Top 10 MP3 Players – Enjoy music with these awesome gadgets!

Top 10 MP3 Players – Enjoy music with these awesome gadgets!

Music on a single touch can be best explained by the top 10 mp3 players of the world. Since the advent of walkman, the music gadget industry has been revolutionized to a great extent. Umpteen times the world got to see modifications in bits and pieces after the inception of walkman 30 years ago. The major breakthrough came with the uproar of the mp3 players which didn’t need any cassettes or CDs. Men who had fagged out of using the bulky device accepted the new mp3 players with both hands. MP3 player paired with trendy headphones became the new definition of “cool” in the market. Now with the best mp3 players getting so powerful, you will be flabbergasted to know how the technology has advanced so much.

The major companies like Sony, Apple and, Samsung are leading this rat race to become the number one manufacturers of mp3 players. These are not the only names which are being associated with best mp3 players, there are also other companies and brands which have raised the bar and are taking great strides forward. Factors like sound quality, durability, portability and functionality are very important when it comes to choosing quality mp3 players. So here are the following names which satisfy the above mentioned criteria in the most fulfilling and complete manner.

#10 Cowon 02

Coming in at number 10, Cowon 02 is a very nice model which is capable of supporting all video and audio formats. Its design is simple and basic, with a wonderful touch screen. This interface is very user friendly and the build quality is also good. It is a little bigger than the other models in this lineup, which makes it lie at the bottom of the mp3 players list. Transferring files is easier as this device gives a decent speed while exchanging file using USB. Absence of play/pause button is somewhat fulfilled by the multifunction volume button.

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#9 Sony E Series Walkman (NWZ-E474)

Sony being a powerful force in the electronic gadget industry is known for releasing some spectacular mp3 players. This model from Sony is sleek, elegant and classy. Along with being a portable mp3 player, it also has some other excellent qualities like good battery life and multiple options in DSP and EQ. The ear buds give out amazing sound with a very strong bass effect. This device is simple to operate and if you are looking for something uncomplicated and effective then it can be a very good option.

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#8 Apple iPod Shuffle (3G)

Apple is the most prominent name among the top mp3 players and this is the first Apple product in this countdown. How less can be more couldn’t have been proved better, no buttons, no display, no slots, just pure music. It is the tiniest dynamite in the best mp3 players section. The battery can last as long as 10 hours which is not the best but still reasonable. The voiceover pronunciation feature gives some variety to this device and makes it a big hit among the masses.

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#7 Iriver Astell & Kern AK100

AK100 hits the sweet spot by delivering sound of top notch quality and clarity. The tracks with high resolution can be played with utmost ease as the quality of components is far more improved than the previous models of this brand. If you are looking for cheap mp3 players then this is not the most appropriate choice as it costs way more than some of the other top mp3 players. The dial helps you in controlling the device at a micro level, giving you absolute perfection while using it.

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#6 Microsoft Zune HD

Zune HD is Microsoft’s initiative to give competition to brands like Samsung and Apple in the pocket entertainment industry. The screen size is 3.3 inches powered by the technology of OLED display which gives out crystal clear videos. To give the other rank holders of top 10 mp3 players a stiff fight, Microsoft has incorporated Wi-Fi in this device. It also helped it in gaining immediate success all over the world. It is tiny as well as ridiculously lightweight, making it a pretty good portable mp3 player.

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#5 SanDisk Sansa Clip+

One of the largest selling mp3 players these days, Sansa Clip+ is that device which will give you true value for money. Its cost is very reasonable and I couldn’t find a better device in this low budget range. The microSD slot takes it a step ahead of the iPod shuffle also keeping intact the compactness of it. The front side of it contains a four-way navigation pad and a home button that will take care of all functionalities. The other mp3 players are trying hard to match its simplicity and efficiency, making the other brands envy of Clip+.

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#4 Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

This is by far the best effort by Samsung to give the iPod’s a little competition but still that doesn’t make it surpass them. Galaxy Player 4.2 has many astonishing features which you won’t find on any of the other mp3 players. Rear and front cameras, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, and a platform for Google’s applications are some of them. The player looks good from the outside as it has a tidy and clean finish to it, and the ear pieces are also powerful and dynamic. An FM tuner just adds options to its already long feature list and makes it a more worthy candidate for this fourth spot.

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#3 Sony NWZ–S738F Walkman

It may surprise some of you guys seeing Sony NWZ-S738F ranked so high in the table. The noise cancellation technology which refines the sound and the equalizer that even further upgrades the fineness has compelled me to put this brand at this spot. Apart from that it is small, compact and looks very stylish. Almost all the headphones are compatible with this gadget, removing the burden of which one to choose and which one to avoid. Sound enhancement using DSEE and six surround-sound technology together makes it one of the best mp3 players.

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#2 Apple iPod Nano (7G)

It is Apple all the way from this point onwards, building further on the reputation of being the best company when it comes to cool mp3 players. iPod Nano7G has a larger screen than the previous versions and the recently added Bluetooth feature makes this device more special. Software capabilities of iPod Nano were never questioned and with this model having advanced Podcasts, Audiobooks, iTunes U and fitness settings, it is only getting further away from its competitors. This portable mp3 player gets literally lost in my jeans and if you are also looking for something small and amazing then this is the device for you.

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#1 Apple iPod Touch (4G)

Soaring like an eagle at the top, Apple iPod Touch has time and again proved that there is no other mp3 player in the market which can come remotely close to this gadget. This model has won numerous awards all across the planet on the basis of mind blowing features and technologies. It has a Retina display and the camera is capable of recording HD video, making it number one in the list of top 10 mp3 players. Features like Wi-Fi and geotag further expands the horizon of this device. Excellent build quality and ever long battery life are some other key aspects which make it the king of mp3 players.

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Smart phones may have somewhat hampered the popularity of mp3 players but the diehard fans of music still opt for them over smart phones. The Top brands and products are out in the market to give the music enthusiasts a remarkable experience. The above mentioned names have been doing roaring trade in almost every country by the virtue of their splendid quality and established brand value. If you are planning to buy a new mp3 player then these products are ready to give you an exhilarating experience.

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