Top 10 Bicycle Brands In The World

Top 10 Bicycle Brands In The World

If you want to stay fit in the modern era of automobiles and technology, the simplest way to go about is bicycles, and I mean it literally. The top bicycle brands in the world are exploring every possible avenue to make their products stand out from the rest and make people fall in love with them. One of the most common vehicles around the world, bicycles, are used and loved by everyone. And why shouldn’t be, after all they are cheaper, lighter, pollution free and ensure a healthy way of living.


The top 10 bicycle brands which I will be discussing here are currently the global leaders in manufacturing top notch bikes which are technologically advanced and designed keeping the need of the audience in mind. Most of these brands target the younger crowd hence they produce a series of mountain bikes which are fashionable, extremely attractive to look at and have super cool features. The best companies may not exactly fall under the category of cheap bicycle brands, but they are still very much affordable. At the end of the day it all depends on which model you want to buy, if you are looking for a basic bicycle then going for the following best bicycle brands in the world shouldn’t be a problem.

#10 Marin

marin bicycle

Established in the year 1986 by Bob Buckley in California, Marin is known for its mountain bikes. One of the most popular brands in the USA, Marin bikes generally come along with a lot of products and accessories in order to provide something extra to the consumers. There is no doubt about the fact that their bicycles are high quality, but the prices at which they come, is a big turn off. Not all, but I feel a lot of their products are a bit overly priced and that is the reason why it at the 10th spot and not higher in this list.

#9 Merida

best merida bicycle

Merida is a Taiwan based company, well known for its technically advanced bicycles, and it is all because of the extremely talented engineer who started this company – Ike Tsung. With 5 factories around the world, this company makes more than 2.2 million bicycles in a year. You can find its products in 77 countries, making it an international brand by all means. Merida has also sponsored several famous athletes from the bike racing circuit like Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja and Jose Hermida, in the past.

#8 Kona

top kona bike

Kona is another company specializing in creating perfect mountain bikes. But unlike many other best bicycle brands, they focus extensively on their female audience as well. With attractive colors and beautiful designs, Kona does come as one of the favourite bicycle brands for the girls. What I like the most about Kona is that they provide value for money, which is a very important aspect for any product in any field. You may get the same bicycle with same features and almost the same quality at half the price of probably what Marin is selling at. Isn’t that a big plus point?

#7 Scott

best bikes 2016

Scott is a true pioneer in the industry of bicycle making. Over the years, the Swiss brand has made remarkable innovations which kept changing the way in which bicycles were manufactured. Their most significant contribution till date has been the clip on aerodynamic handlebar which also helped Greg LeMond in winning the Tour de France in 1989. Apart from bicycles, they manufacture skiing equipments as well, which was actually how the brand started off.

#6 Cannondale

best cannondale bikes

Coming from Canada, Cannondale’s prime priority is looks. They focus extensively on making the best bicycles in the world, but with a twist. They try to make their products as unique as possible, hence creating a distinct niche for themselves. Many of their models have oversized Aluminium frames and broad tyres in order to make the bicycle robust. Like Krona, Cannondale bicycles are also affordable, I would say more than Krona, making it a popular name in every household of Canada and America. Consider them if you have a tight budget, and they won’t disappoint you.

#5 Trek

trek bikes

As you can understand by the name, Trek is a brand tailor made for people who love riding those cool mountain bikes. They sell their bicycles under many different brand names like Gary Fisher, Diamant Bikes, Bontrager, Villiger Bikes and a few more. Founded in the 1976, Trek has come a long way in the past four decades, now they have managed to put their feet in 90 countries, tapping a huge section of the global market. Generally their bicycles are decently priced, but there a couple of bikes by Trek which rank in the list of most expensive bicycles in the world, and are used only by professionals.

#4 GT

best bikes 2016

Till now the names you have come across in this list of top 10 bike brands focussed majorly on mountain bikes, but not GT. They manufacture excellent BMX bicycles, and in case you are looking at something very regular then they have a large collection of road bikes from where you can choose from. The trademark of GT is their ‘triple triangle’ design which turned out to be a major game changer as it reduced the vibrations to a great extent. GT has always been involved with major sporting events like the Summer Games in 1966 where they dished out their ‘Superbike’ gaining severe attention and popularity.

#3 Specialized


specialized bikesAs we move towards the top in the countdown of best bicycle brands, you will notice that it is more about innovation and doing it first, than anything else. Specialized has made significant contributions at almost every phase. Initially it was through their high performance bikes, which is still their USP, then through the iconic models – Sequoia and Allez, and later on with ‘Stumpjumper’. They have a brilliant range of lower end models as well, which are manufactured keeping in mind the amateurs and newbies of cycling.

#2 Santa Cruz

best bicycle brands santa cruz

Another brand from California, the immense popularity of this brand has been of the key reasons behind putting it up at the second spot in the rankings of top 10 bicycle brands. Some of their most famous models have been ‘Tazmon’, ‘Juliana Cushtail’ and ‘Bantam’. Santa Cruz has achieved mass popularity in probably the shortest span of time. A lot of credit goes to the marketing team of this company for branding Santa Cruz in such a way that people instantly started thinking of it as their first option.

#1 Giant

top bicycle brand giant

Giant stands gigantically tall in front of all the other top bicycle brands of the world. They are the leaders in every category and section which can possibly exist related to bicycles. Be it for kids, amateur mountain bikers, professionals or Olympic racers, Giant produces bicycles for everyone. Like Marin and many other brands here, these are quiet expensive, but the quality you get in return is unparalleled, which is how it should be. The Taiwanese company has a revenue of around US$ 2 billion, way ahead of all its counterparts.

If you are on the lookout for buying a new bicycle, then now you can easily choose from the above mentioned list of top 10 bicycle brands. Based on your budget and requirements, the best bicycle brands give you plenty of options to pick from. Cycling is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle and the best bikes of the world let you enjoy this lifestyle to the fullest.


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