Top 10 Wine Brands – Classy drink for classy people!

Top 10 Wine Brands – Classy drink for classy people!

Wine has been a symbol of class, elegance and grace for centuries. It is one of the oldest beverages known to man, ever since the stone ages wine has been with us. Old is gold, this saying is absolutely spot on in case of wines. The top wine brands of the world have a huge collection of wine which has been preserved for decades.  All the famous wine brands try to deliver quality products to the wine enthusiasts by using the finest of ingredients in their bottles just like the best beer brands do for beer which is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Wine brands list has a number of companies which have a reputation of delivering best wine in the world to the public. In the past few years several new companies have emerged and are doing really well in the wine business. The race to get a spot among the best wine brands is intense and here are the following names that have their nose ahead in this race.

#10 Lindemans – Set up in Australia, Lindemans is a world famous company known for producing lovely wine since 1843. Grabbing the last spot, this brand has slowly progressed in Europe and other countries which are major consumers of wine. The top wine brands have constantly improved in quality and purity of wine over the past few years and Lindemans is also one of them. Being one of the famous wine brands you will be getting a lot of options and variety in the wine segment.

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#9 Blossom Hill – Getting the ninth spot in the category of best wine brands, Blossom Hill is the most easily affordable brand in this list. It is generally light, fruity, sweet and smooth to drink. It goes very nicely with all types of food or even if you consume it independently, it is awesome. For the scorching summer heat, it is the best way to cool off. If you are planning to cut down on alcohol without removing your connection with wine then Blossom Hill can be a great solution as the alcoholic content is quiet less in wines produced by this company.

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#8 Great Wall – Some of you may have taken aback by seeing this name in this wine brands list, but this brand is in for a reason. Located in Hebei, China, this brand uses more than a dozen different types of grapes in the manufacturing of its wine. Its vineyards are spread across an area 75 hectares and wineries use the latest equipments to extract wine. It sells its product in more than 20 countries and the market is only going to expand from here on. With flavors like sparking, distilled, fortified and dry wines, it is one of those companies which is showing a lot of potential to become the top name in coming future.

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#7 Sutter Home – Sutter Home is a very popular name when it comes to wine. It may not be one of those rich, expensive wine brands but due to its easy availability it has established a good name for itself. With tones of flavors and numerous options it gives the public every alternative in the book when it comes to wine. The best wine brands need to have a grip on the market and Sutter Home is very good in this department. The promotion strategy and good quality have together put this brand at the seventh spot among the top wine brands.

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#6 Robert Mondavi – Robert Mondavi is a name which everyone must have heard at one point or the other during their encounter with wine. He single handedly put California, especially Napa Valley on the worlds map in terms of best wine brands. He was the pioneer of the development of wineries in California and neighboring regions. This brand has produced an amazing quality of wine in the past few years and is now a prominent name among the best wine brands in the world.

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#5 Beringer – It is a reserved type brand which doesn’t want to lose its exclusiveness, this is the reason why they are not very easily available. Some of the best wine in the world come under this label and are a complete delight to have. Its sweet red wine is extremely delicious and the white ones give a unique tingling sensation to the taste buds. If you are looking for expensive wine brands for a big occasion then you can go for Beringer, one of the most famous wine brands. Wine brands list is not even half complete if you don’t mention this name in it.

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#4 Yellow Tail – Coming in at number four among the top wine brands, Yellow Tail basically targets the youth for selling its products. The wine has a little strong taste to it and you can even feel the aroma of a spice or two when you start consuming it. The reason why it is there in the best wine brands is because of the dark yet smooth taste it gives to the taste buds. It is a little dry compared to other wines but that too has a charm of its own. This wine goes really well with the strong flavors of Italian food and once you develop a taste for this brand, it will be difficult to move on.

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#3 Concha Y Toro – Established in the year 1883, this Chilean brand has its admirers in all parts of the globe. It is always ranked at the top when it comes to famous wine brands; such is the popularity level of this brand. It has wines which are decades old and their aroma is such that you will be compelled to go towards them. The storage which this company uses to preserve its wine is highly advanced and hence gives the wine most appropriate conditions. Being a part of the top wine brands, it is continuing its legacy of delivering classic bottles of wine.

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#2 Hardys – Another Australian name in this wine brands list, Hardys was initially a small company named after the guy Thomas Hardy. What actually separates this name from the other best wine brands is the quality of fruits used in their wine. They only import fruits of the highest order from all parts of the globe which are associated with winemaking. Hardys try to preserve the varietal characters of food in all their products throughout. They use technologies of the modern world as well as the age old techniques of producing wine, to give something new to its customers.

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#1 Gallo – Topping the charts of the world’s best and famous wine brands, Gallo steals the show in every department of wine making. From bottles to the flavors, everything fits in perfectly for this brand. Some of the names like “Night Train” and “Thunder Bird” under its label made the public go mad over them. Every single bottle of its wine is crafted to perfection to make them fit perfectly in your hands. Some of its wild flavors have the power to make you insane and go completely crazy about them. All these exceptional qualities make this company the king of the best wine brands.

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Your search for best wine in the world will end at any one of the names mentioned above. The Top brands and products of wine have a very rich taste to them. Any special occasion is just incomplete without a bottle of wine from the top wine brands of the world. Some of them may be a little expensive but the pureness which you get in return for paying that heavy amount is just divine and heartwarming.

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  • manish sabnani

    Great thank you friend for all this can u pls explain me the difference between red wine and white wine

    • Vaibhav Lall

      Thanks a lot for your positive response Manish. The most basic difference between them is in terms of the grapes used in their preparation. The white ones are made up of regular white or green grapes, mostly without the skin; where as red wine uses dark grapes along with the skin. In terms of taste, white wine is light and subtle, on the other hand the red one has a richer and stronger flavor to it.