Top 10 Golf Club Brands

Top 10 Golf Club Brands

Ever since its inception, golf has remained an exquisite sport. This is one game which needs immaculate preciseness and the highest level of accuracy at all times. For a rich and expensive game such as golf, everything has to be spot on, from the grounds to the outfit to the clubs. In this article I will be basically focusing on one major or perhaps the most crucial part of this game and that is golf clubs. Golf being the game for the upper strata of society, people are actually ready to spend a hefty amount of money in this sport and that is why we see so many golf club brands coming up these days. The top 10 golf club brands which I have filtered from the hundreds of brands available in the market are the ones which can actually provide you with the best equipment possible. They have their uniqueness and set of plus points which has helped them in achieving such heights of popularity. So following are the brands when it comes to best golf sticks.

#10 Tour Edge

Starting the countdown of the best golf club brands in the world is Tour Edge. Founded in the year 1985, this company focuses on manufacturing high quality equipment at affordable prices. The combination of Titanium and Brazing Steel in some of their clubs proves their worth as a company which is capable of thinking out of the box. This strange mixture of two different kinds of metals brings in a lot of great qualities to the stick like, bringing down the center of gravity and providing the face a greater spring.  Talking in terms of longevity, Tour Edge golf clubs come along with a life time guarantee which makes you feel very much secured as a customer.

number 10 in the lest of best golf club brands

#9 Mizuno

Coming in at the ninth position in this list is Mizuno, a company very good at manufacturing high grade golf irons. The excellent technology used by the brand gives the golfers a larger sweet spot area on the stick. Over the years, Mizuno has won many awards in the International golfing circuit for the use of innovative technologies in the stick. Talking about some its most popular golf club series, they have been MP and JPX series. The Mizuno MP-59 golf club is the most popular golf iron ever produced by this brand and is largely responsible for bringing in so many accolades to this company. If you are looking for gap wedge in its iron sets then you will have to face a little disappointment as most of its clubs are devoid of this feature.

very good at manufacturing high grade golf irons

#8 Nike

Nike is a sports brand which has its foot in almost all the famous games played on this planet. Golf in no different, though Nike is not at the top when it comes to golf clubs but still is pretty much in the race along with other big guns. Some of the key features which you can find in the clubs are, a back driver with high speed cavity, compact groove pattern, and adjustability and customization options to match the swing of every golfer. Nike being a stylish brand, it focuses a lot on promotion and advertisement which works in its favor as people can relate to it more easily. A share for credit should also go the ace golfer, Tiger Woods as he being its brand ambassador brought this company into limelight very quickly.

Tiger woods is the brand ambassador of nike golf

#7 Cleveland

Number seven in the list of top 10 golf club brands is Cleveland, an excellent company when it comes to wedge and driver category. The golf clubs are being well constructed which ensures that there is minimal vibration in the stick when the club head connects to the ball. I would suggest Cleveland as a very good company for beginners because the stability which you require as a learning golfer in there in the sticks and that too at a cheaper price. The iron rods strike a beautiful balance in there construction which ensures that the swing is perfect for you. Most of its sticks are on the heavier side so if you are a fan of light weight golf clubs then perhaps there is not much in store for you.

excellent company when it comes to wedge and driver category

#6 Ping

Ping is known to most golfers as a company with great putter and iron. This company exploded into the International scene through its wedges, they became an instant hit in the market. For the growth of the company, Ping focuses a lot on innovation. Its revolutionary designs ensure that the golfer gets maximum loft and spin. The most remarkable feature offered by this brand is custom fitting nFlight Web option. It allows the players to input some crucial information to get their custom clubs made as per the requirement. Talking about the woods, the trajectory on the head of the club gives the option of customization on demand. All these features make Ping apt for the sixth position in the list of best golf club brands.

focuses a lot on innovation

#5 Adams

To stand tall above the rest you have to offer something different to the public and that is exactly what Adams has been doing of late. The use of newest materials and latest technologies like Tech V3 design has made them one of the fastest growing companies in the golf industry. With Nickel Chromium plating and PVD black finishes. This ensures that the performance of the golf clubs increases by leaps and bounds. Most of the Adams iron sets have a higher launch and hotter face, this result in a longer distance. The FastFit adjustability option gives the liberty to the golfer to set the extent of loft. Generation of good head speed without compromising on the accuracy part is another plus point which comes along with Adams golf clubs.

providing unique things to their glofers

#4 Cobra

As a result of quality iron sets and some seriously smart marketing techniques, Cobra has climbed up the charts very rapidly in the past few years. Golf being a game of class and elegance you don’t get to see many colors in it and that is where Cobra golf clubs are different. You can find a variety of colors and designs on the golf clubs; they are very attractive and stylish. Its driver category has a few sticks which has six different adjustable settings to match your style of play. The cell technology used by Cobra allows you to have a larger club head without compromising on its lightweight aspect. Cobra is a brand which is not afraid of experimenting and that is what catching the attention of the public.

have golf clubs in variety of colors and designs

#3 Titleist

The first name in the top three of my list of best golf brands is Titleist, one of the biggest companies when it comes to golf accessories manufacturing. Apart from producing high grade golf clubs, they also produce a huge chunk of the total golf balls manufactured all across. Being such a huge name, they have everything in store for you, be it drivers, hybrids, putters, wedges, irons or fairway woods. This is a brand for the professionals, given the level of customization they offer, many high profile golfers have become loyal customers of this brand.  One of its popular lines of iron sets has been SureFit, it allows you to set both lie and loft of the stick. Titleist products are very popular; they are available in all parts of the globe.

one of the biggest golf accessories manufacturing companies

#2 Callaway

If you are a golf enthusiast then you must have heard about the Big Bertha sticks produced by this awesome company, Callaway. They were a revolution, specially the drivers. This particular line of golf clubs is a major reason for them being at number second in this countdown of top 10 golf club brands. Actually there is very little which separates these top golf club brands, probably in terms of level of customization or adjustability factor, they differ a little. Callaway uses OptiFit technology which somewhat outweighs the technology used by other brands for handling adjustability. Always be assured of one thing when you buy a golf club by this brand, they will last for generations, such is there durability. Its triple forged irons boost the strength of the clubs and give the golfers the power which they look for in a stick.

known for their Big Bertha sticks

#1 Taylor Made

It was not easy for me to decide the number one brand but finally after a lot of research and analysis I think it should be Taylor Made who should be crowned as the king. They are just a step ahead of their counterparts in certain departments such as technology and features. They were the first ones to bring in metal woods and that too it was back in the year 1978. Currently it’s their Flight Control Technology which is making the world take notice of them. This brand has won many awards and medals in various different categories like hybrid, wood and driver. Some of the other remarkable features of their golf clubs include adjustable hosels and movable weights. Taylor Made produces some extremely light weight golf clubs; they are capable of generating great head speed. Taylor made is the brand which every new company looks upon to better themselves.

the best golf club brand

A big share of credit goes to these wonderful golf club brands for the evolvement of the game. They have contributed significantly in golf becoming one of the most popular games in the world today. These top brands and products are striving hard to the golfers exactly what they are looking for. Be it professionals or amateurs, this list is having something for all kinds of golfers. If you are looking to add a new club to your bag then make sure it comes from one of the these top 10 golf club brands.


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