Top 10 Netbooks – A new life to Notebooks

Top 10 Netbooks – A new life to Notebooks

When the laptops bubbled into the scene, people thought ‘this is what we were looking for, what could be better than this’. The nature of technology is such that even when some gadget is fresh in the market, there is a new one knocking at the door, ready to side line the existing one. Netbooks belong to the same league, these compact version of notebooks are finding their way very quickly into the lives of people. As a result of their more than handy features and cheap price now everyone wants to get a piece of it. They are proving out to be a wonderful replacement to the big and costly laptops.

Being still new to the world, the top netbook brands are still very much in the experimentation phase. They are trying out new options and exploring new technologies which will benefit these netbooks in getting more powerful and efficient. Netbooks being just an extension of laptops, it’s the leading laptop brands which are currently stepping in big time into this niche. Companies like Dell, HP and, Acer are the ones which are manufacturing excellent netbooks for the masses. With their innovative designs and new ideas, they are slowly gaining the attention and trust of the public. Here goes a list of such top 10 netbooks by the best brands in this business.

#10 Samsung NF310

The first name in the list of best netbooks available in the market is of Samsung. The NF310 model by Samsung is very uniquely designed and catches ones eye instantly. If you do not compare it with notebooks then I can easily say that the screen resolution is amazing. It is at par with some of the more costly devices in this league in terms of display. That was about screen and video, coming to the audio part of it, the sound clarity is good and even at higher levels uniformity is maintained to a great extent. There is no heating problem as such in this netbook, you can easily use it for long hours. It could have been ranked a little higher if it were to have a better battery life but never the less it is a beautiful netbook with decent specs.

very uniquely designed netbook

#9 Lenovo ThinkPad X 120e

This model by Lenovo is perfectly designed for people who like things clean and simple. It is a business netbook with some typical features like battery efficient and fast processor. Working with this netbook is really simple and fast as the navigation feature is incredible with those mouse buttons and pointing devices. There is not much in the design part, no shiny finish or decorative patterns but that is how business netbooks are supposed to be, aren’t they? This model comes at slightly higher price than some of its other counterparts which are similar to it on many grounds.  With a processor like AMD E-350, this is a laptop for people who are always on the move and love things quick.

battery efficient and has a fast processor

#8 Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell has always been known as a company which dishes out fresh designs and innovative concepts. This particular model by Dell is very stylish to look and the best part is it doesn’t compromise on the sturdiness aspect to enhance the design. Inspiron Mini 10 comes with a superb keyboard and amazing battery life. The color options available in the netbook are plenty in number but the video streaming in the system is a little stuttery. A decent set of connectivity ports are present in this netbook, it includes three ports for USB, VGA-out port and a slot for flash-card. Coming to the price of this gadget, you can buy one only at $279 which is indeed quite cheap considering the amount of features and options it provides.

one of the best netbooks in market

#7 Asus Eee PC 1001P Seashell

Moving up the list, at number seven we have the model Eee PC 1001P Seashell by Asus. You hardly find affordable products by Asus as they mostly work in the high end level but that is not the case with this model, it is priced only at $299. It is a typical Asus model with similar traits to its peers like high performance and powerful speakers. When you look at the design part, there is nothing flashy in it, it’s slim and sleek, and even the weight is also just around 3 pounds. The VGA webcam takes sharp photographs in spite of the fact being it is only 0.3 Megapixels. Switching between options in this system is very convenient for example the Fn+F4 combination which allows you to manage the resolution easily as it toggles between netbook’s native resolution and other options available.

slim and sleek netbook

#6 HP Pavilion dm1z

Pavilion dm1z by HP is a very sharp netbook with crisp features like fast processor (AMD E-350), a hard drive of 7,200 rpm and battery backup of around 7 hours. Plastic imprinting is being done on both the faces of the netbook, this plastic has a texture of metal and gives an overall solid look to the netbook. Is uses some of HP’s widely popular technologies like CoolSense which controls the heat conductivity to a great extent. The screen size is 11.6 inches which is way more than some of the other netbooks in this list and it offers a high resolution of 1366 X 768. Performance wise also, this netbook is no less than any of its rivals, with a RAM of 3GB which can be expanded up to 8GB, it gives the users a really fast interface to work with.

