Best Shoe Brand For Women – The One Which Leads Them All

Best Shoe Brand For Women – The One Which Leads Them All

If you have always wondered which is that one shoe brand which all female Hollywood celebrities can’t get enough of, then you will find your answer here. I am talking about a brand which has surpassed top fashion houses from Italy and Paris like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, etc in terms shoe making. If you are thinking that this is a list of best shoe brands for women, then I will have to stop you right now, because it’s not.

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Which brand is it?

Here, I will be talking only about the best shoe brand in the world for ladies, and what makes it stand at the pinnacle.  Still wondering which brand I am talking about?

Well, in that case you will have to wait just a little more.

Unlike other popular ladies shoe brands, this one does not come from the fashion capitals of the world, of course there is more than one. In fact if you trace it’s root, it all started in Asia, to be more specific – Malaysia.

And like Prada which was established in 1913 or Walter Steiger which was founded in 1932, this company isn’t a century old either. It started just a couple of decades back, and within such a short period of time, in terms of luxury shoe brands for women this is a very short period of time, it has escalated to unbelievable heights.

The brand I am talking about is none other than Jimmy Choo. It was founded by a Malaysian designer settled in UK – Jimmy Choo, whom the band is named after and Tamara Melon who was a designer, a businesswoman and the editor of Vogue, before she co-founded Jimmy Choo.

If you are a fan of celebrity reality shows or have been following socialites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, you most certainly would have come across this brand.

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Behind the name

Before I get into explaining what makes the brand so special and why is it at the top, I will like to a very interesting story related to the name of this brand.

Coming from Penang in Malaysia, his original name was supposed to be Jimmy Chow, as Chow was the family name. But due to a blunder mistake in his birth certificate it got spelled as Choo, hence the name Jimmy Choo.

Choo started his career in shoe making from a small shop he opened in an old hospital building in Hackney. The speciality of this brand since the beginning was that all its shoes were handmade, initially by Choo himself. After a couple of years, the brand got covered in Vogue which gave it a major boost, and that can be credited as a huge turning point in the career of this company.

luxury shoe brand for ladies

Princess Charm

Another secret behind Jimmy Choo’s rather instant success was Princess Diana. She openly declared her love for this brand and sported it at almost all key functions and occasions. Being one of the most popular celebrity of that era, Jimmy Choo couldn’t have asked for a better brand ambassador. Ever since then, Jimmy Choo has been among the top preferred shoe brands for women of the elite class.

The luxury class

It doesn’t rank among the regular good quality shoe brands, but is looked upon as a luxury brand. And the luxury tag comes with a heavy price tag. A regular pair of handmade Jimmy Choo shoes can very easily cost you a couple of thousand dollar bills. Though from the past few years, they have released new lines which can be somewhat called ‘affordable’ as they are in the range $500 to $1000.

What exactly to look out for

Some of their most famous shoes till date have been ‘Cindrella Pump’, ‘Storm 110’ and ‘Rox 100’. All these high end shoes are made to order. In case you are wondering how much time it will take to get them delivered at your home, then don’t expect it to be any time before January or February, 2017, unless you are a celebrity, where they do fast forward the requests. The best stilettos by Jimmy Choo are often studded by Swarovski crystals to give an impeccable shiny finish to the shoes.

They have a brilliant collection of boots, flats and wedges as well, in case you are not looking to for the regular high heels. The popular models in these sections are ‘Fearne’, ‘Mason 115’ and ‘Gala’.

top shoe brand for ladies

What separates it from other big guns?

A lot of people would argue over why Jimmy Choo is the best ladies shoe brand and not Louis Vuitton or Manolo Blahnik, which are also great luxury shoe brands for women. There is no denying the fact that either these brands or even other ones like Miu Miu or Christian Louboutin produce mind blowing shoes. But the way Jimmy Choo has been able to maintain its exclusivity factor is what separates it from the others.

When you compare at such high levels, quality cannot be the single factor to determine which one is the best. Other things like brand image, celebrity endorsements, exclusivity and global reach also need to be taken into consideration.

If we take a look at Louis Vuitton, it’s a massive brand. Great legacy, refined products and high end celebrity associations mark this brand. But when it comes to shoes, Louis Vuitton never had them as their top priority. It was always handbags and wallets first, then any other product. So, that is how people look at this brand now. Even though some of its shoes are more luxurious and expensive than Jimmy Choo, ranging as high as $10,000, Jimmy Choo will still hold the edge as it has marketed itself as only a luxury shoe brand and nothing else.

When it comes to the other closest competitor – Manolo Blahnik, again no questions on the quality factor, in fact they probably are the best when it comes to the materials used for shoe making. One of its most popular products is the ‘Blixa Alligator’ which is made up of the finest alligator skin. Where they lag a little is the global presence. Celebrities from Hollywood are sure a fan of Manolo, bit when it comes to other countries apart from America and European nations, Manolo is relatively an unknown brand, and is still trying to find a place for itself in Asian and South American market.

You can also check out the complete list of top 10 shoe brands for women to know more about other brands in this industry.


Success Recipe

Whereas on the other hand when you look at Jimmy Choo, has a strong hold on the luxury market place at almost all the developed nations of the world. A huge credit goes to the marketing strategy of this brand and the numerous awards it has won over the past. Some of the most prestigious ones being British Council Fashion Award, Footwear News Brand of the Year Award and Accessories Council Brand of the Year Award.

If you are looking for something even more exclusive than what’s already there, then you will have to go to Jimmy Choo Couture Limited. This was started by Choo in 2006 as a result of some internal conflicts, after which he decided to move out. In terms of production they are extremely low, and it can even take more than a year to get your product. Even getting to order can be a huge task, as it is only possible to do so by getting an appointment at their store in Connaught Street, London.

The most desirable shoe brand ever

luxury women shoe brands

Coming back to the best shoe brand for ladies, the main Jimmy Choo, it is now that they have started indulging into other sections like handbags, fragrances and accessories. But they do make sure that it does not steal the focus from what they do best – making perfect hand crafted shoes for women.

There is no one factor which determines the success of a brand, but a blend of several factors, and Jimmy Choo has managed to get almost all of them right. In the fashion industry this brand has created a cult fan following for its shoes and women all over the world drool over its shoes. The fact that it’s hard to get, make people go crazy about it, and also contributes in making Jimmy Choo the world’s top shoe brand for ladies.




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