Best Speakers under $1000 – Give your ears the pleasure they deserve!

Best Speakers under $1000 – Give your ears the pleasure they deserve!

Money is the most primary factor when it comes to shopping. The type of product you are about to buy is directly proportional to the amount which you are ready to spend. If the budget is small then it becomes all the more important to utilize every single penny in the most effective manner. For that you need to have clear cut knowledge of what you can get and what you can’t within a stipulated range. To give you best possible option in a set range, I am starting a series under which I will be talking about the best products in the market in a set budget. Best speakers under $1000 mark the beginning of this series. So here are the following speakers which you can go for when your pocket doesn’t allow you to exceed $1000:

#5 Bowers & Wilkins A7 Wireless Music Speaker System with Subwoofer

This AirPlay model from Bowers & Wilkins is a very uncomplicated and smooth device. The set up application, which comes free with the speaker, will guide you through all the steps of managing your audio system wirelessly. This device is compatible with all the devices of Apple, from its Mac to its iPad, so it can act both as computer speakers and home theater speakers. It just fits within the best speakers under $1000, priced at $950. The power consumption is less and the quality of sound which you get is mind blowing.

best speakers under $1000

#4 QSC K12 Powered PA Speaker

QSC has been known for keeping things simple and this is where it steals the show. The speaker is light, portable and the classy design makes it look more elegant. The epic amplifier of QSC guarantees that you will be getting power as well as durability with these speakers. With an extensive DSP the system becomes more efficient and effective. It may not be one of those tall tower speakers but still does the job which they were supposed to do. Thus coming in at the fourth slot among the best speakers under $1000 is this product from QSC priced at $745.

tall tower speakers

#3 Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 Soudbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Klipsch has been known as the producers of the best earplugs in the world and this time its speaker is also making statements. Available at an affordable price of $699, this speaker is loaded with the latest and exclusive horn – loaded feature which gives out a crystal clear sound. These home theater speakers have an awesome 3D surround mode which will give you a real theater like experience. The wireless subwoofer is just the perfect icing on the cake, making this an outstanding audio system.

home theater speakers under $1000

#2 Polk Audio Surround Bar 9000 IHT

Missing the top spot by a very close margin among the best speakers under $1000, Surround Bar 9000 IHT is what we call a complete package and that to $790. All of the three tweeters and the mid-bass drivers have their own amplifier channel which gives out a dynamic sound. The technology of SDA surround sound has been taken to a very high level by these speakers, giving the customers crystal clear sound. These speakers effectiveness does not depend on the size of the room, for all shapes and sizes they are equally potent.

best speakers under $1000

#1 Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV Home Entertainment Speaker System

Once again ruling the charts of music and audio related accessories is Bose. Even in the price cap $1000, Bose has managed to produce a very powerful device. At $999, it just falls under this list of best speakers under $1000. It is a set of five speakers, one is horizontal and the other four are small cubes. It plays a very good job as computer speakers giving you a really good time working on your PC. The quality and power of Bose has been proven time and again which makes this acoustimass module loaded speaker a better option than the others.

computer speakers under $1000

The above Top Brands and Products prove that even in a curtailed budget you can get something really good and amazing. Quality of all these speakers is very good and in today’s date you can’t find better music systems in this budget. If you are planning to rock your home with an amazing set of audio system and you have a little budget issue then these best speakers under $1000 will help you sail through this minor hiccup.

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