10 Brilliant watches which are the actual ‘conversation starters’

10 Brilliant watches which are the actual ‘conversation starters’

What is the best way to break an awkward silence or shrug off the lingering tension lying in the air?

You can crack a stupid joke, talk about something completely silly and irrelevant or simply pretend that everything is completely cool. All these things can make the situation even trickier rather than simplifying it. Here is what you can do, keep calm, flaunt your watch, and let the watch do all the talking.

Yes, your watch can be an absolute saviour in such situations. They can act as the perfect conversation starters and help you break the ice without looking dumb and idiotic. All you need is that one watch which can bail you out and help you move into your comfort zone. Be it for your blind date or a visit to your old uncle’s home. Here are those 10 watches which you must have to make your talk easier.

#10 Bradley Classic Black Mesh – Till now we knew that if we want to know the time, we need to have a look at our watch. But here you can actually get to feel the time rather than see it. The two ball bearings present in the watch will help you find out the time just by touching them, you don’t even have to look down. Its black and its unique.

#9 Wooden Murf Watch by Nixon – Some people like vintage and some like modern, here is something which is a blend of both. Half of the watch looks wooden and the other half is being crafted in vintage style. You don’t need to have a better thing to talk about if you are an owner of this contemporary watch.

#8 Oulm Luxury Sport Military Quartz Watch – This is a very unique Chronograph watch by Invicta, the three dials are aligned in a triangular fashion giving the watch a very raw look. It is made up of stainless steel and comes along with a brown leather strap. It looks very sturdy and hence will go very well with masculine guys. The best part about this watch is that it’s cheap.

#7 Silver Saturn Watch by Ziiiro – As the name indicates, the watch has a very galactic touch to it. If you are not looking for something completely outrageous but instead, something which is more subtle and yet has a different flavour to it, then this is the watch for you. It’s a fancy watch which will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

#6 Xeric Xeriscope Halo All Black Automatic – If you are fan of watches which clearly showcases their mechanism then you are looking at the right place. This timepiece by Xeric is bound to raise to raise questions in the minds of the people about the classic aesthetics which are so elegantly displayed. The mechanism looks right at your face, a total classic.

#5 Sony Smart Watch – I know Sony is not a brand which people look up to when it comes to watches but this one can definitely change your perception. You can check messages, take calls or even tweet while sitting in your classroom with this watch. You can blabber on and on if you start telling about the features of this watch, a perfect conversation starter.

#4 Kisai Seven LED Watch by TokyoFlash Japan – This watch is capable of giving an impression to the person that you are coming right out of a James Bond movie. It’s a futuristic watch which will perplex you in every possible way. Get a piece of it if you are a true Tron fan.

#3 Youyoupifa Mens Mechanical Skeleton Watch – If you have this watch around your wrist, the first impression which anyone will have of you if is, Jesus! He must be damn rich!! Yes, this is the kind of reaction you can expect from people. The reality is that this watch doesn’t cost a bomb; all you need is $14 to own this timepiece. Value for money?…Bang on.

#2 Mr. Jones Analagon – Here is something light and fresh for everyone, this watch by Mr. Jones has a beautiful vibe to it. In this case it’s the simplicity of the watch that is going to win your heart. The watch has some bright colors along with few basic designs to give itself a very innocent look. This watch can be a perfect conversation starter and that too with a smile.

#1 Timeless by Timothy Yin and Oliver Lehtonen – What is the basic purpose of a watch, to display time, right? I wish I could agree but this watch fails to serve this requirement but still falls under the category of timepieces. As you can infer from the name, this watch is actually timeless. But none the less, it efficiently does the job which we are talking here and that is, spark a conversation.

These were some of the most brilliant and unique watches created by man, which have the potential to start off a conversation anywhere and everywhere.

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