Top 10 Soft Drinks in the World

Top 10 Soft Drinks in the World

Soft Drinks are something that has now become a big part of our life. We drink it on all occasions and at any time, all you need is an excuse to have a bottle or can of soft drink. I too love soft drinks so much, that my day can’t end till I have had 2-3 bottles of it. But let’s get a bit rolling about the past of soft drinks. When did they first come into picture? In late 17th century, soft drinks were nothing but just water mixed with lemon juice and small quantity of honey, until in 18th century a chemist named Joseph priestly invented carbonated water. Huge respect man, what you did was indeed incredible. We are all indebted to you for all our life!

Now getting on to the motto of this article, what do you think are the top 5 soft drinks in the world? Everyone must have a separate list of their own, after all not all of us have the same taste buds (as a matter of fact as much as I know, your taste buds can be used as an identification mark for you just like your finger prints. Interesting, huh?). Here is my list of top 5 soft drinks which I have created on the basis of my own taste and the selling statistics of each brand across the world. Feel free to leave your view in comments; I would love to read them!

5. Fanta

In 1941, when it was getting difficult for Coca Cola to import its drink in Germany, they thought of creating a new drink in that country itself. And the result was Fanta. Available in more than 100 different flavors worldwide, Fanta is known for its sweet fruit flavored taste. I am not a huge fan of this drink, but still I am including it in this list owing to its huge popularity and liking by many people across the world.

citrus soft drink available in different flavors

4. Mountain Dew

This citrus flavored soft drink is made by Pepsi. There is an interesting story behind Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew was created in 1940 by Barney and Ally Hartman. After making this amazing drink, they took it to Coca Cola first, but they turned it down, and the brand was finally owned by Pepsi in 1964. Coca Cola must have regretted their decision, but the loss is to be suffered when it is done. This drink is a favorite among sports person, and I too love to drink it on a hot day after playing football under the bright sun!

lemon and lime type soft drink

3. Sprite

Sprite is manufactured by the Coca Cola Company. It is a colorless drink with lemon lime flavor. The main aim of Coca Cola to bring Sprite in the market was to make it stand against 7Up from Pepsi, and I guess it has been successful in doing so. I would always prefer a bottle of Sprite against 7Up for a soft drink any day.

a famous soft drink through out the world

2. Pepsi

Pepsi was created in 1893 by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham in his lab. It is one of the biggest competitors in the soft drink industry across the world, and is freakishly popular in any part of the world that you go. The drink goes right with just anything, your food, or when you are thirsty, or during your play time. It’s the right drink to have at any time and any place.

soft drink to drink anytime

1. Coke

Coca Cola or simply “Coke” is my favorite soft drink in the list. I simply love its taste, and am always up for a coke whenever anyone asks me. I can’t simply turn it down. Coca Cola was invented by an American named John Pemberton in late 19th century. Initially introduced in market as patent medicine, Coke is certainly one of the most popular drinks worldwide today.

my best soft drink

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