Best Car Tire Brands In The World

Best Car Tire Brands In The World

The global tire manufacturing industry is extremely competitive and intimidating. Competitive because the top 7 car tire brands leave no stone unturned to outrun their competitors, and intimidating because the industry is so heavily dominated by few of the best tire brands that new companies don’t even think of entering this business. Here either the companies are top notch or does not exist at all, of course it’s not applicable everywhere, there are exceptions.

I will be ranking the top car tire brands based on the technology embedded in them, global recognition, quality, performance and production & sales volume.

There is no doubt about the fact that tires play a very important role in the performance of your car. Things like gas mileage, smoother ride, good traction and less noise, all are a result of great set of tires. It’s important to ensure that the tires are in good health at all times, and if they are not, necessary steps should be taken to get them fixed. Ultimately it all depends heavily on the brand which you go for, the better the company, it’s more likely that better will be the performance. So let’s find out which the top car tire brands in the world –

#7 Yokohama

yokohama tires

You cannot rule out Japan when the discussion is even remotely close to technology, and Yokohama proves that here. The Japanese company makes durable tires which are known for lasting long. If you are in a cold region then Yokohama can be a superb option as their winter tires are excellent in quality. If you are a football fan, you might have noticed the logo of this brand on the jersey of Chelsea FC. Apart from football they participate actively in various international car championships and rallies.

#6 Pirelli

best tire brands

This list of best tire brands is probably the most diverse list in terms of the origin place of the brand. Almost every other brand comes from a different nation, this one is from Italy. Pirelli is amazing with it’s all terrain tires. People who travel a lot in their cars and explore new places, generally go for Pirelli as their tires can very well take on snow, rain, sand, heat and bumpy tracks. If you having those high end cars like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, then Pirelli can be a great match for them.

#5 Hankook

hankook best tires

Coming from South Korea, Hankook is the 7th largest tire company in the world. On an average they produce 92 million tires every year. There most famous products till date which have helped Hankook in creating a mark for itself, and they are – bias-ply tires and radial tires. Apart from producing tires, the company also manufactures other essential parts of the like brake pads, alloy wheels and batteries. Its products are pretty economical as well, making it fall under the category of cheap tire brands, and with great quality.

#4 Goodyear

goodyear top tiers

Bearing the flag of America in this countdown of best tire brands is Goodyear, a household name in the US. People automatically tend to go for this brand because of the image it has created, and is indeed the best tire brand in America. They manufacture tires for all kinds of vehicles, be it cars, motorcycles, light trucks, race cars, heavy earth mover machinery or even airplanes. The thing which has gained them maximum popularity is the Goodyear Blimp, people recognize this brand through it. It’s not just America where they are famous, they have a strong presence in the global market as well.

#3 Continental

best tier brands

It was just a matter of time until a German brand would step up to the podium when all we are talking about is cars, automobiles and tires. Continental started its journey way back in 1871 as a company which only manufactures rubber. The tires by Continental are good for both extremely dry and extremely wet roads, a brilliant option for a place which sees different weather extremes. From a brand with such a reputation and history, you would expect its products to be on the expensive side, but they are not. Most of the tires which they produce are economical can be easily afforded.

#2 Bridgestone

bridgestone tiers

Bridgestone is another entry from Japan, the only country to have brands in this super competitive list of excellent tire brands. Though they are at the second spot, in terms of numbers they are ahead. Out of all companies, Bridgestone manufactures the maximum number of tires in a year. Their very first product was manufactured in 1930, and since then they have come a long way ahead. In terms of technology and innovation Bridgestone is simply amazing. The only sector where they lag a little is durability, and this is what keeps then in the second position instead of the first.

#1 Michelin

best tier brand

Michelin tires have a reputation of simply going on and on, year after year. They just don’t wear out. Beating this French powerhouse in terms of mileage, smooth ride, tread life and grip is almost impossible. They are also one of the most expensive tire brands, but once you install them in your car, you don’t have to worry about them for ages. They are best suited for luxury car brands like Jaguar, BMW and Porsche. Some of the path-breaking contributions by Michelin in this industry are the pneurail (tire for trains), radial tire and removable tire.

You don’t have to look anywhere outside this list if you are thinking of going with one of the best tire brands for your car. There are few other decent tire brands as well, but it doesn’t make sense going for them until and unless you don’t have the above mentioned top car tire brands at your disposal. They give enough options for you to take the best informed decision and drive away in style, leaving behind all doubts and questions.

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