Apple v/s Samsung – The battle continues…

Apple v/s Samsung – The battle continues…

Seeing the way in which smart phones are progressing these days, it is really hard to predict where they are going to stop. Major share of this ferocious growth in the business goes to the two heavy weights, Samsung and Apple. Though there are many other good companies like Nokia, HTC and Blackberry, but when it comes down to the best, you will only find them in the battle field. Now the question arises, which among the two is better? The answer to this intriguing question is not simple. Both these companies have done tremendous work recently and have been continuously giving stiff competition to each other in all areas. Still there are various grounds on which they can be compared and judged. Let’s see who has an edge over the other.

Impact of Brand Name

Regardless of the quality and model of the phone, there is also a thing called brand power. It plays a very crucial role in affecting the mindsets of the people. Even though if the product is not great but it has a strong name to support its cause, then it is more likely to be popular. It is the same with Apple. Apple has a much deeper impact in the mindset of an individual as it has always been portrayed as a brand of substance and quality. It is because of this very reason, Apple has a better conversion rate than Samsung. Percentage of people shifting from Samsung to Apple is 19% where as that from Apple to Samsung is a mere 7%.

What Steve Jobs did for Apple can never be compared to Samsung. He pioneered the company to reach great heights of success and hence created a name far better and impactful than others. Samsung has always done the job of catching up and hence is one step behind on most occasions. This is main reason people perceive this company as one which follows the trail of Apple, rather than creating something original. Talking in terms of brand value, Apple tops the chart with an estimated worth of 87,300 USD $ millions, where as Samsung has a net of 58,700 million dollars.

Technology Steals the Show

When people talk about Apple, they immediately associate it with features and options which have been never seen before. The latest being the finger print reader. The core of the smart phones by Apple is strong that it is really hard to match. From the A6X chip to the new iOS versions, everything is being beautifully set up. In terms of applications as well, the number of apps which you get with an iPhone is far more than a Galaxy phone would have. The technology used by Apple is so fast and crisp that people who use it immediately fall in love with it.

Talking about touch screens, Apple has a far more sensitive and accurate screen than its top rival. That’s why people are not ready to compromise with quality, always go Apple. You will rarely see any glitches in Apple smart phones but when it comes to Samsung then it is not as flawless as them.

In order to match Apple in terms of technology, Samsung has ended up many times in unwanted territories. They have been accused by Apple on various occasions as complete copy cats. This has resulted in many lawsuits and in more occasions than not, it was Samsung who had to face the heat. The number of patents which Apple has can’t be compared with Samsung and hence it succumbs to the market pressure, ending up copying, what has already been created by Apple. I am not saying Samsung has nothing of its own but it’s just that it lags a lot when it comes to features and options.

Low Price, High Sales

One of the most important reasons behind Samsung flourishing so beautifully is budget friendly nature. The smart phones have a huge range in this company. It starts from few hundreds of dollars and hence gives the option to almost everyone. People who are not ready to spend much on smart phones can easily afford a product from Samsung but it is not the case with Apple. Low range mobile phones have never been the target of Apple and that is why they never release cheap smart phones. Apple always targets the middle class and the upper middle class but Samsung focuses on creating phones for almost everyone.

Though recently there has been a change in the market strategy by Apple. They are trying to penetrate in the markets of the sub continent region with their latest release, iPhone 5c. It is cheaper than the 5s model and hence it may find a wider audience than its earlier versions. Still it is very high when compared to the low range models by Samsung.

It’s not just the budget friendly phones which work in favour of Samsung, huge advertisement is equally responsible. Samsung spends around 5-6% of its revenue generated in advertisements and promotion where as the percentage invested by Apple in such activities is, even less than 1%. Actually Apple doesn’t really need to indulge in such things because there work is enough to convince the people. I am not taking anything away from Samsung, what I just want to tell is, Apple is placed very nicely in the market and there is no need for them to do such stunts.

Can Samsung Bridge the gap?

In the current status quo, I will definitely place Apple over Samsung but that does not mean it’s the end of story. The three CEOs of Samsung are trying their level best to challenge the rein of Apple. They are taking bold decisions are not at all afraid to take risks. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is also up to the task and is completely ready for the face of between the two brands. The most encouraging thing for Samsung is their growth rate, it is higher than Apple. With Galaxys and Notes, Samsung is trying to shift the limelight from Apple.

It will be very interesting to see if in the coming future, Samsung can end the dominance of Apple in the smart phone industry. As if now, Apple is not facing serious threats from its top rival but no one has seen the future. Samsung really needs to buckle up big time if it wants to emerge as the leader as Apple has already geared up with iPhone 6 in the pipeline. Samsung needs to find a way to tackle the iPhone and let me tell you one thing, it’s a daunting task. At the end of the day, it will be the customers who will reap the benefits of this rivalry, so just sit back and enjoy.


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