Top 5 TV Brands – A world in itself!!!

Top 5 TV Brands – A world in itself!!!

What is the best TV? This question must have crossed your mind many times as television is the prime source of entertainment these days. The best TV brand is one which gives its viewers an amazing real life like experience while watching it. The top TV brands from all parts of the globe are putting in their heart and soul to bring in new technologies which will transform television into a complete masterpiece. The best buy televisions have many advanced features like high definition, surround sound, internet, 3 dimensions and many more. All these features are essential to make a brand rise above the mediocre ones. Here goes a list of such top TV brands which have been a benchmark in this industry for the past:

#5 LG – The televisions have to be smart these days and LG understands this fact very well. This is the reason why LG is being regarded as a producer of some of the best TV on the market. The best part about this brand is the price department; it keeps the lowest price cap on all its products in the market. You can get the maximum number of features in the lowest of prices possible. Advanced facilities like voice recognition and Wi-Fi takes this brand to the next level, making this company stand at number 5 among the top TV brands.

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#4 Toshiba – Becoming the best TV brand is not a joke and that is what makes this Japanese company take its job so seriously. With so many patented designs and technologies, Toshiba has always been the front runners in the advanced technology department. Its 3D models give wide viewing angles, allowing you to get the wonderful experience from all corners of the room. Whenever we look for the answer to the question “What are the top TV brands”, Toshiba’s name is always mentioned. With the prestigious tag of best buy televisions under its belt, this company has definitely got a bright future ahead.

What are the top TV brands

#3 Panasonic – Established in the year 1918, today Panasonic is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. It has been selling the best TV in all corners of the world. Almost a century old, this company has emerged as a symbol of elegance and quality. The televisions produced by this company are very stylish to look at and equally strong in the technical department. The online chatting feature while enjoying your favorite TV program is the latest addition in its features hence making it stay among the top TV brands.

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#2 Sony – Sony dominates the world market in the electronics department is no bragging about this brand. It has truly been that one brand which you can blindly trust on. Perhaps my personal favorite, Sony has dished out numerous models of televisions, specialized in different fields and sectors. From LCD to LED, every other model can be put under the category of best TV. Its Bravia series has been a major hit among the masses, making this brand soar towards the top of the best buy televisions. With OLED models and blue-ray recorders, Sony is trying to touch new height and standards.

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#1 Samsung – The front runners of the top TV brands, Samsung is one of those companies which offers a complete package. Screen sizes, resolution, prices, you will be getting plenty of options in every department. The chances are very bright of picking a Samsung TV when you select the best TV on the market, such is the consistency of this brand. The best buy televisions should be fully equipped and this is where Samsung steals the show. Latest internet options, high resolutions, quality 3D and ear deafening sound quality are some of the traits of this brand. If the reign of this company has to be challenged then it would seriously need something special from other brands.

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Whenever you have to pick a television then try choosing from the Top Brands and Products as these companies are bestowed with the fine art of making hi-tech televisions. Your quest to find the answer of what is the best TV brand in the world will always revolve around the above mentioned brands. Over the years they have consistently proved their worth and mettle in all departments of television and that is what makes them the top TV brands on the face of the earth.

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