Levi’s, Jeans and Nothing More – The Top Jeans Brand Which Everyone Adores

Levi’s, Jeans and Nothing More – The Top Jeans Brand Which Everyone Adores

If there ever has been a brand more synonymous to jeans or denims, then it is Levi’s.

It’s not just America, no matter which part of the part of the world you go, people are obsessed with jeans by Levi Strauss & Co. And it is all because of a reason, in fact there are many reasons why Levi’s is the most loved jeans brand in the world, if not the best jeans brand technically.

History of jeans, or should say history of Levi’s, or probably both

levi's history

If you look up the word ‘jeans’ on internet, and try tracing its inception and history, you will get to know that it was this iconic brand which started it all. All credit goes to Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis for giving an evergreen clothing item to humans, something which will probably never go out of fashion.

It was 1853 when the two gentlemen used dungaree cloth to create blue jeans for miners, cowboys and farmers. In 1873, their product got patented and the company took off from there. They had their first office in San Francisco, before they went ahead to take over the entire world.

From working class heroes to rockstars

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In the early years of the brand, its products were mostly used by the working class people who were involved in extensive manual labor. It was actually looked down upon by the elite class in those times. Then came the 1950s, this period saw a huge boom in the music industry, and people started going crazy over rock and pop. And it was those rock legends who made jeans mainstream like never before.

Within a decade jeans became a rage among the youth of America and then all over the world. New jeans brands like Lee and Wrangler popped up, trying to make the most of the base created by Levi’s, and they did well, or I should say still doing well. But throughout all those transitions Levi’s stood tall. One of the reasons for that being, they never stopped innovating and experimenting.

They brought in the technique of stone washing, which again proved to be an instant hit among the masses. People still love the raw and rusty look of the stone washed jeans, as this technique is still used by the brand.

The 501

levi's 501 jeans

Their most series till date has been the ‘Levi’s 501’. I still remember how I happy I was when got my first pair of Levi’s jeans back when I was 15. Coming back to their collection, Levi’s has a great ability to mix and match without deviating from the basics. Currently their ‘NFL collection 2016’ is the talk of the town and people are loving its denim jackets. In the ‘Levi’s 501’ also there are several sub categories like ‘501 Original’, ‘501 CT’, ‘501 Shrink-to-Fit’ and ‘501 Shorts’. Some of its other series include – 502, 514, 511, 513 and 517.

Great value for money

As the company started off as a brand for common men and women, they never moved from that philosophy and always stuck to it. That is the reason why their prices are so reasonable, and anyone can easily afford a pair of Levi’s jeans. A $50 bill is enough to get you a pair of great straight fit jeans by Levi’s.

But that does not mean that Levi’s cannot break into the list of top luxury jeans brands.

Vintage collection

When Levi’s launched their series ‘Levi’s 501 Vintage Collection’, its prices went as high as $60,000, making them the most expensive jeans of the world.

Something for everyone

Levi’s is not just one of the best jeans brands for men, it has a great collection of jeans for women as well. Some of their series which women love the most are the ‘800 Curvy Series’, ‘300 Shaping Series’ and ‘400 Relaxed Series’. Now a days they have products for kids as well, which was not an option when I was one.

Apart from jeans, you can also find all kinds of other clothing items like shirts, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, socks, belts and trousers under this brand.

Competition in the market

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Some of the other best jeans brands like Calvin Klein, Diesel, True Religion and 7 For All Mankind, do give a stiff competition to Levi’s, but in terms of global appeal they fail to match up.

Levi Strauss & Co. is present in 110 countries around the world, and is one of the most recognized brands globally. In fact, almost half of the revenue which they generate comes from countries apart from the United States.

Only one king

best levi's jeans

The 160+ year old brand will always be loved for their simple, elegant, evergreen and authentic jeans no matter what the fashion pundits feel about them. Levi’s jeans are always affordable and extremely comfortable, no matter what series you go for. All this makes Levi’s the best jeans brand in the world when it comes to popularity and mass appeal. Other brands may be better when you look into other parameters, but here it’s Levi’s which runs the show.

They were in vogue, they are in fashion, and they will never go out of style, because this is Levi’s, and jeans are what they do best.

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