Top 10 Candy Brands – One Will Never Be Enough

Top 10 Candy Brands – One Will Never Be Enough

The time taken to transform from a grown up to a small kid is exactly proportional to the time taken to unwrap a candy bar from the best of candy brands. The onus of keeping the kid inside you alive, (and tooth inside a kid dead), more often than not falls on the sweet shoulders of the brands which manufacture the best candies in the world. I know your mouth has already started watering up, but it will be in the best interest of you to finish this article before heading out to buy some. I am going to list the top 10 candy brands in the world which will surely make your job a little easier.

There are a lot of things which contribute towards making a company gigantic in this business. And as always, the ultimate deciding factor is the mass appeal which a brand possess. The confectionery which we are discussing is manufactured by infinite brands followed by millions of adherent consumers, but only the best of candy brands can make it to the top 10 list.  So here it goes –

#10 Ferrero

best cany brands

The name itself brings the image of a rich, creamy, nutty, chocolaty ball wrapped in golden foil and placed on a semi folded paper base, just like a cupcake. Yes, I am talking Ferrero Rocher, manufactured by the third biggest confectionary brand in the world and one of the prominent ones in Europe – Ferrero. Some may argue about the inclusion of this Italian giant in the list of best candy brands. Courtesy some of its products like Hunta, Pocket Coffee and Giotto, all arguments are put to rest. The only factor not in favour of this brand is the lack of diversity as it has a strong inclination towards a chocolaty base in majority of the products.

#9 Arcor

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After Europe, let’s see what this South American company has in store for the die hard candy lovers. Started in the year 1951, one of the all time favourites from this company is TopLine gum, which is still ruling the markets in Argentina. Though Arcor specializes in the manufacturing of a lot of food products like ice creams, cookies, marmalades, etc people love Arcor more for its hard candies, fruit snacks and gummies. Arcor is a brand which does it all, and does it comprehensively.

#8 Meiji

top meiji candies

It’s like we are hopping from continent to continent as we land on Japan for the 8th slot in the ranking of best chocolate brands. Japan is not only a super power in terms of technology; it also has an incredibly sweet tooth. One surprising fact about Meiji is that it is also a pharmaceutical company. Quite a weird combination, but no one is complaining as long as they produce those super delicious Hello Pandas. Almost every kid in Japan has grown up eating Meiji candies, and that includes some of its unique flavours like black pepper, basil and jasmine.

#7 Perfetti Van Melle

best toffees



Formed in the year 2001, Perfetti Van Melle is one of the youngest companies in this list of top 10 candy brands discussing the best candies ever. Famous for wide variety of gums, Perfetti Van Melle is one of the leaders in the industry. A huge share of success also goes to the creative team of this brand for coming up with some unique advertisements to increase its popularity. If you are also a gum lover like me, you have to try out its Vivident Gum. It’s mind-blowing, in spite being sugar less.

#6 Orion

top candy brands

Next in the list is Orion, a company well renowned for its Panned Confections, Licorice and Jelly Beans. What I like the most about this company apart from its brilliant toffees in the marketing strategies which it applies to capture new markets. Starting from South Korea, Orion has come a long way capturing a huge portion of the Asian market which includes almost two third of the Chinese market in the cookie business. And it has the potential to go a long way further ahead.

#5 Mondelez

mondelez toffees

The word Mondelez is derived from the Latin forms of the words ‘world’ and ‘delicious’, and this multinational confectionary company based in America does complete justice to it. From a wide array of products in the field of both food and beverages, Mondelez is like a king in this industry. Arguably the most iconic product by this company has to be Milka. Created more than a century ago, Milka has stood the test of time and is also responsible for a large number of milk chocolate based products Mondelez has created over the years.

#4 Cadbury

cadbury chocolates

For those who don’t know Cadbury falls under the above mentioned company – Mondelez. This merger only happened in the year 2010, and before that Cadbury was free as a bird, and that’s the reason why I had to mention it separately. It’s almost impossible to imagine my childhood without those creamy Dairy Milk cubes and some bitter sweet Bournville. Not to forget the Trident gum, which is also the number one chewing gum in the world. I cannot finish talking about Cadbury without mentioning Cadbury eggs and that Pink Easter Bunny, what a combo!

#3 Hershey’s


If you are wondering what Hershey’s is doing so high up the ladder, you need to give some serious second thoughts to this brand. It is Hershey’s which created memorable products like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s Kisses and those right in your face chocolate bars. From a small candy shop in Philadelphia in the late nineteenth century to a global superpower in the super sweet candy world, Hershey’s has carved its way into the hearts of anyone and everyone who been in love with candies.

#2 Mars

mars chocolates

The only way you can start talking about Mars is through M&M’s. These drops of chocolate coated with bright and colorful candies on the outside were nothing short of a revelation in the year 1941, and they continue to be the first choice for millions of kids. The other brilliant product of theirs which has been ruling the heart for ages all across the world is snickers, the bar which guarantees to kill hunger instantly. The reason why Mars stands tall in front of giants like Mondelez and Hershey’s is that it focuses equally on chocolate based, gum based and jelly based products, unlike its counterparts.

#1 Nestle

best candy brands

There is very little which separates the top three names in the list of top 10 candy bars, they all are phenomenal. If you look in terms of revenue, Nestle is the largest food company in the world. Who didn’t like eating those chocolates moulded in the shapes of different cartons and characters? It’s just an example of how hard Nestle thrived to differentiate itself in the market, and no doubt, it succeeded big time in doing that. Nestle has always been a brand for the masses, hundreds of varieties of candies, chocolates, gummies, brittles & marzipan, energy bars, etc, and all at affordable prices. That is Nestle for you.

These were some of sweetest brands in the candy industry which continue to wow both kids and adults with their uniqueness and the ability to melt hearts. Pick a product blindly from any of the top 10 candy brands in the world, and it is highly probable that you will be blown away by its majestic simplicity.

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