Top 10 Purse Brands

Top 10 Purse Brands

My friend has seven amazing handbags in her wardrobe but even then if she comes across a new ravishing purse in the shop, she can’t stop thinking of it. I guess it’s imbibed in the genes of girls to lust after objects like purse, cosmetics, and shoe and accessories. This is where the top 10 purse brands come into picture; they take leverage of this very fact and make women go crazy over their products. The best purse brands have the knack of producing fine products by blending in quality and style in most proper proportions. Best purse manufacturers are those which can quench the thirst of women with ease through their brilliant collections.

There are many factors which are being looked upon when deciding if a company makes it to the purse brands list or not. These include quality, market value, uniqueness, design and many other aspects as such. The Companies focus on all these key ingredients to make their products stand tall among the rest. In this article you will be coming across the brands which have been ruling this industry these days. So here goes a list of some mind boggling purse brands which every girl will like to have in her closet.

#10 Hilde Palladino

Ranked at number ten among the designer purse brands, Hilde Palladino is world reckoned for its amazing line of designer purses. People often mention this name among the most expensive purse companies as a result of its diamond studded limited edition line of bags. Their exclusiveness lie in the explicit use of crocodile skin in the handbags. High end stores is the place look for if you want to buy one of these and trust me ladies buying one of them will take a heavy toll on the bank accounts.

Best purse brands

#9 Lana Mark

Purse companies lineup has infinite names in it but only a few can come into ‘excellent category’, Lana Mark is one of them. This brand can be easily identified with Hollywood divas like Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and, Charlize Theron. Cleopatra Clutch is one of the most famous products under its label and it has also done great business worldwide. Being one of the best purse companies, Lana Mark exhibits over 150 styles and covers over 100 shades of color.

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#8 Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber established her company in the year 1963 and ever since then it has never looked back. Initially this brand had its clientele only in Europe but slowly it gained popularity in all corners of the world and it is now one of the most famous purse manufacturers. Bejeweled bags studded with sparkling stones are its specialty and that is the main reason this company belongs to this list of high end purse companies.

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#7 Prada

A global super power in women’s accessories, Prada just cannot be overlooked while preparing the list of quality purse brands. The saffiano leather handbags by Prada are very popular and ever since the addition of pochette style this brand managed to get a distinct name for it. If you are looking for small shoulder and slick bags then this brand can be a very good option for you. This Italian name is also famous for shoes, so if you team them up then you are definitely in for a treat.

top 10 purse brands

#6 Mulberry

This name carries a lot of weight on its shoulders in terms of history and legacy. Mulberry is a perfect example of cult classic styling and royal finishing. The clutches produced by this British fashion house are simply out of this world. The top notch purse brands aspire to be like them when it comes to grace and elegance. Variety will not be an issue as you can find hundreds of designs and patterns which any famous name in the purse s list can offer. All these qualities make this name stand at number five among the brilliant purse manufacturers.

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#5 Marc Jacobs

Awards and achievements are common words for this person. He has been constantly looked upon as one of the most powerful and influential man in the designer industry. His work speaks for itself; the handbags he produces are cool, stylish and ultra modern. Being among the luxury purse brands, the products are costly but the unique and out of the box designs will still compel you to go for them. This company has recently emerged to success and popularity and in the process, gained such a high spot in the list of all the top handbag companies.

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#4 Chanel

Just calling it one among the famous purse brands would be an understatement, such is the majesty and aura of Chanel. It can be regularly spotted on the red carpet and other major high-profile events with top celebrities. The handbags are flooded with diamonds, gem stones and every possible costly stone on earth. ‘Diamond forever’ is it’s most exclusive line of handbags which has the potential to beat the most expensive purses around the world. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go for these shiny stars, then surprisingly there might be something else as well in store for you, making this brand a complete package.

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#3 Mouawad

Purses produced by Mouawad is not less than jewelries. They carry an enormous amount of expensive metals and stones in them. Its ‘1001 Nights Diamond Purse’ is an example of how far the designer purse brands can go. All the names from this exclusive line of handbag manufacturers are afraid to compete with this brand in terms of richness and quality. The range they offer is pretty decent and most of their products are just single pieces. Mouawad is just a class apart from the other best purse companies and this is what makes it very special.

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#2 Hermes

Hermes has so much to offer that the public just can’t get enough of it. It’s iconic ‘Matte Crocodile Biking Bag’ has left a long-lasting impression on the hearts of every woman. All bags under its label are finely crafted and special attention is being paid on the detailing part. Being one among the best purse brands is one thing and getting the number two spot in the list of top 10 purse brands is another. Hermes understands what it takes to be at the top and thus deliver its lovely range of handbags and clutches in the most emphatic fashion.

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#1 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is synonym for luxury purse brands since ages. This name is everywhere; you can find its products in almost every corner of the globe which also makes it the leader of famous purse companies. You can find almost every kind of handbag under its roof, from long handles to small straps to clutches, everything is here. Even waterproof and eco-friendly handbags are available now, giving a new dimension to this brand. Lois Vuitton has mastered the art of making quality bags with superb design and extra ordinary finishing, thus sitting proudly at the pinnacle of high end purse brands.

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Your hearts must be racing after seeing these huge and giant brands with such a rich tradition of producing remarkable handbags. This is what these Top brands and products are capable of doing. If you are planning to add a new name to your existing purse brands list then there are not many names to look forward to apart from the powerful and superior names mentioned above. They will stick to your side and guarantee the second look which you had always relished.

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