Top 10 Lawn Mower Brands and some of their best Lawn Mowers

Top 10 Lawn Mower Brands and some of their best Lawn Mowers

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, seeing my gardener struggle with our age old lawn mower, it occurred to me that it’s high time I find the answer to, what is the best lawn mower in the world today? This question forced me to go through all the top lawn mowers which are being used these days and hence prepare this lineup of best lawn mowers brands. After analyzing every major as well as minute aspect of the companies and their machines, I could prepare a list which has all the top brands of land mowers and some of their popular machines.  

If you also have a passion for gardening and want your garden to look tidy at all times then only go for the best lawn mowers. They ensure that you are not left alone in the hefty task of maintaining your garden. Unlike the ordinary machines which tend to lack in some aspect or the other, top lawn mowers are known for their efficiency and consistency. No one wants to spend time on repairs and damages and that is where the best lawn mowers brands come into picture. These mowers bring along the guarantee that now, the garden is in safe hands. Here goes a list of the best lawn mower brands and some of their products, which will enhance your experience of gardening by leaps and bounds.

#10 Hayter

Beginning the countdown is this British name Hayter, best known for its petrol based mowers. One other quality which really works in favor of this brand is the longevity factor. People identify this brand with its everlasting nature and durability over decades. Generally its machines are heavy and big, thus making them unsuitable for smaller fields and gardens. They do have some nice hand push lawn mowers but generally it’s all about self propelled ones, when it comes to Hayter.  Some of its top lawn mowers till date are –

  • Hayter Spirit 41

    Spirit 41 is a model which is being designed to tackle longer grass and bigger fields. There are very few petrol mowers which come with a roller at such a low budget. It is one of the best lawn mower for the money which you spend. The size of the collection bag is good and with five adjustable grass sizes, what else do you want at such a low price?

  • Hayter R53S

    This model is a four wheel mower which has the advantage to transform into mulcher when needed. Speed is the key aspect in this mower as it reduces the time taken by you to cut down the grass. Along with power, maneuvering this machine in tight spaces is also easy with this machine. Overall it is a very good self-propelled lawn mower.


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#9 Toro

Coming up next in the lineup of best lawn mowers is Toro. This brand has a very good reputation of manufacturing electric mowers which are powerful and have the capability to work in tough conditions. It’s the zero turn mowers by this brand which really brought Toro into the limelight. They are easy to use and the efficiency level which they provide is very good. The only thing which I don’t like about most of its products is the carburetor segment. They clog up very quickly and hence require high level of maintenance at all times. The top lawn mowers by Toro so far have been –

  •  Toro TimeCutter SS5000

    It is one of those fabulous zero turn mowers which can reduce the time you take to mow your field by half. The speed control system of this machine allows you to switch between the speeds ranges, only by a little movement of the lever. You can use different speed options for different fields, like for a field which has many trees you can take things slow and maneuver the mower easily. On the other hand, rampage the whole field if it’s just plain grass everywhere.

  • Toro 20332

    This machine is being made in such a way that it is suitable for all kinds of people. By all kinds of people I mean, from men who can handle heavy machines to women who prefer easy moving mowers. It belongs to the category of top lawn mowers from Toro for a very long time. Toro 20332 also offers a fitting which will come handy in washing the deck area, plus a warranty of three years.

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#8 Wolf Garten

If the topic is anywhere related to machines then it’s almost impossible to keep Germany out of the equation for long. Making its way into the list of best lawn mowers brands is Wolf Garten at number eight. It has an impressive image as a result of producing best lawn mowers in every category, from simple cylinder hand push models to lawn tractors. It may have the best lawn mower for the money you will be spending, but that money is where the problem lies. It is slightly over priced and more expensive than most of the other names in this list. If you are looking to buy a Wolf Garten Mower then the following names should be your first priority –

  • Wolf Garten Select 5300A

    Apart from its distinctive yellow and red color combination, this machine has a 53 cm cut. This generous length allows you to mow the fields very effectively and won’t require extra labor of giving the final touches. It is petrol based machine and a fuel efficient one too. The power of Select 5300A is decent and though it lacks roller, the other features compensate for that.

  • Wolf Garten 30cm Cylinder WPCM Hand Mower

    I know many of you would disagree with me, for calling it one of the top lawn mowers by Wolf Garten. Its simplicity is what really makes me a fan of this model. This machine is lightweight, compact and the best part is, very easy to handle. There is no issue of cable or petrol, making it ready to operate every time you feel like. For small lawns, it can become your ideal companion.

