Top 10 Toy Brands – Let your kids play with one of these!

Top 10 Toy Brands – Let your kids play with one of these!

Kids and toys, the beautiful bond which they share is such a delight to watch. In this materialistic world, toys are the first thing on which a child puts his hands on. Thus they both establish a very splendid relation from the most initial stages of life. In order to make the budding years of a kid more spectacular, the top toy brands of the world are coming up with some really good products. If you think that brands do not matter when it comes to buying a simple toy for a 3 year old then get this straight, you are WRONG. Even in this department, brands play a very crucial role when you start comparing different-different toys. I will tell you how this works.

In case of toys, a brand’s worth is measured by the quality of its products and how much diverse its toys section is. Since it’s the kids who will be using these toys, the type of materials and plastic used becomes all the more important. All the top 10 toy brands which I will be mentioning are very good in these terms. Toxic components are avoided when it comes to producing toys for kids. Talking about the diversity factor, no brand can become successful if it sticks on to one single type of product, people start losing interest in the company. That’s the reason why the best toy brands launch new products every day to catch the attention of the kids and hence keep the enigma going. Following are the best toy brands which you can look out for when you plan on buying something cool for your kid.

#10 Nerf

The list of top 10 toy brands begins with this action packed brand, Nerf. Why I am calling this brand ‘action packed‘is because most of the toys it produces are on the lines of weapons, guns and tanks. This is a toy brand which is almost exclusively designed for boys, so if you have a daughter then probably there’s not much in store for you. Nerf Blasters, one of its most prominent products till now is a huge hit among the kids of almost all ages. This company has also put its nose in things like lazer tag and video games, which proved very beneficiary for the brand. Nerf’s new sports toys collection is what I am looking forward to, it will be interesting to see if the kids like it or not.

top quality toy brands

#9 Bandai

Bandai is a Japanese company which specializes both in toys and video games. I have given it the ninth position because this list is generally all about toys, if it were not the case then probably Bandai would have got a better position. While Nerf wall all about weapons and artillery, this one is about the people who carry these guns. No need to get confused, I am talking about the plastic models of superheroes and cartoon characters. Its plastic model kits are really good, sometimes even I don’t mind having an occasional go at my nephew’s Power Rangers collection. Coming to the manufacturing department, Bandai produces huge number of toys every year and this mass production has helped it in settling down in other countries.

best quality toy brand

#8 Hotwheels

This may not be the number one toy brand or even a brand in itself (they come under Mattel). It may not produce much apart from cars but even then it’s my all time favorite. With study cars and amazing tracks, Hotwheels is a delight to play with. Hotwheels is not a company for toddlers, its toys are generally meant for a higher age group. The reason why I have given them the eighth spot is because the whole company only revolves around cars and their presence is negligible in other toy categories. Its high octane car games are capable of engrossing you for hours without getting bored at all. I love their ability to think out of the box, the innovative concepts which they incorporate in their tracks and cars are an absolute delight to watch.

one of the most popular toy brand

#7 Playmobil

Till now the brands which I have mentioned were somewhat confined to a particular category or genre but that is not the case with Playmobil. It makes every toy which can be crafted out from plastic. From block games to plastic vehicles to toy figures, Playmobil offers a huge collection to the kids. This company basically targets kids of a very young age as their toys are generally very simple yet catchy. Animal theme toys are beautifully covered by this brand which I find lacking in even the best toy brands of the world. Overall Playmobil toys are a very good and I must say safe option for kids of very young age.

a great brand of toy

#6 Nintendo

Today you may know Nintendo as a very popular video game company but this is not how this company started. Toys is all what this brand manufactured in its initial days and only after seeing the overwhelming response from the public, it started shifting gears towards video games. Both electronic and mechanical toys by this brand are equally good. Nintendo plays special attention to the materials used in the toys, which became very evident after seeing its products. There were many toxic elements missing in its toys which were visible in some other brand’s products. Visibility on the international platform is now being targeted by this company, as it is important if it has to expand.

one of the best toy brands

#5 Playmates

Coming in at number five in the list of top 10 toy brands is Playmates, a brand which has been in love with Ninja Turtles ever since its inception. It’s not just the Ninja Turtles, this brand is involved with numerous action figures and superheroes. Earlier the size of the action figures was pretty small but of late they have started producing larger models to catch the attention of the kids. Every now and then, this brand tries to do something new apart from its usual stuff. By roping in new designs and concepts, they have developed various play sets and vehicle models. If your kid is a Ninja fan, then there is no way you can keep him from these superb, little Ninja Turtles.

playmates is an awesome toy brand

#4 Toysrus

It is an American brand founded in the year 1948, fully dedicated to kids. Apart from all kinds of toys, this company also manufactures various juvenile products. Variety, this is where Toysrus completely steals the show. I wonder what kind of toy I can’t get from this brand. If you were feeling that girls are being left out in this toy brands list then it’s time to think again. Dolls, stuffed toys and all kinds of girly stuff are being manufactured by this brand. Being responsible parents if you want your kids to learn something while they play then Toysrus is a very good choice. You get all sorts of building and learning toys under its banner. Age is not a barrier for this brand, from toddler to teens, you will find something or the other for them.

toysrus is known as one of the best toy brands

#3 Mattel

For me Mattel is a company which revolutionized how toys were made. Their path breaking ideas completely changed the dynamics of the whole industry. Mattel’s most iconic product, Barbie Doll, is currently a part of almost every little girl’s toy collection. Mattel has shown complete mastery over making car toys which is very evident in its Hotwheels series. WWE toys and board games are also a part of its huge collection. Being such a famous name in every part of the globe, the amount of profit it generates every year is also humungous. The promotion and marketing strategy used by this brand is much better than the methods employed by the other famous toy companies.

mattel toys are loved by kids everywhere

#2 Lego

There are not many brands which come close to Lego in terms of making smart toys. This company strives hard to produce toys which can teach something to the kids rather than just time pass. Almost every construction toy known to man is produced by Lego. A lot of credit goes to this brand for popularizing such building and puzzle games. From house to machines, there are games in every genre. Your kids can learn a great deal from these toys without even taking it as a routine exercise. It’s their Brick games which brought them to such great heights of success and that is why they insist on sticking to this tried and tested formula. Lego taught the world that if you are very good with one particular thing then that is more than enough to become successful.

2nd in the list of top 10 toy brands

#1 Hasbro

Getting the top spot in the list of top 10 toy brands is Hasbro, an American giant known for its popular board games. In terms of production it is one of the largest companies of the world. Some of its most famous toys are Transformer Jumpstarters and Beyblade. Hasbro has won many awards over the years and is always being credited for bringing in new concepts and inventions. Now people have started looking upon this company as a cool and trendy brand which produces innovative and fashionable toys. The fiber and plastic used in its toys are of top notch quality and hence they tend to last longer than some of their other counterparts. As a result of all these qualities Hasbro has maintained its dominance in the toy making industry.

the best toy brand in this list

When it comes to taking decisions related to kids, then one has to be right on more occasions than not. The same goes with toys, when you plan on buying toys for your lovely kids then try going for the best. The names which I have mentioned above are some of the best companies in the market. These top brands and products are capable of giving your child a really good time. The next time you go out shopping for your kids, these are the top 10 toy brands which you should keep in mind.

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