Best Sportswear Brands for Sporty People

Best Sportswear Brands for Sporty People

At some level or the other, sports have always been a part of almost everyone’s life. Ever since commercialization of sports gathered pace, big companies started putting their foot in this arena. Seeing so much potential in this sector, many startups budded into the big scene, which have now taken shape of a prominent force.  The gear used by the athletes is a very integral part of their game and in the earlier days there were not many brands to provide that. Seeing this as a beautiful opportunity to captivate, many brands started manufacturing quality sports apparel and hence the competition to get into the best sportswear brands increased.

With the aid of technology, these big names have taken every minute aspect of sports goods to the next level. Even a simple jersey is being crafted with so much preciseness that it’s almost impossible to believe that how much it can take to create such ordinary looking things. When I was a kid, there just used to be simple boots in the shops for football but now when I look into the boots section of a shopping mall, there is just so much to pick from. There are light ones, curved ones, the ones with a flat edge, and many more; all this is because the top sportswear brands want to distinguish themselves from the others. Here are the names which I think are the best when it comes to producing quality sportswear.

#5 Fila

My countdown begins with this South Korean brand, Fila, a company which has a great history and legacy behind itself. Fila started its journey with men’s clothing and after continuing for a few decades as a single dimensional brand, it started shifting towards the sportswear section. Tennis legend Bjorn Borg, one of my all time favorites, played a crucial role in popularizing Fila. What I really like about this brand is that it always fits in the budget. This may not be the case with the other names which I will be mentioning in this list. The clothing collection in the basketball and tennis department is really good, do check them out.

popular brands of sportswear

#4 Reebok

As a result of innovative marketing techniques and their wide range of products, Reebok has now become a household name. There are very few companies which match Reebok when it comes to establishing a connection with the public. Reebok is never afraid to break the rules and that is what makes them a very powerful name. This company has been endorsed by celebrities like Eva Mendes and Nicole Scherzinger, this helped Reebok in creating a larger fan base. It is one of the most profitable companies in this list of top sportswear companies as it has roots in so many countries.

best sportswear brands

#3 Puma

The third place in my list of amazing sportswear manufacturers goes to Puma, a German name which has grown from a small company that manufactured shoes to a huge multinational corporation. Now its products are available in more than 125 countries, and it is only going to expand further in the coming few years. You may have to pay a little extra when you get into Puma store as they are a bit overpriced. Along with the sportswear, the collection in the casual wear department is also nice. Whenever you plan on buying something from Puma, always look out for their amazing line up of shoes.

one of the top sportswear brands

#2 Nike

Many of you may not agree with me on Nike getting the second spot instead of the first, but this is what I feel. I will explain how this works. At the moment Nike is a very famous and reputed brand, and is currently endorsed by many famous sports personalities from all parts of the globe. ‘Just do it’, this is what Nike has always been doing. It’s never ending thirst to excel in producing high quality sportswear has helped it in building a very strong brand name. This American giant is also one of the highest earning sportswear companies, with a massive revenue generation of almost 25 billion dollars every year. Nike has a very strong grip on the market when it comes to football. It sponsors many teams in EPL and also players like Neymar, Ronaldo and Rooney.

quality sportwear brands for sporty people

#1 Adidas

Adidas is one company which is almost everywhere on the map, but still, somewhere down the line it has managed to preserve its exclusiveness. I have grown up using its products and that is why it remains very close to my heart. Talking about sportswear, in every sport category you will be getting hundreds of options when it comes to Adidas. Its products are available in a huge price range, depending on the size of your pocket, you can pick your perfect match. Promotion and Marketing is the key when it comes to building a huge empire. Adidas has been spot on in this department. A smart advertising strategy has always helped Adidas in staying a step ahead of its contemporaries. It is because of all these reasons Adidas is placed handsomely at the top spot in my list of best sportswear brands.

a great sportswear brand

All the names which I have mentioned above are easily visible on the International sporting circuit. Sports will always be amazing even without these multinational brands but I think what they have done is made sports look ‘cool’. In a way, they have added a new edge to these games and its fans. With technology pouring in from everywhere, these brands have really stepped up the ante in terms of fabric quality and comfort level. They all have their own strengths when it comes to sportswear, it just depends on you, as to what suits you better.

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