Top 5 Chips brands: The best snack in the world

Top 5 Chips brands: The best snack in the world

There is nothing better than lying on your couch and watching your favorite game while munching over a huge bag of crispy potato chips. Yes, in this article I will be talking about some of the crunchiest and most delicious chips brands in the world. Being the number one snack in the world, chips have their reach in every country of the world. It’s been more than a century and a half since we people started eating chips. Without doubt, this industry is at an all time high today. Seeing the way these best chips brands are being consumed, I don’t think they are ever going to go out of the picture. It’s a big billion dollar business and the star wars or I should say the most popular chips brands in this business are –

#5 Utz


My list starts with this American company Utz, one of the largest snack companies in United States. Though it tastes delicious, it cannot be ranked any higher than the fifth position in this list of top 5 chips brands. The reason behind this fact is that its popularity is very much limited to USA. If you look in terms of worldwide business, then Utz fails to make a mark. This doesn’t take anything away from this delightful company. Its chips are very addictive. Once you have them, then it becomes very difficult to stay away from them. Apart from chips, this brand also produces some other snack foods like tortilla chips, pretzels, popcorn, sunflower chips, pork rinds, dips and crackers. All of them are wonderful to munch on, a great brand for Americans indeed.

a good brand for chips

#4 Ruffles

Coming in at number fourth position is Ruffles, a brand which has been manufacturing chips under the Frito-Lay company since 1958. What I like the most about its chips is that they are very light and you get the perfect amount of flavours from them. The salt content is also kept down so that it doesn’t get icky like some other chips brands. The best way to enjoy a packet of ruffles chips is with an onion dip, it’s a beautiful combination. Some of its most famous flavours are cheddar and sour cream, buffalo wing, paprika, sour cream and onion and, honey mustard. You can also try loaded chilli and cheese if you are looking for something hot and spicy.

very light  and full of flavors

#3 Doritos

Maybe you haven’t tasted it yet but there is no chance that you have not heard of Doritos. Courtesy their intense promotion campaigns and unique television commercials, Doritos has made its way to every household. It’s not just because of the advertisements that I have given it the third rank, it tastes yum too. If you are a fan of light snacks then Doritos is the way to go. The flavours are so beautifully mixed with the cheesy texture that it becomes almost impossible to get enough of it. If you like it once then I don’t think you can ever get tired of eating it. It is not one of those brands which try to dominate the essence of thin crisp chips. Some of you might argue that Doritos is not exactly chips but I would beg to differ, though it’s a little different but it still falls under the umbrella of ‘chips’.

for the fans of light snacks

#2 Pringles

Pringles is famous all over the world for its tennis ball can like packaging with a picture of Julius Pringles with his huge moustache on it. Currently owned by the Kellog Company, Pringles is known both for its classic and simple flavours as well as its exotic and wild collection of chips. Pringles releases some of its flavours under limited period offer to increase the interest level of the public and this idea works very well for this brand. Some of its popular flavours are cinnamon sugar, chilli cheese dog, seaweed and my personal favourite sour cream and onion. I always keep a can of it at my home. These are chips at its best, easily getting the second spot in the list of best chips brands.

a popular brand

#1 Lay’s

Now it’s time to talk about the number one chips brand in the world, Lay’s, I think you might have guessed it at the starting of the article itself. The dominance of Lay’s chips in the market is such that the difference between the first spot and the second spot is humungous. Owned by PepsiCo Inc., Lay’s is the most popular brand of chips across the world. As a result of its crispy and mouth watering chips and some smart advertising campaigns, this brand sells the maximum packets of chips every year. Its popularity is only increasing day by day, though it faces little competition from its counterparts, Lay’s still manages to keep its nose ahead on all occasions. Some of the most famous flavours by this brand are barbecue and salt and pepper.

classic taste that everyone likes

These were some of the best chips brands in the world. If you are looking for a small light snack at any point of the day then what better than having a bag of one of these wonderful chips brands. If you have not tried them yet, then what are you waiting for, they are out everywhere in the market. These brands are up for the grabs, it’s your turn to get a bite of some crusty fried potato chips.

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