Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands

Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands

Some things become such an intrinsic part of our living that it becomes almost impossible to imagine life without them. Air conditioners fall in the same league. We may not even realize what a humungous percentage of time we spend in the presence of air conditioners. In this scorching summer where the sun beats down heavily, air conditioners is what I am always searching out for. The inexorable need for this machine prompted me with the idea of preparing a list of all those brands which have the ability to manufacture the best air conditioners. All the names which I will be taking have played a very important role in the upbringing of air conditioning technology or you can say, sketching the face of air conditioners.

Air Conditioners are not just about high cooling, there are various other factors which need to be taken into consideration in order to decide its true potential. Things like adaptability, longevity, power consumption and the degree to which it is eco-friendly. As it is our nature which is taking the hit of the emissions by these coolers, are very important in selecting the right brand and the right model. Here are the top 10 air conditioner brands which will make your life comfortable or I should say cooler.

#10 Sharp

The first name in my list is a company form Japan called Sharp, and mind you will see a lot of Japanese stuff as we will move ahead in the list. When it was established in the year 1912, it was a very small name as it produced very few products but now it has grown into a huge company which is popular for its air conditioners. Though you may not find as many options as you can find in some of the other brands, but even in that small bracket, Sharp doesn’t fail to impress you. Its air conditioners are decent in terms of energy consumption and more than effective when it comes to quick cooling. All this you get at very reasonable prices, hence Sharp fits perfectly at the last position in my list of top 10 air conditioner brands.

one of the best ac brands

#9 LG

In spite of being one of the biggest electronics based companies in the world, LG fails to climb the charts any higher than the 9th position. Personally I am not a huge of LG air conditioners, though they have been the pioneers of technology and innovation for years, they just don’t keep up in the performance department. The best part about this company is, you can never fall short of options. LG has a huge line of products in the air conditioning department and almost all of them have the new HVAC technology which brings out the best in air conditioners. For people who are looking for air conditioners in a smaller budget, LG is the most suitable brand, I think there is hardly any brand which can challenge LG in this department.

a know brand for air conditioner

#8 Haier

Almost a century old company, Haier has seen it all or I should say been a part of the evolvement of air conditioners over the years. Haier may not be known for amazing innovations or flashy designs but it is famous for its classic approach towards manufacturing air conditioners. Haier always concentrates on sticking to the basics and that is what actually works in favour of the company. Things like reliability, energy effectiveness, longevity and performance are the ingredients which you should be looking at if you plan on buying a product by this company. The Air Therapy system is their biggest contribution so far and let me tell you one thing, there have been many more since then. I am not taking anything away from the technology section, I am just saying they are not of that stature in this niche as some of the others.

a popular AC brand

#7 Samsung

Samsung is somewhat on the same lines as LG in terms of diversity and popularity. The difference lies in the performance section and that is why I have given it a better position than LG in this list of best air conditioner brands. You will get all kinds of models under this brand, be it window, split or floor standing and that too with several options under them. Samsung air conditioners require low maintenance and are energy efficient as well. Samsung has been involved in various advancements in this field like turbo cleaning, star rating and humidification. Today, Samsung is a household name in every part of the world whatever the product is and sure it does hold true for the air conditioners as well.

samsung air conditoning

#6 Panasonic

Coming in at number six in my list of top 10 air conditioner brands is Panasonic, a company which dominates the market of home appliances in Japan as well as other parts of the globe. In the recent past Panasonic has progress by leaps and bounds and result of some of the advanced models which it released such as Nanoe-g and Econavi. The germ killing technology used in its air conditioners is very effective and ensures a healthy environment indoors even in today’s polluted air. The self handling capabilities of its air conditioners is really worth appreciation, once you turn the power button on, you just sit back and let the machine take care form there onward.

a good brand for ac

#5 Carrier

Founded in the early 20th century, Carrier is a company which has managed to build a huge and a very strong empire over the decades. Always striving hard for innovations, Carrier has many patents to its name and that is the reason why other companies always look up to it. Carrier is evenly spread all across the six major continents and offers service to almost 175 countries. This top notch brand is one of the largest producers of HAVC system. Customer service provided by this company is excellent, your complaints will be instantly heard and dealt with. In terms of cost, Carrier is decently priced, may be not as low as LG or some of the other low range brands but certainly they are not going to burn a big hole in your pocket.

a know air conditioning brand

#4 O’General

If you are looking for air conditioners which can work in the worst of conditions then this is the brand you should look for, OGeneral. This high reliability factor has been one of the major reasons for the success of this brand in countries with extreme climate like the Middle East and Africa. These people focus on effective cooling in adverse conditions without sacrificing on its power efficiency. One more thing which I really like about this brand is its small compact models, there looks are very deceptive, and you may think they will be lousy and ineffective but once you turn them on, you will get to know what they are all about. They have achieved mastery in ceiling air conditioners and no other company comes even close to OGeneral in this category.

an extreme air conditioner

#3 Mitsubishi

Many of you must be surprised seeing Mitsubishi ranked so high in this list of top 10 air conditioner brands but there is a reason why I have put it up so high. You get an all round package when you a Mitsubishi product, technology wise they are very sound, the designs are attractive, energy efficient and easy installation. The best part about its air conditioners is the heat pump system used in them. It facilitates amazing and even cooling in all kinds of climates. These machines are quiet, ensuring you a peaceful sleep. Mitsubishi air conditioners are highly durable and run for years without any kind of hiccups. Even if there are any mishaps, the extra long warranty will be there to take care of it.

buy mitsubishi Ac

#2 Hitachi

Hitachi, a Japanese company established in the year 1910 is currently one of world leaders in technological advancement. Having a profound reputation of producing energy efficient air conditioners, Hitachi exemplifies reliability, excellence and value for money. Hitachi uses some of the most advanced technologies in the cooling genre which helps it in staying ahead in the race, one such technology is of self cleansing. It reduces manual labor and ensures long and proper running of the machine. Talking in terms of the damage caused to the environment by the air conditioners, Hitachi emits much lesser green house gases than some of its other counter parts. Also they have the capability of running on lesser power, making them more efficient.

hitachi inspire the next

#1 Daikin

Topping the list of best air conditioner brands is Daikin, another one coming up from the power house country, Japan. Over the past few years, they have dominated the International market in such a manner that none of the other brands could match up to it. The quality which separates Daikin form the other names is that it meticulously works on each and every miniature aspect of the air conditioner with perfection. From design to cooling to adaptability to reliability and every other thing which is important when it comes to air conditioners. They have been constantly coming up with new technologies, the recent one being the Daikin Inverter air conditioner, to serve the people in best way possible. You may have to pay a little extra to buy a Daikin air conditioner but let me tell you one thing, you will never regret it, once it’s in, it’s in for life.

great ac brand

With these wonderful machines present is your homes and offices, life becomes a little easier and summer a bit less torturous. All the brands which I have mentioned in this list of top 10 air conditioner brands have now been in the market for decades and they sure do produce the best products in this business.  You have plenty of options in front of you, depending upon your budget and requirements, go for any of the machine produced by these best air conditioner brands.

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