have developed a more passionate approach towards the game.

When talking about manufacturers of soccer boots then Nike, Adidas, Puma and Lotto have been dominating the global market in the recent years. This has not stopped the others from giving the big guns a run for their money. In this fierce competition of brands, it’s the public who is benefiting the most as they are getting so many options to choose from which can be a bit tricky at times. So here is a list of the top 10 soccer shoes, so that you don’t have to scratch your head.

#10 Nike Tiempo Premier 94 – This fascinating soccer gear traces its history back to the world cup 1994 when players like Romario and Maldini used it in the finals. It may be a bit old fashioned compared to others on this list but that doesn’t make it any less potent as it still backs a strong punch. Made up of leather, this boot has a very soft texture to it and that is the reason why you will never complain regarding its comfort level. The stitching on the outside and the retro folding gives it a very rough look to it.

top 10 soccer shoes

#9 Adidas F50.7 – A few of you may get a little surprised as to why these cool soccer shoes are being put on the ninth spot. The competition has gone up exponentially in this category and better shoes are being launched which is why F50.7 has to settle with this spot in top 10 soccer shoes. These are extremely light and therefore allowing you to cover a few extra paces in no time. Control of the ball has improved in this F50 edition as the earlier editions were criticized for the same. Soccer shoes for kids were also launched by this brand after seeing its phenomenal success.

Soccer shoes for kids

#8 Puma V1.10 – This version of the Puma V series continued with its legacy of ultra light boots but the major change observed was in the toe section. It was now changed to box shape instead of the regular round shape. With the help of its micro fiber technology and some other amazing qualities it has managed a spot in top 10 soccer shoes. These youth soccer shoes also fall under the category of cheap soccer shoes as their prices are a little less compared to others on this list.

youth soccer shoes

#7 Lotto Solista – These studs use only a single strip of high quality microfiber which is completely waterproof, making it amazingly different. Movement on the pitch will be absolutely smooth by using these boots. Its uniqueness lies in its mirror like surface on the outside so that you can dazzle your opponents with your game as well as your shoes. Finding cheap soccer shoes in the list of top 10 soccer shoes is a bit difficult but this just may fit into your budget.

cheap soccer shoes

#6 Adidas Predator Accelerator – When you are talking about cool soccer shoes then keeping out this pair is just impossible. As per its name, these boots will definitely accelerate your performance as there are no half measures with these. It is not light in weight or smooth in texture it’s just a tool made for the big boys to shoot hard. Players like Beckham and Zidane made them very popular and that is the reason why girls soccer shoes also have this amazing pair.

cool soccer shoes

#5 Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 – This pair has been rising very quickly in the list of top 10 soccer shoes because of its futuristic design and unparalleled use of technology. The meaning of youth soccer shoes has been changed completely by Ignitus 3. These shoes are designed in such a way that they give a pattern to the ball which cannot be easily predicted making it very hard for the goalkeeper.  Soccer shoes for kids are also manufactured by this brand making them more popular.

girls soccer shoes

#4 Adidas Copa Mundial – No shiny surface or dazzling colors, simply class and elegance will be the perfect words to define these studs. The Germans did an amazing job in engineering these shoes from the skin of a kangaroo. Nothing can beat the simplicity and quality assured by these cleats allowing them to stay in the list of top 10 soccer shoes very comfortably. Copa Mundial is a modern version of the old fashioned technology used for making boots.

best soccer shoes

#3 Nike Mercurial Vapor III – The vapor series was never this awesome. The use of Teijin synthetic has helped it in bringing about a revolution in the cleat industry. These boots are suited for all types’ pitches and every kind of weather condition. Whether a goalkeeper or a mid fielder or striker, this Vapor III is fitting for all positions on the field. The durability of the top layer is a little questionable but honestly which soccer boots last forever. The many qualities which it possesses have helped this cool soccer shoes in getting such a good rank.

cool soccer shoes

#2 Nike CTR360 Maestri  II – Missing the top spot just by a whisker, this boot is a nice package with all the features of a perfect cleat installed in it. Since its release this series has been acknowledged by all the experts and players. Ball control and long distance passing have improved by the use of these studs. The surface of the boot dampens the ball as it hits them, allowing the bowl to stay close to the player and hence giving them an edge. Girls soccer shoes sales have gone up considerably since the launch of this pair.

top 10 soccer shoes

#1 Adidas Predator LZ – Sitting at the top is this new edition to the Predator series named LZ. The main reason why this particular pair of boots stands tall above the rest in this top 10 soccer shoes is its shear completeness. The predator series have always been known for making one of the finest gears in the market and this time they have gone a step ahead in making an absolutely flawless pair of shoes. These shoes have five different parts, each designed to excel in its area of interest. These are comfortable as well as durable and the best in all other departments hence they emerge as a total knock out.

beset soccer shoes

These were my top 10 soccer shoes from world class brands which will give you an amazing experience when you go on the pitch. It’s true that a good pair of cleats doesn’t mean that the player is good but at least you will give yourself an edge by sporting these amazing studs. Whenever you plan to replace your old pair of worn out shoes, try buying one of these futuristic and technically sound soccer boots.

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