An Insight to Sunglass’s Technicalities

An Insight to Sunglass’s Technicalities

Sunglasses being an iconic fashion accessory have gone under constant improvements in the past century. From the quality of lenses to the shape and design of frames, everything has been put under the scanner by the fashion pundits. From the outside it may look a simple yet fashionable accessory but the effort which goes into creating those near perfect pieces is immense. Specially while designing the lens, many factors have to be kept in mind so that every minute detailing is accurate. This is the reason why the top brands in the market charge so much for their products.

Starting with the sports sunglasses, these have to be designed in such a way that they can bear all the rough and tough conditions without damaging themselves. These are generally kept light in weight to make them stay attached to your face. The lenses are polarized and give you peripheral vision along with maximum coverage. Oakley is one of the most reputed brands in this section of sunglasses and they guarantee you the best quality with their items. Coming to the frame section, the nose bridge and temples are adjustable along with proper venting which curbs down condensation and fogging.

The next class of lenses is the photo chromatic ones. The specialty of this type of lens is that they are clear when kept indoors but as the sunlight hits them, their color starts changing. The glasses become dark and protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. These photo chromatic lenses are either made up of polycarbonate or regular plastic or glass. For kids this type of lens is very good and it also reduces the chances of getting eye diseases like cataract and a few more problems associated with UV rays.

The next one in the different types of lenses which can be commonly found in the sunglasses is transition lenses. Weight of these lenses is very less compared to others which make the sunglasses feather like. They are made up of Trivex instead of the commonly used high end glass materials. Grey and brown are the most common colors in this segment of sunglasses. Carl Zeiss is the top name when it comes to the manufacturing of such glasses; they have been a symbol of quality and excellence for many years. You will get many types of tints for the sunglasses if look under this huge brand.

Sunglasses from different brands have different compositions, based on the target audience these brands decide what type of glasses and frames to use. The most frequently used lenses are the anti reflective and scratch resistant glasses. Companies like Ray Ban and Fendi use them beautifully in their aviator line of sunglasses. These glasses help in reduction of halos around the source of light and hence create a better cosmetic appearance. Sunglasses with resistance against scratch give you the leverage to use them a bit roughly. Most of the best sunglasses brands make use of these lenses in their sunglasses as it is the need of the hour.

Earlier the frames used to be made up of metal but since the introduction of fiber to man, these metal frames have started getting replaced. Qualities like durability and light weight is what makes them the top choice of companies all over the world. These days Wayfarer sunglasses are on top of the charts and they also use fiber frames. The advanced version of fibers is micro fibers which have much superior quality than fibers in every aspect. They are mostly unbreakable, giving you the complete freedom to go all out even with sunglasses on. Together the combination of all these small but key elements builds towards a perfect pair of sunglasses. Whenever you go for buying a pair of sunglasses, be sure of what you are purchasing.

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