Perfumes and Deodorants – Very Similar But Still Different

Perfumes and Deodorants – Very Similar But Still Different

Egypt was the birth place of perfume, the same country whose civilizations have contributed so much to the human race. The Egyptians used fragrances as a part of the religious ceremonies, it was thought as a way to communicate to God through scented smoke. Romans and Persians caught hold of this custom and carried it further. It was not only Europe which had interest in fragrances and scents, East Asia also had a strong fascination towards these things. They also used them during their rituals and sacred ceremonies.

The most common ingredients used in making perfume were peppermint and rose in the early days. Glass was also invented around the same time and the perfumes benefitted a lot from this. Glass bottles were used to preserve the perfumes for a long time rather than the previously used gold or silver containers. After rose various sections of flora and fauna were explored by the Greeks to extract delightful fragrances. This was followed by the establishment of perfumeries in the developed parts of Greece and Rome. This ensured that perfumes could reach out to every person in all parts of world. With international trade relations getting stronger, perfume slowly became a common word on everyone’s lips.

It was the late nineteenth century that brought the word ‘deodorants’ in front of the humans. The first ever commercial deodorant was developed in the year 1888 by a US citizen whose name faded away from the history books. Aluminium and Chlorofluorocarbons were the common chemicals used in all the deodorants but due to their adverse health effects their use has now been cut down significantly. More natural methods of producing deodorants are being followed these days by the use of potassium alum in them. The side effects caused by them is far less when compared to those aluminium substances.

The most basic difference between deodorants and perfumes is in the ratio of fragrance oils to the level of alcohol. The duration of fragrance is directly proportional to the saturation level of fragrance oil in the solution. Deodorants generally contain 8-12% of oil in an alcohol of 80%. This mild concentration is the basic reason why the effect of deodorants doesn’t last for a longer time. In case of perfumes the saturation level raises up to 20-25% in ethyl alcohol which is completely pure. This ensures that even during the end hours of the day you will smell lovely and fresh.

The other major difference between them is that deodorants can help in sweat control but for perfumes it is not the easiest thing to do. The antiperspirant deodorants work on the sweat glands and reduce sweating to a great extent. Typically these are used in the underarms or the areas where person sweats a lot. Perfumes don’t have such capabilities; instead they focus more on other factors like scent and duration of the effect of that scent. The lack of antiperspirant quality in perfumes guarantees that the use of chemicals in them is very much limited.

Deodorants are generally made keeping the male section of the society in mind. Strong and bitter fragrances dominate the deodorant section because of this very fact. To know more about the best deodorants for men you can check out this article. It doesn’t mean that girls won’t get their piece of share, many companies manufacture deodorants for the feminine sex as well, which are mild and gentle. Even then if women are not satisfied with deodorants, they have the whole bunch of perfumes at their disposal.

The range which you get in case of perfume is impossible to find in deodorants. There are thousands of companies and millions of fragrances to choose from. European countries like Germany and France are dominating the perfume industry these days by showing mastery in the art of making perfumes. The perfumery in these countries extracts scents from exotic plants which are rare and unique. Perfumes are made both for male and female contrary to deodorants which focus basically on male section. Deodorant is just an extension of perfume; the basic foundation was laid by the perfumes only. This is why a lot of things are common between the two but when you look closely, the line which separates them can be easily seen.

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