Top 10 Pizza Chains In The US

Top 10 Pizza Chains In The US

It’s not only Europe which is obsessed with pizzas, the top 10 pizza chains in US has made the whole drool over it. From classic Margherita to the colourful four seasons, you get all kinds of pies from the best pizza brands in the world, as a majority of them are not restricted to America. The pizza joints are pretty popular all across the country and these are the places which never run in loss. Kids love it, teens love it and so does adults. The pizza industry is a multi-billion dollar business courtesy it’s immense popularity all over America.

Another factor which attracts people to the top 10 pizza chains is their affordability. Compared to a regular dinner at a fancy restaurant, the pizza chains are way cheaper. They may not be the healthiest food, but sure are as delicious as it could get.

This is the best gift from Italy to America.

There are some small pizza chains in the country as well like Hungry Howie’s and Jet’s pizza, but when compared to big guns, their size is reduced to molehills. It will be a challenge to not order a pizza by the time you finish the article, so let’s see how you do and how the top 10 pizza chains in US are doing.

#10 CiCi’s Pizza

CiCi's pizza

Starting the countdown to the best pizza chain in America is CiCi’s pizza, a buffet restaurant chain in more than 35 states. Unlike some other brands in this list, Cicis offer a lot more than only pizzas, it’s pastas, soups and salads are also loved dearly. The Texas based company has very moderately priced menu. Here you can have great pizza buffets at more than reasonable prices. They are currently into the phase were a lot of ideas are being tried and some serious remodelling of the brand is done.

#9 Uno Chicago Grill

best pizza

Established in the year 1943 as Pizzeria Uno, this brand has been innovating since the day one. Ike Sewell, the person who opened this chain is known for his revolutionary Chicago pie which had heavy cheese piled on a buttery crust and was baked for almost an hour. What started as a great journey, didn’t turn out to be the smoothest of one’s as it even faced bankruptcy at a time only emerge strongly after a few months. If you are full of Uno Chicago Grill’s pizza, check out their sandwiches, they are brilliant.

#8 Papa Murphy’s

top pizza brands

Papa Murphy’s has one of the most interesting and unique concepts ever in the pizza industry. It’s called ‘Take N Bake’. Here you decide your pizza, then they go ahead make it from scratch, but they leave out the last part which is baking. The freshly made pizza is handed over to you, and then you can bake it at your own convenience. This concept cannot be called a total hit, as some people don’t like paying for a pizza and then baking it themselves as well. Papa Murphy’s is the 5th largest pizza chain in US with around 1500 joints in all the states.

#7 Little Caesars Pizza

little caesars pizzas

“Pizza Pizza!” that’s the phrase by which brand is identified in the whole world. Founded by the couple Marian and Mike Ilitch in the year 1959, Little Caesars Pizza has always been very clear of its priorities which most often than not has been giving pizzas at unimaginable prizes. They work on low profit margins, making it incredibly difficult for its competitors to match up with its prizes. And they do it without sacrificing much on the quality part, making it a special brand in list of best pizza chains in US. Even a $5 bill will be sufficient to get a pizza from Little Caesars pizza.

#6 Sbarro

sbarro pizzas

Number 6th in the list of most popular pizza places in America is Sbarro, an American brand which directly traces its root to Italy. Sbarro is a globally recognized brand with its stores in more than 30 countries. You can easily spot them malls serving their extremely quick service pizzas. If you are looking for huge pizzas made from hand stretched dough, Sbarro is the brand to go for. Though at times you may find this company a little expensive, as it charges more for a slice than what you would generally pay for the entire pizza anywhere else. But the taste negates the price, they are super cheesy and damn tasty.

#5 Ledo Pizza

ledo pizza

If you look in terms of the number of stores Ledo Pizza has, you may get the impression that it is an ordinary brand, but it’s not. This company is well known for its square pizzas. They have a thin crust layered with regular sauce and toppings. Another famous item of this brand is Fettuccini Bolognese, an entree which is made using a secret family recipe. Ledo Pizza has one of the most loyal fan bases ever, which is also one of the prime reasons for putting this brand at the 5th position in the list of top 10 pizza chains in America.

#4 Domino’s

domino's pizza

Since we are on the topic on innovation, there is little match in the market for Domino’s on that subject. Domino’s brought the path breaking concept of ’30 minutes or free’. Even after this concept was introduced, none of its competitors could adopt is as they incapable of automating the whole pizza making process like Domino’s. Domino’s has a great market penetration all across the world, in fact it’s most selling pizza brand is large parts of Asian and African market. A reason for that are great marketing campaigns and very affordable prizes.

#3 California Pizza Kitchen

California pizza kitchen pizzas

Many would rate California Pizza Kitchen below Domino’s because of one main reason – it’s not as big as Domino’s. But that is not the sole criteria which I am taking into account for rating the best pizza chains in US. If that would have been the case, Ledo Pizza wouldn’t have even featured here.  I love California Pizza Kitchen for the innovation it brings on the table. Some of its unique and extremely popular pizzas are barbecue chicken, Habanero Carnitas, California Club and Thai chicken pizza. Great variety and great taste!

#2 Pizza Hut

pizza hut US

As we are climbing up the ladder, the completion is getting tougher. Missing the first position in the list of top 10 pizza brands, Pizza Hut is the brand which made pizza super cool all across the world. With its roof painted in classic red color, Pizza Hut has some of the most incredible pizzas under its belt like Stuffed Crust pizza, P’Zone, two crusted Priazzo and Cheesy Bites Pizza. Pizza Huts generates the highest revenue out of all the amazing chains in this list, making a gigantic brand and also extremely hard for anyone to compete with it.

#1 Papa John’s

papa john's best pizza

It was a tough call, but Papa John’s has to be the best pizza chain in America. With more than 4,200 locations across 50 states of the country, Papa John’s is a symbol of purity. By purity I mean, the never frozen ingredients, fresh dough, and freshly chopped vegetables. Papa John’s was also the first pizza chain to start taking online orders, making it more convenient for people to get the pizzas at their doorsteps. Papa John’s has some extremely exotic pizzas to offer as well like the Papa’s Italian Chicken Sausage and Double Bacon 6-Cheese pizza. They are simply the best!

I know how hard it must be reading about such mouth watering pizzas, I am craving for one too. If you are in a decent neighbourhood, chances are that all the top 10 pizza brands outlets are located within a 5 mile radius. Yes, they are that popular. All you have to do it is grab your phone and order one of these mind blowing pizzas from the best pizza chains in US, and I am also going now to take care of my cravings. See ya!


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