Best Slipper Brands In The World For This Summer

Best Slipper Brands In The World For This Summer

The summer is on, and there is no outfit more suited than a pair of shorts teamed up with some funky flip flops. And it goes for both guys and girls. Whether it’s hitting the beach or having your Sunday brunch in a nearby cafe, the top 5 slipper brands in the world will make sure that you rock that casual look. We may not always be choosy when buying slippers as compared to when buying shoes as we ignore the fact that it’s the slippers we will be using more. Slippers are comfy, casual and a perfect match for jeans, chinos, shorts, track pants and even boxer shorts or underwear at home.

The top 5 slipper brands in the world will make sure that you get the perfect combination of style and comfort. And the money which you will be spending on these top brands and products will be way lesser than what you might spend on maybe snickers or loafers. The best slipper brands in this list are popular and you can easily spot them all across America. Here goes the list of top 5 slipper brands which will rule this summer –

#5 Steve Madden – Kicking off the countdown is Steve Madden with its massive collection of footwear. Girls will find great options in Steve Madden for buying any kind of flats, flip flops or slip-ons, even in a tight budget. For guys the options get restricted to some leather based slippers and few other casuals. But the quality which it offers makes this brand stand taller in front of other companies which may have more options, but the products fail to reach the benchmark. Overall a great brand which sticks to simplicity and deliver where it matters the most.

#4 Sperry Top-Sider – Sperry Top-Sider is the brand responsible for the inception of boat shoes. Ever since 1935, they have been looked been upon as one of the pioneers in the footwear industry. The everyday wear slippers by this company are pretty popular among kids and teens, reason for it being the vibrant colors and unique prints used in the products. They are incredibly catchy, and performance wise also they are among the sturdier lot. You can imagine there popularity level by the simple fact that a lot of public schools have allowed Sherry’s shoes to be used in the uniform. That’s some serious market reach out!

#3 Nike – Hard base, broad straps, fine line of stitching near the edges and a small tick mark on the strap, that’s a classic Nike flip flop defined for you. I have been huge fan of this brand ever since I was a kid, be it the jerseys, running shoes, cleats or slippers, I love it all.  Being the huge multinational corporation Nike is, it produces everything related to sports, be it equipments, jerseys, apparel or footwear. Nike offers the biggest collection of flip flops and slippers to both men and women. You can all kinds of designs in all kind of colors. The popularity level of Nike is such that you will find its stores all across the world.  Getting a pair of slippers from Nike can never be a problem.

#2 Michael Kors – Established in the year 1981, Michael Kors has climbed up the ladder at a great pace in the fashion industry. Famous for its line of watches and handbags, Michael Kors backs a punch when it comes to manufacturing slippers and flip flops as well. The super soft and extremely comfortable nature of its product is alone capable of making it a popular name in the list top slipper brands of the world. In terms of pricing, they are a bit on the steeper side, but the quality which you get in return makes it totally worth the money. You can always find every other person wearing a Nike on the streets, but you won’t find every other person wearing a Michael Kors, it’s exclusive.

#1 Crocs – Coming to the number one name in the list of best slipper brands in the world, Crocs has redefined flip-flops. People now see flip flops in a completely new light. You cannot find anything more comfortable for your feet than a pair of crocs. Crocs are available in more than 20 colors, and also in various color combinations. A lot of companies have also tried to rip off the unique Crocs design, modify it slightly, and present as their own, but have failed miserably in doing so. Crocs even filed cases against 10+ companies over copyright issues. Over the few years, this brand has created its own dedicated fan base, which is massive. And it has helped Crocs in creating a separate kingdom for itself in the flip flop industry.

Now you know which brands to go after when you are out shopping for a new pair of slippers. These brands are among the best in the business, and most of them are easily affordable also. There are other brands as well which have some nice slippers to offer, but when compared to the top 5 slipper brands, they fall short at some level or the other. You never go for the ordinary when you know you can have the best.

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