Top 10 Cigar Brands

Top 10 Cigar Brands

Strong flavor, thick smoke and hand rolled, this is what all the best cigar brands are all about. Knowing the rich history of cigars, big companies put meticulous effort to produce top-notch cigars for the smoke lovers. There are many things which are taken into consideration when it comes to picking the best cigars of the world. If you have questions in your mind regarding what to look for in a cigar and how you can narrow down to a particular brand then you will get all your queries solved after going through this post. Based on consistency, flavor, filler, body, wrapper and popularity, I have picked the top 10 cigar brands of the world.

Cuba has dominated the cigar market for ages, that’s why this list is heavily loaded with Cuban brands. They have perfected the art of creating fine quality cigars, and in the process they have raced ahead of all their counterparts from the other parts of the world. It was really a monstrous task to pick only 10 brands from the huge pool of cigar companies. All the brands which I have picked in my list are capable of giving its users a really good time when they smoke up. After going through this list, I don’t think there will be much for you to ask for in terms of cigars. So here goes my countdown for the best cigar brands of the world.

#10 H. Upmann

My list starts with one of the oldest cigar companies of Cuba. Established in the year 1844, H. Upmann remains one of the most authentic names when it comes to buying rich flavored Cigars. This brand generally offers cigars of both mild and medium strengths. The collection lacks a bit when it comes to the strong flavored ones. As expected, the handmade cigars by this brand were very good, but it was their machine-made cigars which really caught my attention. They proved to have a better texture than what I had anticipated.

hupmann has got a huge liking among cigar lovers

#9 Macanudo

Coming in at number nine in my list of best cigar brands is this Dominican Republic Company, Macanudo. They use Connecticut shade crops in their cigars which is one of the main reasons why its products are on a little sweeter side. If you are a fan of light and smooth cigars or if you are just new in this cigar world then this brand can be a very good option for you. Its products are elegantly wrapped in thin wrappers as they add to the classy nature of its cigars. The consistency in its cigars is remarkable, it is a feature which has trickled down from the past and still continues to impress. To get a spot in the top 10 cigar brands of the world, all these things are very crucial.

a loved cigar brand

#8 Davidoff

Like the previous one, Davidoff is also a Dominican Republic based company but is different in more ways than one from Macanudo. The filler used in its cigar is grown locally, it has a very raw and fresh flavor to it. Talking about the binder leaves, these are generally light and creamy with a hint of Connecticut seed in them. While the two brands which I mentioned above were limited only to mild and medium flavors, this one goes a step ahead by creating strong cigars. Though these so-called ‘strong cigars’ is nothing in front of the names which I will be taking ahead but still it is worth giving a shot. Some of the best cigars by Davidoff are Millennium Robusto, Special T and Short Perfecto.

davidoff is indeed a great brand of cigar

#7 Ashton

Ashton has always been known for its finely crafted handmade cigars, their amazing burn consistency is what the smoke enthusiasts love the most. Try its full-bodied cigar to get a strong aroma which has the power to leave you mesmerized. The way in which Ashton injects the caramel flavor in its premium cigars is something which I really like about them. Nutty flavors by this popular cigar brand are a huge hit among people who love experimenting with their cigars. When it comes to construction of the cigars, on almost all occasions they are being flawlessly prepared and wrapped in a beautiful thin wrapper. It is all these minute elements which make Ashton one of the best cigar brands in the world.

a very popular cigar brand

#6 Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente is one of the most popular brands in America and not just USA, this brand has a decent fan base in other parts of the world as well. I like the way this brand mixes two completely different flavors to produce a new one. This uniqueness has helped Arturo Fuente to create a separate space for itself in the midst of so many cigar brands. The impeccable build of the cigars and the light pepper essence in the backdrop gives the cigar a very subtle and pleasant taste. The cigars which I really like the most about this brand are Don Carlos and Hemingway Signature Maduro. Sometimes getting a piece of its cigar can become a bit difficult as they are so high on demand.

