Best Soccer Ball Brands – Play Like A Pro

Best Soccer Ball Brands – Play Like A Pro

Don’t worry! This article is not specifically for professional football players, but also for those who like hitting the playground only on a Sunday afternoon with friends/family. Picking the best football ball can be a little tricky at times as there are so many brands at display in any sports store you visit. For a soccer ball to be perfect, a lot of things need to be ticked in the check list before you can say, ‘yea, this is it’. It includes type of material used, weight, aerodynamics, bouncing, sphericity, air pressure retention and water uptake.

A brand which masters all these traits for a large number of its products (including the ones below 20$ and 10$) can be given the tag of top football ball brand. As you would expect, it’s the big sports gear companies running the show here, but the question still remains which one is better among the best. Based on criterions like brand recognition, quality control, customer satisfaction, following is the list of top 5 companies in the world which manufacture the best soccer balls at all levels.

#5 Mitre

mitre footballs

Starting off the list is the world’s oldest sports brand with over two centuries of experience in the business – Mitre. The company was started in England with rugby balls and footballs, and it continues to specialize in these two categories and even netball to some extent. Mitre footballs are widely used during practices and at an amateur level, though it’s Delta Hyperseam is played with in competitive leagues as well.  Mitre has always been on the subtler side in the marketing department, which is also one the reasons for it falling behind the likes of some other blue whales in this industry.

#4 Under Armour

under armour footballs

The American company has showed immense improvement in the past couple of decades in the manufacturing of sports accessories. The footballs produced under this label are also looked upon as among the finest soccer balls in the world. My only concern with Under Armour is the price tag that comes along with its products, more often than not it’s a little over priced or you can say on a steeper side. But if money is not a big factor for you, then Under Armour is definitely a brand which you can for.

#3 Puma

best football balls

Puma started its journey with a small shoe factory in a German village, and has today become one of the pioneers in the industry. Puma has a reputation of having football stars like Pele, Maradona, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, etc. associated with it which has helped it tremendously in gaining mass popularity. Some of its famous line of soccer balls includes Evopower and Country Fan Ball. Puma is also popular for its wide range of soccer cleats. To be honest they sometimes steel focus from some of its other amazing products. Overall, one of the best brands for soccer balls or any other football related accessory.

#2 Nike

nike balls

Coming in at the penultimate position is Nike, the largest sportswear brand. With probably the coolest tagline in the world, ‘just do it’, Nike is a household name in almost every part of the world, and not just in America, where it all started. Nike has been chosen as the official ball supplier for several club leagues around the globe, which include the most popular ones like English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga. You don’t need a better proof than this. Nike has always been technologically a step ahead of its counterparts which helped in building up the brand, and also have a few patents in its name. They deserve it!

#1 Adidas

adidas football

Sitting proudly at the top is the best soccer ball brand in the world which has wowed everyone time and again with its quality and charisma. Footballs by Adidas have been associated with major tournaments for a long time, be it Jabulani for 2010 FIFA World Cup or the Finale Milano for UEFA Champions League, 2016. The way Adidas has branded and marketed itself, people see it symbolic to quality sports gear and equipment. A significant presence in all major sporting events has also helped Adidas in achieving the tag of the coolest sports brand in the world. Be it a kid or an adult, you automatically get attracted towards the three stripes. Another amazing thing about its footballs is they are easily affordable, unless you specifically want to go for the higher end soccer balls.

Now that you know which football to go for, strap on your boots and hit the pitch. The top 5 football ball brands also have mastery in producing other football gears, feel free to explore. There are jerseys, cleats, shin guards, but more on that later, for now, go and get yourself the perfect football from these best soccer ball brands of the world.

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