Best Luxury Pen Brands to smoothen your writing experience

Best Luxury Pen Brands to smoothen your writing experience

No matter how small a pen looks from the outside, the value which it adds to the stature of men from the creamy layer of society is enormous. When I say pen, I am not talking about any ordinary $10 pen, it’s the best luxury pen brands of the world which I will be discussing. Getting a hold on these expensive pens is a daunting task, only people who have the caliber to stand tall above the ordinary class of men, can afford these gorgeous pens. The top luxury pen brands are the perfect match for a Canali or Isaia suit; think of it as a beautiful cherry on an ice cake.

When you look at these pens in terms of the price tag attached to them it will surely blow your mind. If you have a notion that pen is only there to serve the purpose of writing then I would beg to differ. Paying so much money for pen not only adds a star to your persona but it also speaks volumes about the league in which you belong. What make these pens worth millions of dollars are the exquisite and well refined materials used in them. Here is the list of best luxury pen brands which always lies on the wish list of those who think of making it big someday.

#5 S.T. Dupont

The list of the best luxury pen brands starts with S.T. Dupont, a company based in Paris which specializes in producing costly pens apart from other products like wallets, lighters and fragrances. Apart from regular expensive metals like gold and platinum, S.T. Dupont has also used pearl in some of its pens which make this brand all the more special. You can find a diamond on the head of many of its pens and they have slowly converted this style into their signature move. Its varied range of products had a huge influence on the global market and that has helped it in climbing the charts rapidly.

best luxury pen brands of the world

#4 Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart pens is famous for its classic British style and exquisite nature. The features which really stand out in this luxury pens brand are the subtle use of sterling silver and solid gold. If you are looking for immaculate artisanship in a pen, then this brand fill fit perfectly into your scheme of things. The roller pens created by this company are good and what I really feel is special about this brand is its fountain pens. These fountain pens have a ravishing look to them as more of a contemporary way styling is being adopted in its case.

top luxury pen brands you can buy

#3 David Oscarson

Over the years, David Oscarson has transformed into an eponymous name which has been constantly producing excellent luxury pens. Its writing instruments are synonymous to brilliant quality and excellent craftsmanship. The one thing about its pens which catches everyone’s attention is the use of vibrant colors in its design. Check out the pens in Azure Blue and Ruby Red, they are really good. The Chinese dragon crafted on its pens is one of the rarest designs which you will find in a luxury pen. It is this uniqueness that has got David Oscarson going strong and making them an obvious choice in the best luxury pen brands.

one of the best pen brand

#2 Aurora

Coming in at number second in the list top luxury pen brands is this Italian company, Aurora. This company is very well renowned when it comes to quality blended with elegance and class. Aurora has been following the tradition of presenting a very beautiful picture of technological advancement along with immaculate preciseness through its pens. The dedication and sobriety with which they make their pens is cherished by every individual who has an affinity towards luxury pens. Out of all its pens, the 88 Ottantotto and Ipsilon collection are the ones which are most popular among the pen enthusiasts.

a great pen brand that you can go for

#1 Caran d’Ache

Founded in the year 1924, Caran d’Ache leads the race of top luxury pen brands. This Swiss company has preserved the fine art of creating writing instruments over the past many decades. Fountain pens created by Caran d’Ache is a rare specialty as they are manufactured using the best quality materials. Expensive metals like gold and platinum is explicitly used in most of the pens, which makes them apt for people who love luxury items. The fountain pens by this brand are handmade, which ensures that quality is being put on highest pedestal while creating the best fountain pens. Coming with a lifelong guarantee, Caran d’Ache pens are there to stay forever.

a popular luxury pen brand

Now you must have got your answer to, what is the best pen brand? All these companies have developed a strong reputation all over the world in terms of high standard luxury pens. The elite classes of people adore these pens as they add great value to ones personality. Once you buy these pens, they can last till eternity. These are the type of pens which are passed over generations. If you ever plan on buying a luxury pen, then go for the above mentioned brands to make your experience totally memorable.

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