Top 10 Piano Brands

Top 10 Piano Brands

When we talk about musical instruments, the names which instantly pop into our heads are guitar, drums and the most classic of them all, piano. Ever since it was created by humans somewhere in the eighteenth century, piano has become an inherent part of music. Piano acted as the backbone of many modern day instruments, keyboard being the most popular one. Mostly used in jazz and classical form of music, piano is used by musicians all around the world to create a type of soothing music which almost every one can connect to. These instruments are also the ideal partners for a solo performance.

The craze and popularity of piano in almost all parts of the globe is largely responsible for so many wonderful brands coming up in the market. Pianos for sure are huge and expensive but that doesn’t stop its lovers from buying them. If you are intrigued by the question that which are those top 10 piano brands in the world which are transforming the shape of music these days then the answer is here. I have prepared a lineup of all the top notch companies which produce pianos of the highest quality and order. They are being used by professionals as well as people who are new to the field of creating music. Here goes the musical saga of the best piano brands in the world.

#10 Grotrian

It’s almost been two centuries since Grotrian started manufacturing pianos in Germany. From the starting days of the company they have focused more on creating premium pianos rather than compromising with the quality in order to increase the quantity. They mostly create upright which is kind of a limitation for them but one thing is for sure, the ones which they create are an absolute treat for the music lovers. Grotrian is not just about pianos, they have contributed a lot to the music world in general. Through the competitions which they organized, many budding musicians were given a platform to nurture themselves.  Groatrian is trying to expand these days hence setting new factories to increase the production for reaching out to a wider audience.

no compromise on quality

#9 Bosendorfer

Number ninth in my list of best piano brands is Bosendorfer, a company which has made very significant contribution in the evolution of pianos. It was this very company which introduced a piano with 97 keys unlike the usual ones with 88 keys. These extra keys enhance the sonic character not directly but by resonating. The sound produced by most of the Bosendorfer pianos is rich but not as fuller bodied as the sound by some other piano brands in the list. Imperial Grand piano by this brand is one of the most popular models by this brand and also one of the largest in the world. Keeping a wider audience in mind the company launched Conservatory Series; it is more affordable than its other standard models. This series helped the company in entering the smaller markets and hence increase its visibility.

first company to introduce pianos with 97 keys

#8 Stuart & Sons

Unlike the previous brand, Stuart & Sons is an exclusive brand which produces a limited number of pianos a year. Only a limited of part of society can be its clientele list as the pianos are quite expensive and not affordable for everyone. Its pianos are mostly famous for its unique handcrafted qualities. Both lower and higher notes come out beautifully from musical instrument as it has an additional set of 14 keys which are not present in any conventional piano. The pianos come with an extra pedal which facilitates in cutting down the hammer strike intensity hence achieving a better monitoring on tone control. Light framed structure of the piano helps in vibrant radiation of sound throughout, giving the listeners a very pleasant tone.

produces limited number of pianos each year

#7 Charles Walter

This American company is known for producing some of the finest handmade pianos with immaculate preciseness and fineness. Utmost attention is being given on the detailing part and that is the reason why the look of the piano comes of so attractively. Customized pianos have always been a specialty by this brand; every individual’s need can be catered under this company. Fine quality of wood is being used to construct the instrument; apart from helping the sound quality improve they also help in giving the pianos a ravishing look. Almost all the names in this list of top 10 piano brands are capable of manufacturing pianos which can go on for ages and so is this. Every material used is of such high standards that there hardly remains a doubt when it comes to durability.

known for their handmade pianos

#6 Bechstein

Another German company in this list, Bechstein has been manufacturing pianos for the music lovers ever since 1853. In spite of detrimental losses in the 20th century, this company never slowed down and eventually it overcame all the hurdles to stand tall as super power in the piano industry. Its pianos are widely used in the recording studios as well as during live performance by the musicians. Both upright and grand pianos are available under this company label. Just the fact that they have provided some highly expensive pianos to royal mansions and massive castles is enough to understand how big this brand can go. Talking more about richness of this brand, they use materials like silver and gold in the construction along with the hand engraved details all over, it adds significantly to the majesty of its pianos.

