Top 10 Sports Shoe Brands

Top 10 Sports Shoe Brands

Sports shoe brands have gone to an all together new level in the past few years. Their standard and quality have got such a humongous boost with so much money being poured in, advancement in technology, advertisement, and endorsements by sports stars. Nowadays everyone wants to own a pair of shoe worn by their favorite athletes, let alone be kids, even the adults have inculcated the same kind of mind set. Well there are not enough reasons why they shouldn’t think like this, as all the top 10 sports shoe brands have created such a galactic persona about themselves that it has become extremely hard to overlook them.

It’s not that, all these best sports shoe brands are only about glamour and face value, it’s actually their sheer dedication towards creating brilliant quality shoes which has brought them here. They have mastered the art of creating perfect shoes, which are comfortable, durable and beautiful to look at. It’s not just the playing field where these top notch shoes can be used; they can go very nicely with your casual pair of denims as well. These sports shoes are best apt for running or maybe accompanying you to your gym and apart from that the top 10 shoe brands of the world produce specialized shoes for different sports like soccer shoes, basket ball, tennis, golf and many more. Here goes a list of all such amazing shoe brands which know how to take care of your feet very well.

#10 Supra

The first name in my list of best shoe brands is Supra, a company launched by a die-hard skateboarder, Angel Cabada. The USP of this brand lies in the unique coloring and designing of its shoes. They use mix and match multiple vibrant colors in order to give their shoe a completely different and exotic look. Initially people didn’t take their designs seriously but once they started selling like hot cakes in the market, everyone had to take notice of them. For skateboarders this brand is a paradise, they can get all sorts of shoes which are designed keeping only skateboarding in mind. Even for running purpose, these shoes are pretty decent; buy them if you want some extra funk in your life.

company started by Angel Cabada

#9 Asics

Coming in at the ninth spot is this Japanese company, Asics, founded in the year 1949. What is your first priority when you are out, looking for sports shoes? Generally, for majority of the people its comfort and that is what Asics top priority has always been. Apart from providing excellent level of comfort, these shoes are extremely durable as well. They have the ability to go on for years without getting roughened out. Its shoes uses very secure foam which will help your feet be in the most comforting situations even when the going is tough on the outside. The credibility of this brand can be easily judged just by the fact that in the past it has been associated with the Australian cricket team as its official partner.

one of the best brands

#8 Vans

Many of you sports shoe fanatics must be surprised seeing Vans in the list of top shoe brands but there is a reason why I have included Vans in this list. Shoes are no longer restricted to factors like comfort level and durability, with the majority of consumers being youngsters, style quotient has become an integral part. In terms of uniqueness of its shoes, you can easily relate Vans to flexible tops and sticky soles. The best part about Vans shoes are, they can go with almost everything, whatever you are wearing, you can find a Vans pair to match with it. This style factor is not just restricted to boys, girls also have a huge collection in front of them, and I think there are not many brands which have as big a collection as Vans when it comes to the category of sports shoe for girls.

a good brand for sports shoes

#7 Converse

Converse is a century old brand, established by Marquis Mills Converse. This company started by manufacturing tennis shoes before it discovered its ability to produce top notch shoes for other sports as well. Converse is best known for its basket ball sneakers, the affinity of this brand with basket ball has always been very strong. This is the reason why it was associated with NBA for a long time and the great legends of the game like Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan were its reputed customers. In the recent past they have shifted their focus from the sports arena to the fashion industry and I have to say, they are doing pretty well, its shoes are cool and stylish, and can be used both for running as well as casual wear.

known for its great range of shoes

#6 New Balance

New Balance is a company which is all about performance and that is the reason why it is being ranked above the likes of Asics and Converse. Most of its shoes are designed for extreme usage, like in the case of marathons or sports where heavy duty shoes are required. Athletes generally go for New Balance shoes when it comes to training and gym. In spite of the fact that this company is not so much into advertisements, it has managed to create a very loyal fan base all across the world. In terms of price, you may have to shed a few extra bucks if want to own a pair of these amazing shoe, but the quality which you get in return is totally worth the money.

all about performance

#5 Fila

This Company was established in Italy in the year in 1911 and from the starting days only it tasted the sweet flavor of success but that couldn’t continue forever. The shoes which it manufactured in the early years became an instant hit with the masses. Later when it was endorsed by the sporting legends like Bjorn Borg and Boris Becker, Fila reached its all time high. Fila no longer belong to Italy, it is a Korean company now and is still doing very well in the global market. In the recent past, Fila has diversified a lot, it is not just sports shoes which it manufactures, it also produces clothing and sports apparel.

very popular and affordable

#4 Reebok

Now it’s time for the heavyweight companies to star in this list of best sports shoe brands, the first one being Reebok. This company was started as a result of the desire of its founder, J.W. Foster to create spiked shoes, as there were none at that time. Thus began the illustrious legacy of this brand which has achieved numerous milestones in its long journey leading up to today. The most recent model which created a huge wave in the market was its zig-tech line of shoes, they are flexible, comfortable and an absolute delight to wear. Another thing which works hugely in favour of this brand is its affordable price. The low price range played a very crucial role in helping Reebok establish a good market for itself in the Asian and African region.

heavyweight company in the list

#3 Puma

Number three in the list is Puma, a German brand which is very much visible in the International football and basketball circuit. Puma shoes are stylish in their very own different ways. It’s just the pattern and coloring which I am talking about, it’s the entire design and concept behind the shoes which separates Puma from its counterparts. Apart from the games which I mentioned above, Puma also makes racing outfits and shoes for formula one car drivers. Over the years Puma has sponsored many huge sporting events and has also been the official partner of many giant clubs. Puma Ikonis is perhaps one of the best pair of sports shoes I have right now and trust me, they are a delight to wear.

a German brand  of sports shoes

#2 Nike

It was a tough call for me, putting Nike in the second position instead of first. I felt Nike lacked a little when it came to global reach. In terms of quality, cutting edge technology and the fibre used, there is no brand which can defeat Nike, though being equivalent to them is possible but defeating them convincingly, I don’t think so. The range of shoes which Nike has under its banner is simply amazing, from running to sports like tennis, soccer, football to even shoes just for casual wear, you have it all. If you look at its clientele list, it includes huge names like LeBron James, Sebastian Coe and Carl Lewis. Nike shoes are a little more expensive and you may have to stretch your budget a little to fit in a pair of Nike shoes.

maker of quality sports shoes

#1 Adidas

Ruling the industry of the sports shoe brands is Adidas, a name which is familiar to everyone no matter from where they belong. Adidas is undoubtedly the most popular brand in the world when it comes to sports shoes. They are no other brand like Adidas which has articulated the desire to produce flawless shoes with the utmost level of comfort. Through some intensive advertisement campaigns and of course, quality goods, they have managed to reach every household. This company has a special love for football, which is easily visible through its huge collection of soccer boots. Almost all the famous sportsperson from the football field are associated with this brand, be it Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Kaka or Zinedine Zidane. Adidas is the brand which the big boys go for, when it comes to the best sports shoes.

number one in the list

These are the brands to which the credit should go to, for the way sports shoes are being manufactured today. Over the decades they have completely transformed the face of this industry. Apart from few, most of these top 10 shoe brands can easily fit within ones budget. Be it for running or any particular sport, you don’t have to look beyond these best shoe brands to serve your purpose, every category of sports shoes is being beautifully covered by them.

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