one of the top cigar brands in the world

#5 Partagas

Partagas is a brand which has often been credited for producing some of the finest cigars ever made. The USP of Partagas cigars is the excellent wrapper leaves used in them. These wrapper leaves are grown in the hot and steaming climate of Cameroon. A very rich and smooth flavor has been imparted on to the cigars by these uniquely thick flavored leaves. Partagas boasts about creating some distinctive flavors, they include coffee, burnt wood and spices. This brand offers a wide variety of cigar packs which are loved by die-hard smoke fans. Earlier majority of Partagas cigars used to be strong flavored but now in order to widen its horizon it has started producing more cigars in mild flavor as well.

one of the best cigar brands in the world

#4 Padron

Ranked at number four is one of my all time favorite brands, Padron. If you peek into my humidor, you will find it heavily dominated by splendid Padron cigars. The raw and rustic look of these cigars gives a really manly felling when I smoke them up. Most of its cigars are in dark brownish shades and they have that weird yet enticing cocoa aroma around them. The Maduro wrapper of the cigars beautifully mingles with the other earthly flavors to give out a very charismatic flavor. With fillers like bitter cocoa and pepper, Pardon has created a huge bunch of quality cigars till now. If you are looking out for something mild then you can opt for its smooth and creamy cigars, they are quite decent.

padron cigars are one of the finest brand of cigars

#3 Gurkha

The cigar brands which I have mentioned till now told us what good cigars are all about but now it’s time go a step ahead see what the heavy weights are all about. Founded in the year 1887, Gurkha is one of the most powerful and prestigious cigar brands of all time. Any type of cigar brands list is incomplete if doesn’t feature Gurkha in it. This company is all about hand rolled cigars with mind-boggling packaging. It uses exotic flavors like Cognac which take the cigar quality to an all together new level. By using exceptional tobacco and great quality Cameroon leaves, Gurkha has managed to stay at the top despite the stiff competition. If you want the best then you have to pay the price for the best. Its cigars are mostly on the expensive side, so get your dollars ready if you plan on buying them.

gurkha cigars - known all over the world

#2 Monte Cristo

Missing the top spot by a whisker in my list of best cigar brands is this Cuban giant, Monte Cristo. It is one of the leading distributors of cigar in all parts of the world. Cigar lovers from every country adore this brand for creating such refined and amazingly flavored premium cigars. For hand rolled cigars, consistency is the key and I think no one understands this better than Monte Cristo. There is just so much of perfection in every single cigar they manufacture. Be it burn quality, texture, aroma or wrapper, everything is just perfectly in place all the time. In each drag you can feel the smooth taste of the rich flavors incorporated in every particle of the cigar. I know you must be wondering, ‘is it really that good?’ Yes, this is what the top 10 cigar brands are all about.

a known company that makes cigars

#1 Cohiba

Cohiba, a brand which has acted as a benchmark for all the cigar brands since a very long time. Its cigars are filled up to the brim with amazing fillers. These include fine tobacco, high-grade cocoa and a number of other rare spices. It uses Muduro wrapper from Cuba and sometimes, exotic Cameroon wrapper, both are equally delightful. The Cohiba earthiness can be easily felt in the cigars which contain sweet cedar and a hint of roasted coffee beans. Its smoke has a unique aroma which is exactly what any cigar fan is looking for when he lights up a cigar. From light flavored cigars to very strongly flavored ones, you can get all sorts of cigars under its roof. I would like to pick two particular names from this brand, Cohiba Genios and Cohiba Behike, as I feel even among such fine cigars, they stand out.

cohiba deserves to be called as the best brand of cigar in the world

Cigar is meant for people with class, if you also belong to that class of men then it’s time for you to choose your favorite brand. All of the above mentioned best cigar brands clearly stand over many companies from different corners of the map. They have been making cigars for decades and some even centuries, with time perfection has got into their blood. For those who are new to this field, they must have now got a clear-cut idea of what to choose and what not to. Just pick up a cigar from your favorite brand and let the smoke take all the control.

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