Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

Top 10 Cosmetic Brands

Girls love to be at their best on every occasion possible, whether it’s a small get together or something huge as a lavish wedding ceremony. For achieving this picture perfect image what they actually rely on, is the best cosmetic brands available in the market. I have never come across a girl, who is not been any less enthusiastic by these cosmetic brands. In fact it is one of my friends who pestered me to prepare this list of top 10 cosmetic brands; she is no ordinary girl when it comes to these. You might argue that the same goes for every girl on the face of this planet and I guess I have no option but to concede to it.

Now talking about the cosmetic brands, they are just so many in numbers that it’s really hard segregating them. Every month we see so many brands budding into the market. Out of the huge chunk of cosmetic brands, there are only a few prominent names which stand apart when it comes to the quality of products they offer and the reach they have. All the giant names in this industry primarily focus on how their products can enhance the beauty of a person in the most effective way. They try to overcome the barriers of skin type, ingredients, and reactions, so that their products can be used by as many people as possible. The other aspect on which they always have their eyes set on is diversity. All the top 10 cosmetic brands want to create products of as many different types possible, because then only, true worth of a company can be judged. Here is a list of some of the best cosmetic brands in the world which I think none of you girls can get enough of.

#10 Artistry

Giving a great start to this list of best cosmetic brands in the world is Artistry, a brand founded in the 1950s. It makes products to suffice the type of women who can’t do without the presence of nutrition elements in the products which they use. Artistry has a very loyal support of its customers in spite of the fact that they don’t have a huge array of products under their banner. This is mainly due to the consistency in quality through all of these decades. Some of the most popular sets created by this brand are Artistry time defiance and Artistry essentials. These products helped the company in making a mark in global arena and not just in its native areas.

a great cosmetic brand

#9 Etude

Some of you might be surprised seeing this name as it is not among the so-called very popular cosmetic brands but that doesn’t take its credibility. Etude is perhaps the most unconventional brand in this line up of top 10 cosmetic brands. It believes in experimenting with new ideas and trying out different things than abiding by the rules made by the protagonists of this industry. Etude is a relatively new brand but I have to say, it’s going at a great pace. Along with regular cosmetic items, Etude exclusively endorses fun and cool make up and that is what separates it from the rest. Seeing the way this company is progressing, don’t be surprised if you see this name in the first half of this list next time.

a credible cosmetic brand

#8 Dove

With a whopping brand value of $4.2 billion, Dove stands at the 8th position in this list of some of the world’s best cosmetic brands. Owned by Unilever, Dove has dominated the world cosmetic market for many years now and when it comes to its clientele list, it just keeps on getting longer and longer. It produces all kinds of cosmetics, be it body washes, hair care, moisturizers or facial care. Around 40 countries sell Dove products, and in those countries lay its million satisfied consumers. Among the most popular products created by this brand are Dove pro-age cream and Dove damage therapy.

world famous brand for cosmetics

#7 Estee Lauder

This New York based company is one of the most popular brands in the world. Its cosmetics ranges from skin care to hair care to fragrances. When you see that names like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley and Carolyn Murphy are among its regular customers, you can imagine how big this brand actually is. If you are now thinking that this brand must be over priced seeing all those big names, then you are wrong. Estee Lauder cosmetics are very much affordable and can fit easily within the budget. This brand has it all to satisfy the women’s need to embark beauty and care upon themselves.

known for its quality products

#6 Neutrogena

Neutrogena kick started in the year 1930 and ever since then it has acted as a world leader in the cosmetic industry. This is the point in this list of top 10 cosmetic brands, I will be moving a little towards the luxury items. Neutrogena has many celebrities as its regular clientele like Jennifer Garner and Vanessa Hudgens. When it comes to anti wrinkle creams, this brand makes some of the best of the lot. There are few companies which come close to Neutrogena in this section. If the men’s section felt a little left out, then there is something in store for all you guys here as well as Neutrogena is not just limited to producing women’s cosmetics.

world leader in the cosmetic industry

#5 Nivea

Stepping in at the 5th position in this countdown of the best brands in business in the cosmetic field is Nivea. Nivea produces some decent products for hair and makeup but when it comes to the class of body and skin care, then there are very few which stand in its way. Another thing which I really love about this brand is its diversity, you get so many options in every class. From high-end products to daily use cheap products, there is everything present under its banner. When it comes to my personal use, I mostly stick to Nivea for body lotions and moisturizer. This company is also known for generating huge revenues worldwide, last year the company’s figures amounted to a staggering $8.3 billion, which is certainly more than huge.

one of the best brands in business in the cosmetic field

#4 Lancome

If you were thinking that this list is only dominated by the American companies the here is some French connection. Lancome has a made a name for itself as one the world’s leading makeup and cosmetic brands by dishing out an excellent collection of foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks, hair care and many more. Visionary foundation created by this luxury brand helped it in consolidating to a great extent in spite of the fact that there were already some very nice foundations present in the market, at the time of the launch of this product. Women cannot be less thankful, as the impact Lancome products have had on their lives and they way makeup was approached, has been humongous.

a french cosmetic brand

#3 Avon

As I talk about Avon, all I have in my mind is bright and funky colors, with a unique way of approaching makeup, but speaking on a more serious note, Avon is way more than that. Being one of the oldest companies in this list (1886), Avlon has seen it all; it has saw all the transitions in the cosmetics industry. It is surprising to know that this huge company now once went door to door to sell its products and just look at them now. Avon has attained worldwide popularity, they have more than impressive sales figures and they have celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek and Fergie as its customers. The exclusive line of products manufactured by Avon, take this brand even step higher in terms of luxury and stature.

one of the best brands for cosmetics

#2 L’Oreal

L’Oreal always stays at the top of the list, no matter what the group is in the cosmetics department, such is the aura created by this brand. L’Oreal began its journey with only hair coloring products but then it started expanding before the world new it, this company had announced itself in a grand fashion. Being a very diverse brand, L’Oreal has more than 500 types of products in the market. Talking about the reach of this brand, it products are being sold in more than 135 countries. The men’s section has a lot to cheer about when it comes to this brand, there is a variety of hair and skin care products which are produced targeting the men’s audience, so there is something in store for everyone.

sold world wide

#1 Olay

Sitting at the top is Olay, this brand has dominated every section of the cosmetic industry, starting from product range to customer satisfaction to revenue generation, everything. The brand value of this company is estimated to be more than $11 billion. Its foundation and anti ageing creams have been a complete revelation in the market. In terms of the nutritional content in the products as well, Olay steals the show. Over the years, this company has managed to strike a perfect balance between scientific innovation and quality. It won’t be wrong if I say that Olay knows the nerves of women very well and hence provides them with exactly what they are looking for. There is no brand as complete as Olay in the market these days.

the best cosmetic brand

I know, by now all you women must be itching to get your hands on the products manufacture by these brands if don’t have it already. All of these top 10 cosmetic brands have been in this business for decades and they have been tried and tested infinite several times. Only after gaining loads of experience, these best cosmetic companies have managed to create such a big name for themselves. Make sure the next time you buy a cosmetic product, it belongs to one of these companies mentioned in the above list of top 10 cosmetic products.

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