making pianos since 1853

#5 Kawai

Till now most of the brands which I mentioned are not known for mass production and finding them everywhere is not always possible but this one is different. This Japanese company produces large number of pianos annually for its fans in almost all parts of the globe. Along with the acoustic models they are also famous for producing digital pianos. These digital pianos are major reason for the success of the company as it mostly targets a wider younger audience. The look of most of the pianos is being kept simple and elegant, features like satin ebony finish just accentuates the design even further. Kawai pianos are known for their dull mellow sound, for some it’s a quality and some others may see it as a demerit. Cost wise these pianos are pretty decent, they are very much affordable as they do not cost zillions like some other huge names.

makes large number of pianos

#4 Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the largest producers of piano in the world and perhaps the most popular one as well. It is one of the most versatile companies in this business; they produce all kind off pianos. The categories include premium pianos, grand pianos, upright pianos, hybrid pianos, disklavier pianos, silent pianos and digital pianos. Yamaha is known for its excellent features and the new technologies which it brings in its models. The plates of its pianos are being casted by vacuum or dry sand which is responsible for a unique kind of sound. Yamaha pianos produce a bright, sharp and crisp type of music. When it comes to brand value and recognition in the international market, there are very few brands which come close to Yamaha. In terms of durability, Yamaha falls behind some of its counterparts as they are not known for their longevity.

one of the best piano brand

#3 Mason & Hamlin

As we enter into the top three in the list of best pianos brands, the competition gets tougher and there is very little which separates them. Use the best parts to construct the best pianos; this has always been the philosophy of Mason & Hamlin. There is team of fine craftsman behind the construction of every model. Great preciseness and accuracy is being maintained in all the pianos which is the reason for the rich tone they produce. As far as the price is concerned, it is a little overpriced. You can get an equivalent model of Mason & Hamlin piano at a cheaper rate under few other brands. This is perhaps the only negative point about this brand; apart from that this company is spot on in every aspect.

uses the best parts for making pianos

#2 Baldwin

Based in United States, Baldwin has been providing excellent pianos to musicians as well as celebrities who have a special place for this instrument. Over the years they have provided pianos to famous personalities like Ben Folds, Philip Glass and Igor Stravinsky. Baldwin gives great customization options to its users; you can get a piano designed exactly as per your requirements. The tonal quality of its products is among the best in the market and is ideal for concerts. Over the years Baldwin has produced many masterpieces, to name a few they are Acrasonic Console and Kranich & Bach Vertical. Even in terms of innovation Baldwin is a fore front runner, they brought in the pianovelle digital piano which was very nicely received by the public. It is these fine qualities which make Baldwin apt for number two in my list of top 10 piano brands.

made pianos for famous celebrities

#1 Steinway & Sons

Created in the year 1853, Steinway & Sons is currently the most remarkable brand when it comes to upright pianos. As a symbol of excellence, they have received many awards from top institutions from all across the globe for the standard of craftsmanship which they have maintained over the years. The wood being used in these pianos has to undergo a lot of tests and experiments before they actually go for manufacturing. Design of its pianos is being given equal importance and hence we get to see some of the most gorgeous pianos ever made get manufactured by this company. All the other brands see Steinway & Sons as a benchmark for quality and exquisite look. Since they are the current leaders of the table, they come at price and mind you that price can burn a deep hole in your pocket. Apart from all that, Steinway & Sons is brand w that creates pianos which can be passed on for generations.

the best piano brand in the list

These were the top 10 piano brands which are being loved and adored by the music lovers from all countries. Most of them are older than a century, they have witnessed the music change with time and to a great extent they have been a part of that change as well. If you are a lover of instrumental or jazz music and want to get a piano then it is these best piano brands noteworthy of looking up to. They may be a little expensive but what you get in return will be there for yours forever hence choose wisely while buying them.

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