Best Inline Skates Brands In America

Best Inline Skates Brands In America

From the way the skates looks to how efficient its wheels are, everything is taken into consideration when determining the best inline skates brands in America. Unlike large scale mass produced products, inline skates are a niche market, and hence sometimes the availability of a brand will also depend on where you are.  For example you may not get skates from a Chicago based company easily in Montana, hence you need to pick your company smartly. The brand to go for also depends on what your status is, if you are a beginner you won’t go for a $300 skates, it just doesn’t make sense, but if you are a pro, then why not.

Picking up the top 5 inline skates brands was not the easiest of jobs, as a lot parameters had to be taken into consideration like design, strength, availability, brakes, durability, wheels and bearings, value for money, etc. If you are looking to buy a new pair of blades, then this list might solve your problem. Here goes the list of best inline skates brand in the market –

#5 Cardiff

best inline skates

Cardiff skates are the most unique ones in this list. Unlike many others, it uses a Tri-Skate technology which guarantees maximum stability to the skaters. The spring loaded size adjustment system has been patented by Cardiff, it allows easy sizing of blades using only the shoe size. This California based brand is apt for beginners, as the challenge of balancing will be reduced to bare minimum. Cardiff skates are great to look, all credits to it’s out of the box design. And you won’t even have to remove your shoes to ride on these brilliant skates.

#4 Powerslide

top inline skates brands in America



Next in the list is Powerslide, as the name indicates, it is meant to go fast. The liners given in majority of its products are auto-fits and in some cases memory fits, which are more comfortable for your feet as they have those soft pads of gel. Some of its most impressive products are Powerslide R2 and SUV Metropolis Urban Inline Skates. Powerslide skates are designed for skaters who want agility, speed and fun, and almost every product comes along with these characteristics. Powerslide is not so much for the beginners, but a good option for professionals.

#3 Razors

razors inline skates

The third best brand in the list of top 5 inline skates brands, Razors is among those who like sticking to the basics. It will do that one odd experiment once in a while, but otherwise its mostly vanilla. Its blades are sturdy and are meant to be extremely durable. The designs which you get here are more sophisticated and generally come in solid colors. You can decent quality blades under $150 with traditional brakes, and they come in pretty handy. You won’t get the ABTs in this brand, and there is no need of it if you have just started.

#2 K2

K2 inline skates

K2 and the brand coming after this are the prime leaders in the inline skates industry. They have clear dominance over all other brands in this business. Let’s talk about K2 individually. This brand has successfully incorporated the most advanced forms of closure system in its blades. One of them is the Boa system which has a mechanism as that of a spinning dial. What makes K2 so great is that it has products in all budget ranges. Starting from $80, you will find an ocean full of options to pick from.  Some of its best products in the market include Alexis Boa and VO2 90 Boa. K2 also produces some of the best inline skates for women, making it a hit among both the genders.

#1 Rollerblade

best rollerblade skates

The popularity level of Rollerblade can easily be estimated by the simple fact that the brand name has become synonymous to inline skates. Only few brands have achieved such heights of success. Brakes, wheels and bearings, design, color, comfort, balance, everything is top notch with Rollerblade. They use some of the most advanced technologies in their products like ABT brakes and heat moldable liners which provide great comfort and balance to the skaters. It has a huge collection of brilliant products. I cannot name all, so some of them are Twister Pro Urban, Maxxum 90 Urban, Metroblade GM Urban and Tempest 100 C.

I am sure you must be itching to get your hands on these top 5 inline skates brands, because they are worth the attention. Apart from one or two, all the other best inline skates brands give you value for money. You won’t regret buying them as the skates are cool, fast, sexy, and a perfect match for the adrenaline junkies.

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