Top 10 Furniture Brands

Top 10 Furniture Brands

As soon as you enter a house, which is the first thing you notice? More often than not, it’s the furniture and décor items which catches your eye. They play a very crucial role in giving the house a beautiful ambience. Furniture being a onetime investment, it’s very important to know about them before actually buying them. This is the reason why I prepared this list of top 10 furniture brands which includes all the top notch furniture companies from all corners of the map. Every brand which I will be mentioning below has an excellent line of products which will make your home look beautiful and vibrant.

There are many factors which have to be considered, when it comes to picking good furniture brands. Things like finishing, durability, quality, and brand value in the market are very important while deciding the best furniture brands. It is important for the brand to understand the needs of the customers, if it has to make a good name for itself. Companies which adapt quickly with the changing trends and conventions are actually the ones which manage to stay at the top for long. Apart from that, quality is a must in this trade as I already mentioned above. So here goes the list of the best furniture companies from all across the world.

#10 Ferguson-Copeland

This Company is located in the heart of one of the most ideal places to make furniture, North Carolina. This perfect geographical location has helped the company a great deal in creating fine work of craft. As a result of highly skilled labors working in the company, they have managed to produce some very good products. The thing with this furniture company is that initially people are always a little circumspect about it but once they get a taste of it, they are bound to become its loyal customers. With distinct sizes, styles, fabrics and finishes this brand tries to produce something for everyone.

an excellent furniture company

#9 Thomasville

One of the oldest companies in America, Thomasville has always been an integral part of the furniture industry in this country. Thomasville loves sticking to the traditional way of styling and that is what I love about this brand. Though recently they are trying to bring in innovative concepts in their designs, which is indeed very essential to keep the company going strong. If you are looking for upholstered furniture then Thomasville offers you a lot of customization options. All types of case goods are being availed by this company.  Whether it is your office or home, dining room or bedroom, you can furniture for all these places.

you can always rely on this company for your furnitures

#8 Bradington-Young

Till now the brands which I have mentioned were inclined more towards wooden furniture but this one is all about leather. They offer a huge range in the furniture department with over 170 types of leathers and around 300 different fabrics. They are pretty good at making recliners, apart from that you can also check out their sofas, club chairs and even loveseats. For people who are looking quality products in a budget friendly range, can go for this brand as almost all its products are decently priced. Overall a very good company but sorry to say, people who love wooden work, there is not much in store for you.

A great company to buy your furniture from

#7 Lane

Lane is a 95 year old furniture company, known for its classic tables and cedar chests. It has always opted for a contemporary way of styling. Lane is a very popular brand in the International circuit, as its products are being sold in America, Europe and a large part of Asia. If you talk about reclining furniture, then there are view brands which come close to Lane in this department. You can check out their complete bedroom as well as dining room furniture sets, they are a safe option if you don’t want to waste time on mixing and matching. In terms of price as well, this brand is a good option, as most of its products are quite affordable.

a very old company for furnitures

#6 King Hickory

King Hickory is the first heavy weight company in this list of top 10 furniture brands.  They have been serving their loyal customers for many years with great commitment and passion. Their upholstery furniture is a result of fine handmade craftsmanship and excellent quality material. The key elements which brought this company to such great heights of success are solid frames and hand tied springs. They use an 8-way system in the spring which probably the best when it comes to seating. The leather and fabric used are also no less; they are being carved out to perfection to give the customers a complete luxury experience.

 first heavy weight company in this list

#5 Hancock & Moore

Hancock & Moore is a company which produces traditional as well as modern furniture with equal grace. The frame work used is so solid that they have the potential to last for ages. Their dedication towards creating quality goods is immense; just imagine they spend almost 80 hours in creating a single Hancock & Moore style. They pay special attention to all the elements of furniture production; they include sanding, sewing, tufting and finishing. Even if you look at the cushions, a highly advanced material called Qualux is being used, which guarantees high comfort level. All these compelled me to put Hancock & Moore at number five in my list of top 10 furniture brands.

highest level of comfort guaranteed

#4 Bernhardt

Bernhardt is one of the fastest growing companies in America, they are constantly changing their designs and patterns to catch the attention of the public. Initially the wood content in the furniture used to be high but I see that missing. They are focusing more on innovative designs and new concepts which is actually a good thing. In terms of customization, you will be getting loads of options which will perfectly accentuate your house.  Whether it’s for home or office, you will get furniture in every category and genre. Budget is also not an issue with Bernhardt as they produce mid level furniture as well, along with the expensive ones.

one of the fastest growing furniture companies

#3 Lane Venture

Whenever it comes to luxury brands in the furniture department, mentioning Lane Venture is a must. They are famous for their exclusive line of outdoor products. Excellent quality of synthetic is being used in creating their outdoor chairs and tables. They are being designed in such a manner that they are capable of handling adverse conditions like rain and snow. The hand crafted finishing and involvement of great designers adds a few more stars to its power packed line of furniture. With hundreds of outdoor fabrics and an appetite for high end furniture brings Lane Venture to this spot in this list of best furniture brands.

one of the best luxury brands in the furniture department

#2 Drexel Heritage

Coming in at number two, Drexel Heritage is a century old brand which has been producing excellent furniture, year after year. Earlier most of their products used oak wood but now they have shifted to other kinds of raw materials. Even in the earlier nineteenth century they were considered pretty stylish and they have maintained that image over the years. Drexel Heritage is still known as one of the pioneers in the furniture world in terms of styling and designing. They may be a little expensive but let me tell you one thing folks, they are worth every single penny you spend. Go for this brand if you are looking to give your home a very stylish twist.

worth every single penny you spend

#1 Henredon

Henredon has always concentrated on creating luxury furniture items and hence it is being regarded as one of the most prestigious brands in the fashion world. Along with exquisite upholstery, they are also one of the greatest manufacturers of expensive and luxurious casegoods. The best part about their upholstered frames is they are unbelievingly comfortable. The in-line fabrics and cushions give the ultimate experience to the customers. Currently ruling the table of top 10 furniture brands, Henredon will always be a brand which you can trust blindly in terms of quality and luxury.

creates one of the best luxury furniture items

These were some of the best furniture brands which are ruling the charts. As a result of fine products and excellent craftsmanship, they have created a strong image for their company. Most of these brands are well diversified but still there are some which have a one dimensional way of going about their business. At the end of the day, it’s the product which you bring home matters the most. Go for these top brands and products if you want your home come live with gorgeous furniture.

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