Top 10 Earphone Brands

Top 10 Earphone Brands

With Apple’s new AirPod breaking the internet, people have suddenly shifted their focus on earphones, and are wondering which are the best earphone brands in the world. First of all I would like to tell you that Apple does not make it to this list. Though their new product is ahead of others in terms of technology, but if you go by quality or value for money, they completely fail to make a mark. I am here to discuss about the top 10 earphone brands whose earbuds give a mind-blowing experience every time they are plugged in.


Most of the companies you will find here are the same which also produce the best headphones in the world. The earphones might look small, but they are as powerful as headphones and sometimes even more. The factors which separate the best from the ordinary are noise cancellation techniques, Bluetooth features, bass quality, and then there are also the design and style aspects. You don’t want earbuds which start hurting your ears after half an hour of plugging them in, they have to be extremely comfortable. The best earbuds in the world make sure you have the perfect combination of quality and comfort, so let’s find out the brands which produce them.

#10 Audio Technica

audio technica in-ear headphones

Starting the countdown is Audio Technica, a Japanese company which is more popular among the professionals, as a lot of their products are designed keeping them in mind. They have some amazing in-ear headphones and they will cost you somewhere around $400. Some of their most popular models in this section are the ‘ATH-E70’, ‘ATH-CKR10’ and ‘ATH-IM02’. At Audio Technica the earphones housings are specially designed to ensure maximum isolation, and the earbuds are custom fit, ensuring high comfort level at all times.

#9 AKG

AKG earplugs

AKG is another band quiet famous among musicians all over the world. Unlike Audio Technica their products come in many vibrant colors and designs. The earphone section is a little on the shallower side, but whatever products are there, are of top quality. The most popular earphones this brand are ‘AKG-Q350’ and ‘AKG-IP2’. These earphones deliver studio quality sound and are amazing to look at. Most of the earbuds they produce are compatible with all kinds of devices, including the iPhones, you can use the same pair for a number of music devices.

#8 Shure

best earphones by Shure

Established in the year 1925, Shure is an American brand which used to supply radio parts kits in its initial years. As far as earphones are concerned, they have a wide variety of options for the customers. The most basic product of this brand in the ‘SE112’, priced at a decent $49, and if you want to go for the high end models, the best one is clearly their ‘SE846’ which comes with a detachable cable and guarantees high-end sound clarity, and you will have to shed $1000 for these babies. I love the transparent look of this model apart from the great quality.

#7 Sony

top sony headphones

Sony is undoubtedly the best earphone brand in the world if popularity is the sole parameter. The Japanese giant produces all kinds of electronic devices and is one of the biggest companies in this industry. They have an infinite range of earbuds which come in all kinds of variations. No matter what your requirements are, you will find something or the other under this brand. They have been a pioneer in the music industry. Who can forget the first ever portable music player, the Walkman launched in 1979, and ever since then they have been coming up several revelations which includes their earphones as well.

#6 Skullcandy

top earphones brands skullcandy

One of the coolest headphone brands in the world, Skullcandy has a huge fan base in the teenage group. The prime reasons for that being affordability. In spite of being among the best headphone brands in the world, Skullcandy isn’t like others in terms of pricing its products. The low budget products, without sacrificing on the quality aspect, have helped this brand in getting mass adopted. For just $100 you can get a great pair of earplugs in funky colors and loud designs.

#5 Beyerdynamic

beyerdynamic earbuds

Like Shure, Beyerdynamic is also one of oldest companies in the world for audio systems, starting in 1924. It has been an iconic brand in the headphone industry courtesy the technologies it has brought in.  A lot of its earphones use extremely powerful neodymium drivers to enhance the bass quality. The earbuds successfully attenuate the ambient noises, resulting in creation of optimum conditions for hearing. A couple of my favourite products by Beyerdynamic are ‘DX 120 iE’ and ‘Byron BTA Wireless’.

#4 JBL

JBL earphones

More popular for its speakers and big sound systems, JBL rocks the earphone industry as well. They have a great collection of in-ear Bluetooth headphones, some of the popular models being ‘Under Armour’ and ‘Reflect Mini BT Stephen Curry Signature Edition’. The extreme popularity of the brand ensures easy access to them in almost any part of the world. JBL earphones fit in all kinds of budgets. In fact most of their products can be easily afforded even if you have a tight budget. The only thing which repels me a little about the brand is the excessive use of the color orange everywhere, which is how they are identified, but I guess that can be compromised for the other nice things JBL offers.

#3 Sennheiser

sennheiser earphones

The super compact earphones by this amazing brand is what I like the most about them. Sennheiser focuses extensively on detailing, which is kind of a must for earphones. The ear adapters come in many different sizes and the hooks are perfectly designed to enhance the comfort level. They have an amazing collection of in-ear headphones, which include water resistant sports models and some highly advanced audiophile systems. Its Bluetooth headsets come with remote controls integrated within the body, the best way to connect your most precious earbuds with the smartphone, isn’t it?

#2 Klipsch

expensive earphone brands

Klipsch produces some of the most expensive earphones in the world and are loved for their high sensitivity. The best earphones by this brand have a brilliant dynamic range, so much so, that you easily distinguish between the components used for producing the sound. The other great thing about its product is that they have a flat frequency response, meaning there will be no adulterations in bass, treble or mid-range. Some of its iconic products are ‘X20i’, ‘AS-5i All Sport’, ‘R6 Bluetooth Headphones’ and ‘AW-4i All Weather’. Being one of the costliest earphone manufacturing companies, you might even to pay a few grand for some of its premium products.

#1 Bose

best earphone brands

Bose has been the leader in the audio equipment world for almost a decade now. With more than 50 years of experience behind it’s back. They are best known for the noise cancelling techniques which their headphones and earphones use. The most popular products by Bose in that category are ‘Space Shuttle Headset’ and ‘QuietComfort Headset’. They have a good collection of wireless in-ear headphones and they aren’t priced as high as you would think. Models like ‘SoundSport’ and ‘SoundTrue Ultra’ will fit within the $150 cap. All the top notch qualities about this best earphone brand makes sure that Bose is the boss in the list of top 10 earphone brands of the world.

There is no such thing as a good time for buying an earphone, you can always do it. As almost all the best earphone brands are easily accessible and have infinite stores all across America, getting your hand on them should not be a big task. It’s time to give your ears the treatment they deserve and accentuate your musical experience with the best earphones from top 10 earphone brands available in the market.

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