Top 10 Chair Brands In America

Top 10 Chair Brands In America

If you come from the section of working class heroes, you can understand what it takes to sit for long hours in a chair at the office. It’s not only about office. Chairs are something which you have to use every day at some point or the other, either office or home. That’s why you must have one from the top 10 chair brands in the world. A quality chair will ensure that you stay away from spine problems for a long time and have a comfy time in your push back chair.

Most of the products in this list of best chair brands are ergonomic chairs which help a great deal in giving support to the lower back and enhancing good body posture. The chair brands mentioned ahead will be in an affordable range, so don’t worry about budget constraints. But again that depends on what kind of a chair you are looking for, and what features it has. Apart from regular office chairs, the best chair brands also produce products like easy chair, leather chair, arm chair, recliner chair, etc. These brands do not fall under the category of luxury chair brands, that’s a different league all together, I won’t be discussing them here.

Let’s look at the top 10 chair brands available in the market which will make even sitting a bit more interesting.

#10 Bernhardt

best chair brands

Bernhardt is a brand which loves the antique look, and the same thing reflects in its chairs as well. If you look into the section of regular arm chairs, you will find a lot of older designs with a very basic structure. Some of its famous models are Vintage Patina, Pacific Canyon and Antiquarian. If you are looking for typical ergonomic office chairs, then this isn’t the place you should be looking. But if you want a chair to go with your sofa set or a side chair in your bedroom then Bernhardt will be ideally suited for you.

#9 Drexel Heritage

drexel heritage chairs

One of the oldest brands in the list, Drexel Heritage has been manufacturing furniture since 1903. It focuses more on sophistication and elegance, and thrives to give its customers a royal experience. Compared to other brands in this countdown, its chairs are a bit more on the expensive side. Like the previous one, Drexel Heritage also has a limited collection of office chairs, but in the home furnishing department, it’s extremely versatile. In terms of durability, you can have faith in this brand, as its products are for passing on from generation to generation.

#8 Humanscale

top chair brands

Humanscale is the first entry in the list which has a huge collection of office chairs. Most of chairs manufactured by this brand are sleek and sharp. The number of control which have to be manually adjusted are kept at a minimum in almost all its products. It makes the product cleaner and less complicated. You can swivel around smoothly in a Humanscale chair without worrying about back problems, as the material is designed to provide you maximum comfort. You get these chairs in all kinds of designs and styles, making it an extremely common name in the section of best office chair brands.

#7 Baker

best chair brands

One of my favourite names in this list of most amazing chair brands is Baker because of one simple reason. It offers the widest range of categories. When I say widest, it includes barrel chairs, club chairs, slipper chairs, swivel chairs, wing chairs and what not. There are so many designs and looks to choose from, you can easily get lost. From the vintage ones to the modern day office chairs, Baker has it all. One more thing which separates it from a lot of other brands is the space you get in its chairs. It’s always a little more than the standard sizes, making it a favourite for people with large body frames.

#6 Stickley

stickley chairs

The American brand is widely popular for the audacious use of wood in its chairs. If you look at the ratio of the area covered with cushion to the amount wood, it is heavily inclined towards the later. And no doubt it gives a beautiful look to the chair. Stickley takes care of your back very nicely, as the backrest in all its chairs is designed in a way that even if it is a huge chair, the backrest is adjusted to the perfect angle.  Stickley is not so much for the office purposes, but for a classy furniture for your home, it’s a big thumbs up.

#5 Knoll

top chair brands

Coming in at the fifth position is Knoll, a brand which has experimentation in its genes. Knoll has been responsible for introducing people to ultramodern futuristic chairs. One such example is the Generation chair by Knoll. The back material is resilient and flexible, and the shoulder support is springy in nature, giving a very unique experience to the person sitting on it. The bold styling which Knoll is into, has generated a lot of buzz for this brand and helped it in gaining popularity all across the country in a fairly quicker succession of time.

#4 Haworth

haworth chairs

Looks of course matters, but Haworth is one brand for which it always comes as the secondary aspect. The primary being ergonomics and the technology involved. Haworth is not shy of roping in designers from different parts of the world to create the perfect product. The Zody chair by Haworth is the first ever chair to strike an endorsement deal with American Physical Therapy Association. Being ranked fourth in the list of top 10 chair brands in the world, Haworth’s chairs provides great pelvic support and helps significantly in maintaining spinal alignment.

#3 Hooker Furniture

top hooker chairs

Till now the brands which we saw were good with either office chairs or wooden chairs with/without cushions, if talking on a broader level. But with Hooker Furniture, it’s not the same, here you get an amazing range of metallic chairs as well. Be it a side chair or one for your dining table, this brand knows how to cater for all the needs of its customers. Hooker furniture is the perfect blend of classic, contemporary and modern designs, as there is always something for people of every taste.  Check it out, it won’t be long before you find your match.

#2 Steelcase

steelcase chairs

Lying at the penultimate position, Steelcase is one of the most popular chair brands in America. It is known for its simplistic office chairs with great comfort and huge strength. Some of its most sold chairs till now have been the Think Chair and the Leap Chair. Steelcase may not be so much into advance styling, but the chairs have a great deal of fine-tuned comfy level and adjustability. Products like Amia Chair by this brand are fit for both home and office purposes. Being one of the best ergonomic chair brands, you can sit in a Steelcase chair for the whole day without risking your back and spine.

#1 Herman Miller

best chair brands in America

Herman Miller not only produces the best chairs in the world, it is simply a class apart from hundreds of other brands in America. Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller managed to break all records in this industry, and eventually turned out to be a path breaking product. The mesh fabric at the back makes these office chairs more comfortable than almost any other office chair. Some of the other iconic products by Herman Miller include Setu Chair, Sayl Chair, Mirra 2 Chair and Embody chair. At Herman Miller, innovation is at its peak and that is why they churn out such brilliant products. It is undoubtedly the best in the department of office chairs, and as of now, no other brand comes even close.

These were the top 10 chair brands in the world which will easily make their way into offices and homes. There are so many other brands in America as well, but the deals which you get with these best chair brands in unparallel to any other. And they will last way longer than ordinary chair brands. You don’t want to put your money again and again in chairs. With these brands, you buy once, and then sit back and joy.

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