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#7 Al-KO

Using its wide range of gardening equipments like chainsaws, lawn scarifiers and hedge trimmers, Al-KO has managed to establish a very good name itself in this gardening equipment sector. Their machines are generally heavy and are custom made for heavy duty purposes. For professional as well as every day purpose, AL-KO is a very good option. Being one of the best lawn mowers brands, its machines can be used for multiple purposes without making too many adjustments. To know more about the specialties of this brand, check out its following models –

  • Al-KO 520BR Premium

    This model answers the question,’ what is the best lawn mower?’ to a great extent. It’s the three in one feature which really makes this model stands tall above the rest. You can get back the clippings after mowing, and mulch them to the same place where they came from. This machine has an electric start and an auto choke so that you don’t end up getting all messed up with the technicalities of the machine.

  • AL-KO Soft Touch 38HM Comfort

    While the previous one was all hi-tech and modernized this one is a very basic model. At the time of mowing, you will get a feeling as if you are not even doing any work. This is the comfort level you get while using this model from Al-KO. It may not be as technically advanced as some of the other names in this list of best lawn mowers but sure it does know how the job is being done.

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 #6 Mountfield

From the simple push on mowers to the garden tractors, every model is being beautifully covered by Mountfield. Its users are generally very happy with the reliability aspect of this company and that is one of the main reasons I have put this name at number five among the best lawn mowers brands. Both its hand propelled and self propelled models are good and many of them also have the mulching feature in them. Price is also not a big issue when you talk about Mountfield, most of the machines are decently priced and can easily fit in a common man’s budget. Some of its models which have done good business in the market so far are –

  • Mountfield S461PD

    It is one of those machines which are generally perfect for all types of terrains. This 18” self propelled model mows the fields on the slopes like bread and butter. These robust mowers have a steel chassis, coated with powder which ensures this machine runs perfectly year after year. It manufactures its own 1400 cc engine which is powerful and also helps in giving a great finish to the fields.

  • Mountfield SP555

    It is a multi-functional mower with most of the features which any of the top lawn mowers possess. The handles and controls are easy to operate and you will take hardly any time to get accustomed to use this model. It is not the fastest of the machines as it starts slowing down with the increase in quantity of grass in the collector bin. The mulching part of the machine is nice and does finish its work neatly.

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#5 Black & Decker

Regarded as one of the largest producers of tools and machines for purposes related to home, Black & Decker is famous as well as one of the best lawn mowers brands in the market. The main target of this company is small or medium sized gardens of homes or offices. That is the reason why it never entered into the production of giant petrol and cordless mowers. Its Emax collection has been a huge hit in the market after its earlier popular ‘GR series’, and now it accounts for most of the profit this brand generates. Few of the top lawn mowers by Black & Decker are –

  • Black & Decker SPCM1936

    If you want to know, what is the best lawn mower in the electric power category then use this model and you will find the answer yourself. This model has won various awards for its performance and innovative concepts. SPCM1936 completely changed my notion that only gas based machines can be termed as the best lawn mowers; it stands equal to all the tasks which fuel based mowers are capable of doing.

  • Black & Decker Emax 38i

    It is the biggest model of the Emax series and in this case, the bigger, the better. The cable given along with is mower is longer than the previous versions, giving you the liberty to cover larger ground. The six levels of cutting give you enough options in terms of choosing the perfect length of grass for your field. After mowing, the compact grass collector ensures that your work is neatly finished and the garden is being given that perfect look.

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#4 Bosch

Bosch is a brand which has been symbolic for fine quality and technically advanced electrical products, for a very long time. Even in the case of best lawn mowers, Bosch succeeds in establishing a prominent name for it. Its rotary mowers are designed in such a way that they can adjust in fields of all sizes and shapes. This brand focuses on minute details like cutting up to the extreme corners which the companies generally ignore while designing their products. Recently they have introduced little joysticks in their mowers, making the task of mowing easier and fun. Following are the models from Bosch that you can look for when you are buying a mower next time:

  • Bosch Rotak 43 LI

    This one is a cordless model from Bosch, ending the age old hassle with the cords. It makes very less noise while operating, giving you and your neighbors an easy time. The efficient management of the energy by this machine increases the run time by 20%. Rotak 43 LI battery is made up of lithium ion which ensures that the charging process takes minimal time. This model has got everything what it takes to become one of the top lawn mowers.