very sharp netbook with crisp features

#5 Toshiba NB520D

Coming in at number five in this list of top 10 netbooks in the world today, Toshiba NB520D is strongly built netbook with a good number of features. The first and the most important one being the Atom powered processor which gives it an instant edge in the race to be the best netbook. The coating on the outside is rubberized, though it has a nice touch to it, this is definitely not the prettiest netbook of the lot. Other hardware features like keyboard and the track pad are top class, there is exactly the correct amount of spacing in between the keys and track pad is spot on all the time. You get plenty of storage area with a hard drive of 250GB and connectivity options are also nice. There is Ethernet, Bluetooth 3.0 and long range Wi-Fi to help you stay connected on all occasions.

strongly built netbook with a good number of features

#4 Samsung NF110

NF110 is another model from Samsung in this list and definitely a better one than the previous. In most of the names which I have mentioned till now in this countdown of best netbooks, you had to compromise a little on the design part but not with this one. This curved netbook is eye-pleasing from the word go. Use of multiple colors in the design makes it look bold and the curvaceous organic styling just accentuates the design part to great levels. These are light weight and compact, though being compact takes away the liberty to have a spacious keyboard but even though they are small, typing is not a pain taking job as a result of their good responsiveness. Even the price is affordable; buy this netbook if you are looking for something cool and exciting.

curved netbook  to surprise you

#3 Acer Aspire One D260-1270

If the previous model backed a punch in the style department, then this one doesn’t sit quiet either. Aspire One D260 comes in loud and bold colors so if you are a sophisticated person then probably this is not the best netbook for you. The features which make it stand tall are, 10 inch wide screen, extra long battery life of 9 hours, Intel Atom processor of 1.5GHz and a 320GB hard drive to store all your data. Efficiency wise this netbook is excellent, its super fast processor allows you to work in an ultra smooth manner without any kind of glitch or malfunction. The excellent specs of this netbook can give you an equivalent experience of using a fully fledged notebook at a much cheaper price.

This netbook comes in loud and bold colors

#2 Asus Eee PC 1215N

Coming very close to being the ideal notebook and perhaps the most powerful one as well. It has a screen width of 12 inches, the biggest in this list and along with the large screen size comes along a bigger touch pad which facilitates navigation. The battery backup is good and webcam installed is also an upgraded version of the previous model. The only demerit which I can see in this model is with the boot time, it’s a little sluggish. The graphics of this netbook is excellent as a result of the Nvidia’s Optimus technology used. All of these splendid features come only at $500, though it is more than the other netbooks in this list, you cannot ask for all such amazing features at a better rate.

priced at only $500

#1 Toshiba NB550D

It was a tough call for me, picking the number one among the top 10 netbooks and I have gone with Toshiba NB550D. The reason why I am giving it the top slot is its performance and efficiency in every aspect. This netbook is extremely sturdy and designed in a fashion that it can go on smoothly for years. In terms of graphics and audio there are not matches to this netbook in the market. This beauty has a dual core processor (AMD C-50). There is one field in which none of the netbooks come even close to Toshiba NB550D and that is 3D videos and games. It wins by a thrash margin in this segment. The HDMI port gives you good connectivity options as by making use of this port you can easily integrate an external monitor to the netbook. The storage space is decent, if not large. All the work which could have been done by a standard notebook can be easily taken care of by this netbook manufactured by Toshiba.

the best netbook in the market

Netbooks are the next big thing or maybe they are already the new big thing in the market. These big companies are leaving no stone unturned to work out a perfect combination which will meet the requirements of the public in the best possible manner. The above list contains all the netbooks which are currently the most popular ones in the market. If you are also one among those who are looking for a netbook which is powerful as well as cost effective then I think this list can help you out to a great extent.

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