Top 10 Binocular Brands

Top 10 Binocular Brands

Binoculars are one of those cool fun things which you must have in your collection no matter what kind of a person you are. Even if you belong to that category of people who find such items ‘useless and a waste of money’, they are bound to come handy at point or the other. If you are a traveler who loves exploring new places then this has to be that one item which you cannot leave your home without. Depending on the requirement of the consumer, the top binocular brands make all types of binoculars to meet the demand of the public. There are various factors which I have taken into consideration while preparing this list of top 10 binocular brands like, zoom capacity, optics quality, angle stretch and durability. Here goes a list of the top brands which are manufacturing the best binoculars these days.   

#10 Kowa

My countdown begins with Kowa, a brand which is known for its mid range binoculars. They have some very nice models with great features in the mid price range. Though Kowa has always been more famous for their spotting scopes, now they have slowly made their mark in the binoculars sections as well. The build quality of most of the models is nice; the binoculars are generally covered with rubber coatings, which give you a better grip apart from the extra cushion. Almost all the models are fog and waterproof, making them apt for your early morning bird watching experiences. Kowa also offers some high range models with additional features like extra zoom wide angle view to make the view even better.

known for its classy binoculars

#9 Steiner

Lying at the penultimate position in the list of top 10 binocular brands is Steiner, a German company better known for their military optics. The Porro prism binoculars by this company have been the most successful ones till now. They offer excellent 3 dimensional images apart from the other common features. One thing which really like about Steiner binoculars is, you don’t have to focus all the time you are using the binoculars. The extensive field depth takes care of all such things. The Clic-Loc system is missing in many of its models, which is one of the few drawbacks it has. Steiner binoculars are easy to use and in terms of stress to the eyes also they are very decent.

known for its military optics

#8 Barska

Barska may not have a sparkling history to boast about but that doesn’t take anything away from the work which it has done of late. This company is growing at a very brisk pace, just within a period of few years its roots have reached in almost 50 countries. Barska offers a wide range of quality binoculars to suit all kinds of purposes, be it military, astronomy or wildlife. If you are a fan of lightweight models then do check out their ‘Blueline’ series, they are compact and east to carry, best suited for long journeys. Series like X-Trail and Storm & Storm EX are designed by Barska, keeping in mind the tough weather conditions extreme situations for all the adventure loving people.

one of the best binocular brands

#7 Vanguard

Founded in the year 1986, Vanguard has emerged as a major distributor of binoculars in countries like China and USA. The company started its journey with accessories like lens cleaning kit and now it has monocular, binocular and spotting scopes under its belt along with other positioning equipments like gun pods, monopods and shooting sticks. One of the best models released by Vanguard so far has to be the Endeavor ED, they are O-ring sealed and Nitrogen charged. Almost all the things are spot on with this model, be it contrast, color resolution, clarity or light transmission. Everything has been very nicely taken care of, pushing Vanguard higher in this list of top 10 binocular brands.

great zooming capabilities

#6 Canon

Canon, a name which probably everyone would have heard of as they are everywhere, from printers to cameras to binoculars. In spite of the fact that Canon has a narrow range of binoculars in the market, with the help of cutting edge technology and immaculate preciseness they have managed to make their presence felt. The strength of this brand lies in the image stabilization department. The new state of the art ‘gyro system’ used in binoculars guarantees excellent view, whatever is the condition. The binoculars are mostly waterproof and lightweight. I believe Canon has a strong affinity towards compact models, seeing majority of its products are like the pocket size dynamites.

maker of classic binoculars

#5 Celestron

As the name indicates, Celestron binoculars are mostly designed for astronomical purposes but now they have nicely settled down in the other genres as well. When it comes to the price department, Celestron is an absolute savior. You will get a good collection of entry level binoculars at very reasonable prices which you may not in other brands. The combination of modern design and telescope optics has helped this brand in creating an all together different space in the binocular industry. The Granite and Nature series by Celestron quite impressive, they are powerful and you plenty of options to work with, in these models.

great design with awesome looks

#4 Nikon

Coming in at the fourth position is Nikon, a brand better known for its cameras. Nikon manufactures binoculars of almost every type possible. This huge diversity has played an important role in establishing Nikon as an excellent binoculars brand. Value for money without compromising on the quality has always been the policy almost all Japanese companies and this one is no different. The models which I like the most by Nikon are Ecobins, Monarch and the ATB series. New technologies like multiple layer dielectric coating and phase correctors are being used in the products to take them a step ahead of their counterparts. One other quality which most of the Nikon binoculars possess is wide view, as asset to any binocular.

a very popular binocular brand

#3 Vortex

Over the years Vortex has won numerous awards in various binoculars categories and that itself speaks of the mettle this company has. Vortex binoculars are very versatile; they have astonishing features like inbuilt caps, diopter adjustment lock and focus wheel. The clarity offered by the Vortex binoculars is excellent, even when the light is not good; the binoculars adjust beautifully to give clear view. Durability is another area in which Vortex has made its mark big time. The multi coated lenses and rubber housing protects the binoculars from external agents and ensures longevity. The simplistic yet meticulous approach is what made Vortex as one of the leading manufacturers in binoculars.

a very good binouclar

#2 Bushnell

Bushnell has to be mentioned whenever the discussion is about sports optics brands; such is its popularity level. If you look at the overall picture of this brand then you will find excellent binoculars in almost all categories but if I have to pick one then it has to be the outdoor section. Be it fishing, hunting, birding or even spectator sports for that matter, Bushnell has products in every category. The binoculars by Bushnell are engineered to give high definition images and with the low dispersion glass present in them, the quality only gets better. Additional features like BaK-4 prism and XTR technology gives Bushnell the extra lead in the race to become one of the top binocular brands.

a great brand to go for

#1 Zeiss

Zeiss is the current market leader among all the binocular brands, as a virtue of the high end binoculars it produces. The quality of a binocular is directly proportional to the amount of light entering into it and Zeiss binoculars have this percentage as high as 95. The design of the binoculars is kept in such a manner that effective usage is possible. Things like large focus wheel, grabby armor, single hinge design and contoured barrels facilitate easy handling of the design even when the condition is not apt. All these qualities make Zeiss the top name in the list of top 10 binocular brands. One thing you must not forget, to get a pair of Zeiss binoculars you may have to empty your pockets more than you would have thought of.

binoculars with great accessories

These were the best binocular brands in the market today. The perfect blend of quality, design, diversity and durability has brought these companies ahead of their counterparts. With so many options dished out in front, you can easily find your perfect match depending on your requirements and needs. Some brands are new and some are old but one thing is common, the guarantee of excellence is present in both. Whenever you plan on getting a binocular, try looking into these top 10 binocular brands, there is nothing which you won’t find.

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