Best Watches under 1000 dollars for Men

Best Watches under 1000 dollars for Men

Watch is a luxury, and like every other luxury item its price has no boundaries. In spite of this, there are various amazing watches in the world, for which you won’t have to shed thousands of dollars. In this article I have grouped all those best mens watches which lie under the price cap of 1000 dollars. These watches belong to top notch brands and bring along excellent quality and grace along with them. The best mens watches under 1000 dollars are perfect examples of value for money. They give you exactly what you want.

The major difference between watches under 1000 dollars and other expensive watches is the history and brand value of a company. I am not taking the expensive metals and stones used in them into consideration or else they will become galaxies apart. The watches which fall under the 1000 dollar bracket have many features and functions which are generally present in the expensive ones. This category contains both formal and sports watches in it, giving you enough variety to choose from. To pick your favorite watch go through the following list of watches under 1000 dollars:

#10 Longines Men’s Hydro Conquest

With a cost of $875, this watch from Longines has a decent metallic body with smooth quartz movement. This brand may not have many names under the category of high class mens watches, but this model definitely belongs to that section. It is water resistant up to 300 meters in spite of having a steel body. The thing which I really like about this piece is its sapphire crystal, which acts as very good shield to the watch. These qualities compelled me to help this model sneak in this list of great watches in a low budget.

best mens watches

#9 Stowa Antea

Stowa has a rich heritage in watch industry and their Pilot and, Dive watches speak for themselves. I have picked Antea over those two because, one, this is cheaper and hence could belong to the category of low range watches and second, its splendid Bauhaus design. This watch comes to me a as a very sincere and honest effort by Stowa to give public an idea of what effortless styling is all about. They have kept it very simple and very classy in this $865 watch.

best mens watches under 1000 dollars

#8 Ferragmo Men’s Stainless Steel Date Watch

A heavy watch with a reasonable price. Priced at $995, this statement I guess summarizes the whole watch. The bracelet is being made up of steel, which is polished and brushed neatly to give a shiny look to the watch. Ferragmo has very few names under the tag of gorgeous watches under 1000 dollars and this one is the best of them. This model may not be having many features but the attractive body and antireflective sapphire compensates for that.

best watches under 1000 dollars

#7 Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master

Coming up next in this lineup is a typical Victorinox watch but this time at a cheaper price. With a market value of $799, this sports watch is tailor made for people who love water. Many other quality watches belong to this brand and thus it knows what people really want. With automatic movement and water resistance up to a depth of 500 meters, this watch is very durable and tough. The black dial gives a nice modern touch to the watch and gives a sharp edge to the personality of the user.

best mens watches under 1000 dollars

#6 Marathon Bilingual Diver’s Automatic Day and Date

This is a watch made for men with broader wrists. As the dial is big, it looks very good on guys who have a good physique. This watch is self-winding and automatic, making a very good multi-functional accessory. Its cost is almost $1000, just allowing it to fit in this ranking of watches under one thousand dollars. It has gas tubes made up of tritium on the hour and second hands, giving out the luminous effect in the best possible way. It has a bilingual day and date feature, making it popular in different regions of the world.

best watches under 1000 dollars

#5 Tag Heuer Men’s Formula 1 Quartz

At $975, Tag Heuer gives you the liberty to enjoy the quality and standard of expensive mens watches. The contrasting colors of the dial and the bracelet give a retro look the watch, which makes it very different from the others in this list. Me, being a huge fan of the classic way of styling, I love the minute detailing and the sub-dial present in the watch. Its quartz movement guarantees accuracy and preciseness. This watch is ideal for people with a sophisticated and distinct taste.

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#4 Hamilton Men’s Khaki X Chronograph

Hamilton watches are famous for their singular design which blends Swiss ingenuity and American spirit perfectly. The technology used is completely Swiss based, which is reckoned to be the best in the world. This list would have been deprived of this watch if it would have cost even a penny more. Yes it is priced exactly at $1000. Sapphire crystal and stainless steel are its major attractions along with all the other brilliant functionalities it possesses.

one of the best chronograph watches

#3 Casio Protrek

This watch has the maximum number of features and functions in this line up of best mens watches under 1000 dollars. I am confused from where to start but to begin with, it has multiband atomic timekeeping, digital compass, barometer, altimeter and, even a thermometer. Being a sports watch, it has various timers, alarms and stopwatches. It runs on a solar battery, which has an amazing battery life of 5 months. The cost of this watch is surprisingly less, i.e. $795, in spite of having so many wonderful features.

best mens watches under 1000 dollars

#2 Tissot Men’s T-Race Automatic Chronograph

With a legacy of 150 years behind its back, Tissot just missed the top berth in this ranking of brilliant mens watches. Chronograph is its USP, making this watch look absolutely gorgeous. At $798, it is one of the most complete watches in this list. The look of this watch is such that it can be used both as a sports and a formal watch. The watch is luminous and it also has a very accurate stop watch. Its black color makes a strong statement about the nature and standard of this watch.

best mens watches

#1 Citizen Men’s AV3006-50H

Making its way up to the top of top mens watches under 1000 dollars, is the eco-drive model from Citizen.  It has some very unique features like, an indicator which tells about the moon phase and eco-drive function, which makes the watch free from battery. It has a 1/5 sec chronograph, having the capability to measure 12 hours at one stretch. The anti-reflective, dual coated sapphire crystal ensures that the watch is scratch and damage free at all times. At $920, I don’t think you can ask for anything more in a single watch.

top mens watches under 1000 dollars

These were some of the top brands and products in the category of amazing watches below 1000 dollars. I guess now you would have got clear cut knowledge of how you can pick the best watch even if you have a fixed budget. These watches have a degree of superiority and cost effectiveness, at the same time. You can enjoy the benefits of expensive luxury watches to a great extent by the virtue of these products which fall under the bracket of 1000 dollars.

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