  • Bosch Rotak 34 Ergoflex

    Rotak 34 Ergoflex is a light weight machine with decent power to back it up. If you are thinking about the best lawn mower for the money you spend, then this is a very suitable option as it is not at all over priced. Its handles are multi-functional, enabling easy and comfy control of the machine. The integrated roller gives you that additional option while mowing the fields.

best lawn mower for the money you spend

#3 Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is probably the most diverse name in this list of best lawn mowers brands. It has every machine under its belt, form snow throwers to string trimmers to lawn mowers. It generally builds high power, fuel based lawn mowers which can work on various types of terrains. For large fields and professional uses, generally Cub Cadet’s best lawn mowers are being used. They work very well in tough conditions like dense and thick grass or even damp grass. Once you own a machine from this brand, you will no longer have to think about durability or even maintenance. Market is full of top lawn mowers by Cub Cadet and to name a few, they are –

  • Cub Cadet CC46ES

    It is a self propelled lawn mower which offers way more than what meets the eye. Even the price is very much reasonable, making it a very affordable model. The patented system of CycloCut is being used in the machine, giving you amazing results. The design of the deck and components is being optimized to deliver professional quality with absolutely flawless performance. This machine provides superior mulching and appropriate side discharge along with it.

  • Cub Cadet CC 760 ES

    This wide area walk mower is the most famous model which Cub Cadet manufacturers. It dishes out a perfect blend of power and high end performance. CC 760 ES has a 420cc engine which almost gives the same amount of power as an engine of 13HP would. It has a 33 inch cutting deck which doubles the efficiency and reduces the labor. The single lever height manipulator is very easy to handle and hence makes the machine simple to operate.

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 #2 Husqvarna

In this list of best lawn mowers brands, it’s time now for some heavy weight brands to enter and thus comes Husqvarna. This Swedish company is one of the most famous names when it comes to top lawn mowers. Its petrol based mowers are very popular in UK and other European countries. Solidity is being guaranteed by this brand as most of its models are firm and rugged. They generally give foldable handles in most of their models and some other advanced features include rear-ejection and clutch brake function. Husqvarna has constantly given tight competition to Honda but it just falls behind it on popularity and brand value prospect. The models which this company has been really proud of are –

  • Husqvarna RZ4623 Zero Turn

    This riding mower is not just about gut wrenching mowing, it is mowing your field with fun and pleasure. It has good speed and is capable of doing the task in less than half the time you will take using an ordinary mower. This machine has V-Twin engine which is powerful as well as durable. The turning radius of RZ4623 is very tight, allowing you to breeze through the obstacles. It is a machine for men with huge gardens and fields.

  • Husqvarna 7021R

    With this model your answer to the question, ‘what is the best lawn mower?’ will become more clear. If the previous machine was about flexibility and features then this one is all about power. I think it can even take care of wheat fields with ease. Talking on more practical terms, this machine has choke lever installed in it which will be very beneficial during the chilly winters. Its speed control system is also decent and thus all these features together make it one of the best lawn mowers.


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#1 Honda

Ruling the chart of best lawn mower brands by a very close margin is Honda. Apart from manufacturing the mowers, it also constructs its own engine. Very few other companies are capable of doing that. The petrol mowers of Honda are capable of achieving the highest of standards on the field. From small hand push mowers to large lawn tractors, all the machines are made to perfection. These top lawn mowers are capable of handling any type of grass, be it damp, short, long, rough or wet. Its machines are easy to maneuver on the field as it has adjustable handles and are mostly based on self – propelled format. It was really hard for me to pick just two models from Honda as most of them are simply amazing, so here are my personal favorites –

  • Honda HRR216PKA

    Whenever you look to buy lawn mower always make sure that it is comfortable to use. This model is exactly of that kind. Its auto choke feature leaves no room for choke in the machine. Its engine promises quality results on the field and longevity of the product. The lawns are being given a uniform finish by these mowers. The wheels are designed in such a way that it will provide traction on uneven surfaces. This machine is simple and very effective.

  • Honda Izy HRG465SD

    This one is for people who want mowers for small to medium sized gardens. Coming from one of the best lawn mower brands, Izy HRG465SD has amazing maneuverability features and can easily work its way through the obstacles in the field. It almost eradicates the back breaking work which you had to do if there had been no auto choke. You will be facing hardly any problem while using this spectacular product from Honda.


the best lawn mower brand



After going through these top brands and products, now you must have got a clear cut picture of what is the best lawn mower in the market these days. All of the above companies have established a good brand value for themselves in the past few years and that is the reason why they are being preferred over others when it comes to buying the best lawn mowers. They do quality work with minimal effort. Bring in any of these best lawn mower brands and enjoy gardening like never before.

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